Portal 2
Reboot 2/9 Escalation
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dven1 2015년 12월 4일 오후 3시 03분 
I put the cube and sphere in the receptacles and the door opened. Must be the author changed it?
Petutski 2014년 7월 25일 오후 7시 01분 
Excellent adventure. Great fun! Thanks! And I think that the mystery of what opens/controls what is half the challenge! Don't change anything!
Gantrithor 2013년 10월 10일 오후 9시 11분 
I agree with some of the other comments here, it needs to be clearer what elements are required to open the exit. I got the cube and the sphere in place and then I would have been completely stuck if not for the comments here.
DarK Steel 2013년 2월 2일 오후 8시 45분 
TBH, I think you need to show a link between the cube and ball and the ceiling recepticle. There's no link showing that in order to complete the puzzle, one has to also fire a laser to the ceiling.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 2013년 2월 2일 오전 6시 04분 
Took me a minute of two in places but overall a great map.
Mijji 2013년 1월 31일 오후 2시 36분 
So do any of the symbols have any meaning? Cause none of them are conneted to anything and it's rather frustrating when you don't know what some of the things are supposed to do.
captinde 2013년 1월 30일 오후 9시 18분 
Awesome map! I really enjoyed it ^_^ I was a little slow to begin with but once I got the hang of it I really got into it =) NOT unfinished, just took me a minute to figure out the end ;)
scruff 2013년 1월 30일 오후 6시 22분 
Gorix 2013년 1월 27일 오후 1시 30분 
I actually liked this map.
SkyRoots 2013년 1월 26일 오후 8시 43분 
Yeah, it would be nice to actually see the square and triple wave symbols next to the exit door so that you are not guessing about what needs to be done.
Locutus 2013년 1월 26일 오전 8시 30분 
it is not unfinished, it ist just a puzzel.
j52seven 2013년 1월 24일 오후 11시 11분 
I think this maps unfinished. The cube & the ball should trigger something but they don't.
puddlemonster14 2013년 1월 21일 오전 8시 26분 
What do i do with the cube and ball?? It has pictures of squares next to them but idk where or how they link up.. and to what?