Master Trainer Room and Higher Levels Unlocked
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palorius  [author] Feb 15, 2013 @ 11:03pm 
Everything should be fixed. Please check patch notes and let me know if you notice something else.
palorius  [author] Jan 26, 2013 @ 5:58pm 
Ok everyone. It appears as if there are some serious problems with having so many Trainers together in a room. I have checked and rechecked, but what shows on the construction set and what actually appears in-game are different. I have seperate scripting for each NPC but the game doesn't like so many packages running in such close proximity. Rather than some quick fixes, I am going to overhaul. I will create three seperate cells with 6 trainers each. This should fix the problem. Please use this "as-is" in the interim. The patch will be forthcoming shortly (1 week probably)
Deathmask Jan 24, 2013 @ 12:53pm 
Hey I have been playing with your mod, probable should let people know that if you grossly out level your gear (as i did) early in the game the first dragon in the main quest will be able to 1 hit kill you for over 2.5k damage on master since these mobs level with you LOL
palorius  [author] Jan 24, 2013 @ 7:43am 
ok. after a few minutes in game testing...Jaina is supposed to be the alteration trainer, will check that. The smith is supposed to be at the one empty table, will look at that as well. Finally, the salesman is also doing nothing for me. That is my first to do on the list. This weekend is a big maybe, but I will try to find the time. My wife is already at my throat.
palorius  [author] Jan 24, 2013 @ 7:25am 
I am currently playing a game with this mod, will let you know. I seem to be having trouble placing so many npc's in a small space. will reconside the mod aftyer my playthrough. Thanks for your work. Will check on that. i know I created one of each. Double and triple checked. guess 4th times the charm...
jconsort Jan 23, 2013 @ 4:44pm 
Postscript. There is no alteration trainer. Thre are 2 Alchemy trainers. the second trainer "Jaina Organa " would not train me (you know all that I laready know) even though I am only skill 22. Also there is no Smithing trainer..otherwise good mod hope these issues are addressed soon..:)
jconsort Jan 23, 2013 @ 8:57am 
The merchant had nothing when i added the mod on an old game(owned breezehome fully upgraded) Am starting a new game with it, will let you know when i can afford breeze home . Will stilll use it and live without the wood chopping station (the one at war maiden's is good.. Creation kit is full of bugs, I figured a ladder was a silly thing to forget, glad to know it's there and not rendering..:) Thanks again, good work, will use this..:)
palorius  [author] Jan 22, 2013 @ 11:06pm 
Do you own Breezehome? Did you walk in the front door? The shop didn't work for me when I used the coc command, but works when I enter the normal way. As to the wood chopping, I never intended the room to be used as a craftroom, although in hindsight, it is. I only have the crafting activators in there as a place to anchor the trainers, they tend to wander off if they just stand there. The ladder is there, For some reason, it doesn't render in game. I just double checked it. I don't know why it dissapears.
jconsort Jan 22, 2013 @ 9:08pm 
Love the mod. just a couple MINOR requests. Could you put in a wood chopping block near the smelter? (For making charcoal for steel , otherwise have to go back to Warmaidens to chop wood) Alos could you put a ladder to mark the return OUT of the training cavern, Forgot where i came in to the cavern and had to mouse over the walls to find the exit again.

Also "Tini Shoppe" the merchant does not seem to sell anything BUT there was box with the amnesia and the Memmory Recollection " potion..also the merchant has very little gold (less than 100 gold)

But all in all a good job, trainers very convenient. Thanks ..thumbs upped and favorited!