Portal 2
Reboot 5/9 Breakout
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Petutski 25 jul 2014 om 8:42nm 
Excellent work! I love the complexity of the chamber which makes the labeling and ant-lines nice but unnessary. I especially liked the remote cube manipulation to the hidden chamber! Was that the incinerator?
Luxus_3004 6 feb 2013 om 12:02nm 
I forgot a cube and the only way to finish it was to die and restart. Also the signage is incorrect.
A Gentleman's Mustache 30 jan 2013 om 4:00vm 
Not sure if I did something wrong or if there was a glitch or something, but the rising platforms in the bottom room lead to a dead end.
cheintz30 27 jan 2013 om 11:06vm 
Love your chambers! Just the right amount of difficulty (for me at least). Challenging, but not so hard that I get bored and give up. Very good stuff. Cant wait for parts 6-9.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 27 jan 2013 om 4:15vm 
I agree.Well done.
SightFX 26 jan 2013 om 10:20vm 
Another well made chamber. Keep up the good work!