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ShaDoWLaZeR's Conversation Mod (General Version)
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Very cool to use when in Tank Challenge, when the wave ends, hehehe.
Scrub Killa 2015. márc. 9., 11:13 
Piers 2015. febr. 18., 18:11 
XD nice
Biggen's 2015. jan. 19., 3:16 
Great, thanks c:
Shockɨng, Isn't it™ 2015. jan. 3., 23:32 
Vriska Serket. 2014. szept. 30., 1:58 
the deth scream scered me ;(
Night Gaunt 2014. szept. 28., 11:16 
i like elis as well
LightningOfDeath™ 2014. júl. 27., 7:55 
he can you plase make a conversation thing for ellis PLS i dont care about the other survvivors
|WZ| thozz 2014. júl. 9., 5:30 
How to open console in L4D2 (Yes. I am a noob)
Piers 2014. ápr. 15., 20:39 
is cool
-W3E- Turnupgem 2013. aug. 10., 11:32 
ShaDoWLaZeR  [készítő] 2013. júl. 6., 17:52 
I have finally updated my mod after a long wait, hope you like it. (original survivors version coming soon.)
Zekrom 2013. jún. 16., 13:02 
this is how u type it, bind "c" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu1", and bind "v" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu2" , hope taht helps.
Blackbeard 2013. jún. 6., 0:32 
what are the buttons to open those 2 new ones?
SunshineEffect 2013. máj. 17., 12:58 
@Fresh Meat thats a really true and sad story, annoys people so fucking much....and its not even funny...
Fresh 2013. márc. 28., 19:37 
PLEASE REMOVE THE DEATH SCREAM! i cant tell you how many times little kids have joined and spammed death scream over and over! it serves no purpose and is jsut annoying :(
Hatsune Miku 2013. márc. 5., 17:00 
k i was trying to do it
Sgt. Dragonborne04 2013. márc. 5., 13:43 
type dat in the dev console
Sgt. Dragonborne04 2013. márc. 5., 13:43 
bind v "+mouse_menu CustomMenu2
Sgt. Dragonborne04 2013. márc. 5., 13:42 
because bind it like this
𝒮𝒮 ℬ𝔢𝔩𝔩adonna 2013. márc. 4., 10:38 
Iv got the other convo mod but when i type the bind thing it just says"bind <key> [command]: why wont it bind
Nniyn 2013. febr. 8., 13:18 
Won't work
TW Wilson 2013. febr. 6., 4:39 
A Northern Soul 2013. febr. 3., 6:31 
Please help. I installed this then binded them over the original sayings (eg. Laugh, Yes, No) I didn't like having them gone so I un-installed this addon, then whenever I press 'X' now there are no sayings? How can I get the default one's back? Thanks.
BettyTheWhis🌎 2013. jan. 26., 13:51 
@Jeffery Explain in a one paragraph comment how it is misleading becuse I highly doubt you can say more than a sentance.
Boneless Smegma 2013. jan. 26., 8:16 
@ShaDoWLaZeR Nope, still misleading
ShaDoWLaZeR  [készítő] 2013. jan. 24., 16:59 
@Jeffery the Person-Man

It's fixed now, enjoy.
Slamatl92 2013. jan. 24., 16:40 
well i searched for it
ShaDoWLaZeR  [készítő] 2013. jan. 24., 16:28 

it didn't : http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=18803
ShaDoWLaZeR  [készítő] 2013. jan. 24., 16:21 

Yes, this works in multiplayer. (but not on official servers if i remember correctly)
ShaDoWLaZeR  [készítő] 2013. jan. 24., 16:18 
@Jeffery the Person-Man

That's because the screenshots are outdated and i made sacrifices to add lines for other

characters. Because whenever i would add a third custom menu it would just not work.
Boneless Smegma 2013. jan. 24., 15:48 
Some of this is misleading. First off, there's no swear option when I use this. Second, there is no "Punk island" option. Third, some of these are just mixed up with the other ones.
EVILKILLER 2013. jan. 23., 22:38 
I was soo long looking vocolize menu in L4D2 about L4D characters. THX dude
Slamatl92 2013. jan. 22., 20:11 
why did this get taken down on l4dmaps
GamesRCool 2013. jan. 22., 15:47 
work on multiplayer?
BettyTheWhis🌎 2013. jan. 21., 16:29 
Also whould like to know if this mod works with multiplayer even if other pepole dont have it.
BettyTheWhis🌎 2013. jan. 21., 16:28 
Just replace v "+mouse_menu CustomMenu2" with z "+mouse_menu CustomMenu2" or c "+mouse_menu CustomMenu1" with z"+mouse_menu CustomMenu1" hope it helps but it really wasent rocket science.
Chantion 2013. jan. 21., 15:17 
But how will I use my mic :OOOOOOOOO