Cyberman Francis
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Mechaffinity  [作者] 1月18日下午1:13 
Anne Boleyn (Efi) 1月18日上午10:35 
dose not work
K-NAIN 1月4日下午12:47 
Happy New Year :D
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2014年4月21日上午11:32 
I no longer mod L4D2.

I get notifications every time anyone comments on my items. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to disable this.

I won't hesitate to remove mods if this continues.
[Cm.] Pandore L'écureuil ! 2014年4月21日上午5:07 
Delete too .. or fix it plz :s
[J5]Great1 2014年4月1日上午10:44 
2/10 Wouldn't Bang 2014年2月9日下午8:25 
He seems to keep the animation of holding an AK while holding a pistol and a SMG.
쿠키맘 2014年2月1日上午5:31 
tomothy 2014年1月23日下午2:43 
pŪ§§Ψ į§ ĿįFĘ 2014年1月13日下午8:44 
emotions = deleted
Soviet Space Turtle 2014年1月13日下午7:23 
lol this would go great with the francis terminator voice
collinDINDUNUTINmane 2013年12月31日下午4:27 
Good thing I'm indetructable.....
달렉 2013年12月29日下午11:47 
Oh My God
R J 2013年12月29日下午4:15 
@Kills With Xmas: *pushes glasses up* its "You Will Be Upgraded"
=[DSG]=Blockspartan372 2013年11月23日下午7:00 
Delete Delete Deleeee... HEY! I'M STILL ALIVE!
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年11月7日下午4:17 
Glitchy animations, it's to do with how Valve chose to program Francis and Louis. Not much I can do.
Strategicleez 2013年11月7日下午4:15 
it looks like hes always on ice skates! =(
Mr.T | Remember - No Russian. 2013年10月8日上午6:41 
kind of looks like ironman mk1 and everyone complaining about it not working you probably have too many addons
ANDYS REVENGE 2013年8月31日下午5:28 
this doesnt even work its not in my adons though i did subscribe
ᴍιss sαʀαʜ 2013年8月20日下午7:19 
He has no animations, he just floats around, and when he gets smoked he goes into the incapped animation.
[DoW] King Tsunami™ 2013年8月6日下午5:41 
he'll upgrade the zombies
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年7月28日下午12:26 
On there is an 11th Doctor Nick, and I'm aware of the glitches. I'm sorry it's taking so long to fix them.
Okami 2013年7月28日下午12:25 
Every now and then he will shoot into his chest but kill infected, not all the time though. I have the Baby Medkit mod and this so seeing a Cyberman holding a baby is so cute!
Okami 2013年7月24日上午10:49 
Mmmm, I see, I see. That makes sense.
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年7月24日上午10:25 
Okami 2013年7月24日上午10:13 
I love this! Is there any good mod that changes one of the boys from either L4D1 or L4D2 with The Doctor?
Prince Eridan 2013年7月13日下午12:01 
Oh ok thanks mate.
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年7月13日上午2:27 
I'm well aware of the animation glitches and am working on a fix.
Prince Eridan 2013年7月12日下午9:56 
His arms seem to be streached out and when i got pounced on by a hunter my head was in the floor and looked like i was in the missinary postion with the hunter also when i was using a melee My body was in the shape of a T side ways another one is when i revive someone it looks like im healing them ive got many problems...
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年7月10日上午10:48 
Yes, sorry. It seems to do that in multiplayer for some people. It should be fine in singleplayer

I know the fix, and I'm currently working on it. Thank you for reporting it anyway :)
Technowalrus 2013年7月10日上午6:35 
well i have 2 problems with this mod the character floats instead of walking and when he stands stilll his arms go like 0 d -I-
Guardian_Zenon 2013年7月4日下午5:05 
Whovians downloaded this
Minato Arisato 2013年6月27日上午6:52 
Alright, thanks for replying and notifying us :D It's a great mod, and I have trust that you can fix it. Here's a free trading card emoticon
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年6月27日上午4:32 
Gosh darn it. Louis and Francis are just so messed up, very hard to mod.

I'll do what I can and hope it works.
Minato Arisato 2013年6月27日上午3:53 
His animations are extremely glitchy. When he walks, he is in a T position, and I even saw him moving around in the healing animation. Might wanna fix that, otherwise, great mod.
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年6月19日上午3:01 
Interesting. Have you definitely ticked it in the addons menu, and made sure you have no contradicting mods checked?
dcbimma 2013年6月18日下午8:26 
He didnt have it when i played a L4D1 level either
Young Spark™ /)PB(\ 2013年6月13日上午8:32 
He doesn't have the skin when I play a L4D1 level.
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年5月28日上午2:55 
Any mods you see in the screenshots that are not on the workshop can be downloaded from
Boris The Soviet Love Hammer 2013年5月27日下午6:11 
why does he have a carnifex pistol from masseffect and where can i get this mod
Quank 2013年5月25日上午8:03 
francis was upgraded
Majestic MadMan 2013年5月14日上午8:42 
riversong(big bang style)
vashta nerada(silence in the libary style)
If you or anyone could create these please or share them so they are a ".dae" file it would be highly apprectiated
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年5月14日上午7:09 
PC, Doctor Who Adventure Games.
Majestic MadMan 2013年5月14日上午12:27 
Thanks but under what catorgary and i'll think about it when i get slightly further in and better planned to see the excact outcome im looking at
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年5月13日下午1:57 
The model's from the Doctor Who Adventure Games and can be downloaded from here

As for good websites, I know of absolutely none. Other than Adventure Games, there aren't that many out there which is why I'm making a bunch myself. I could share them with you, if I had a little more detail about this mod.
Majestic MadMan 2013年5月13日下午12:56 
hey, i was wondering if you still have the original model of the cyberman i could use in my own private dr who mod and whether you know any good websites for free doctor who models
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年5月5日下午3:48 
There is already a Smith model on

Also, I mentioned previously (it may have been in the comments of another mod) I intend to make a Smith, Tennant, Eccelston, and McGann model for the L4D2 survivors.
Sx009 2013年5月5日下午2:40 
Can you make Smith and Tennant Doctor? That will be epic!
Vince 2013年4月26日下午3:32 
Mechaffinity  [作者] 2013年4月26日下午3:31 
GeneralChicken, Tenth Planet is one of my favourites. There's the Earthshock/Silver Nemesis ones that're pretty cool as well. I also really like the Future Cybermen from the comic strips, and the Cybermen from the cancelled Dark Dimension movie. I'd probably start with Tenth Planet, if I do ever do it.

Freddy Krueger, I made the General Grievous mod. I just haven't gotten around to uploading it here yet, but you can download it from it can replace either Louis or Nick.