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RMS Titanic (v2.0.1)
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The NASCAR Grand Martial Jul 21 @ 7:04pm 
I commend you for staying pretty acurate to the actual ship. Reading a lot of these comments that complain about "repetitive hallways" I have studied the ships layout for years, and a good majority of the hallways are all the same, its what you'd expect on an oceanliner. I did have a lot of fun playing through the campaign, how the ship sounded like it was rocking through the waves was a nice touch.

I`d rate this a solid 8/10
there`s always room for improvment
misstoshiro Jul 19 @ 4:17pm 
Волк-одиночка Jul 2 @ 1:52am 
Snake Jul 1 @ 1:37pm 
Behappy 14 июн в 23:58
просто подпишись
Snake Jul 1 @ 1:36pm 
сраная болтовня в видео
OrangeMint Jun 20 @ 6:42pm 
idont care if the ship was uright the whole time, it made it easier to traverse the difficult halls haha im extremely impressed though. 7/10 because of getting lost, narrow halls for constant fiendly fire, and i dont think its the maps fault but constant lagging and a few screen breaks at critical moments. but im still impressed and like the map
Orso_03 Jun 18 @ 8:16pm 
I give it a 7/10
Because the ship was right side up the whole time. This could have been more realistic if the Titanic was at a different angle each chapter of the map and in the finale, it being right side up without the bow because the ship snapped in half with the bow diving into the water and the stern going right side up again for a short period until it too sunk.
BEEFPRO Jun 17 @ 1:37pm 
This campaign isn't bad, it just isn't good. Repetitive hallway after repetitive hallway. The map feels more like a maze than a campaign, and I found myself wanting to just finish the levels rather than enjoy them. I don't know the accuracy of the map to the actual ship, but there seemed to be a lack of railings on the outside, as I learned the hard way as a Charger sent me to my death, almost twice. The finale was nice, it posed a solid challenge, especially since the rescue boat is fairly far from the supplies. The second round of tanks in the finale, two tanks came instead of the usual one, I don't know if this is a glitch or on purpose, it didn't make much of a difference. This map would have been much cooler if it incorporated the sinking of the ship, but that is clearly a big ask due to complexity.
I would say this map does not really have any replay value, but it is kind of entertaining the first time.
Behappy Jun 14 @ 1:58pm 
Smidly The Turtle Jun 5 @ 7:59pm 

I toooooooooootaly agree with you. :3
Zack_Moneys Jun 5 @ 3:43pm 

You're brain is literally ported from dirt...
African Crocodile May 18 @ 7:05pm 
Why there are construction workers and mudmen on the ship?
Global Cyanide May 13 @ 9:22pm 
Is porting from Roblox even possible?
The two games use such different engines it's practically impossible.
ThisKid55  [author] May 13 @ 6:28pm 

Are you high right now?
Annoying Dog May 13 @ 4:58pm 
this map was literally ported from roblox... it has really small hallways. not saying it is terrible, but it deserves to burn in hell with big rigs and dr. jeckle.
Hoo May 6 @ 2:34pm 
now we can say: JACK I'M FLYING!
Rileyhannah (Kenny) Apr 30 @ 12:01am 
uh... wait there must be a clock in the grand staircase at the middle. but...it's okay :)
Rileyhannah (Kenny) Apr 29 @ 11:57pm 
i love this map. :D
ThisKid55  [author] Apr 27 @ 4:23pm 

Thanks dude! It's good to read that you're a fan of Adventure Out of Time also.

You can only access the bow in scavenge/survival mode. My thoughts were that there's really no need to be able to go to the bow in campaign mode. Plus the less "stuff" I need to render, the better performance is.
JSSC Apr 26 @ 8:29pm 
@ThisKid55 Fun map to play! Although I must admit the map is nothing tremendous compared to Cyberflix's Titanic: Adventure Out of Time (which the background music is borrowed from in case anyone wanted to know). It would've been amazing had you been able to port that game map to L4D2. But regardless I enjoyed your attempt and still found roaming the ship fun and clausterphobic. Be warned to new players, it's very easy to get turned around on this map/ship like it was on the real ship (or so I know from the '96 game I mentioned above). The deck was my favorite part to play. As it was just amazing seeing all those smokestacks against the ocean background. And see how the final part would play out. Awesome job, dude.

On a side note: Was anyone able to get on the bow (front) of the ship? Really wanted to get up there and roam around for nostalgia, but I didn't see a way up there.
Captain Nero Apr 19 @ 5:19pm 
@silverslayers did you find the leaver to open the door?
won't recommend the map, even if it's amazingly made, it's not a funny map to play. but like i said it's good designed map.
i dont know ere to go for the first part please help me
☏ Eddy le Quartier Apr 18 @ 1:18am 
Cinema has lied, Dicaprio is not dead in cold water, he was eaten by a zombie
۩ Bernestro ۩ Apr 15 @ 1:08pm 
Tabasco9213 Apr 15 @ 8:44am 
It´s a cool map
Nugget of Wisdom Mar 29 @ 2:03pm 
it was tragic, but it's a historic moment.
Little Fucky Mar 28 @ 1:59pm 
thats fucked up makeing a map of a tragic thing that happend in real life
afs84590287 Mar 24 @ 8:17pm 
Iron legion pony(EQ camp) Mar 21 @ 5:54pm 
ok cool.
ThisKid55  [author] Mar 21 @ 5:54pm 

I have no plan to make the campaign longer unfortunately. The scavenge/survival map is set during the day.
Iron legion pony(EQ camp) Mar 21 @ 3:04pm 
can you releas a longer version?it seems to short like a reamasterd and a day version? cuase its always night for me
EklerkaPIS Mar 21 @ 1:25pm 
Если смотреть с точки зрения элементарного реализма (который может быть в игре про зомби), то бегать по Титанику и отбиваться от зомби в касках это нормис. Если уж придираться сильно, то этот комментарий будет чрезмерно длинным.
Если не смотреть на реализм и оценивать с точки зрения аркады и фана - 9 из 10. Потому что фан получаешь колосальный.
PonchikSiS Mar 21 @ 1:21pm 
правдоподобность на уровне пасаны
LautyxD Mar 15 @ 1:33pm 
no se me descargaa
wheres diCaprio
ingedanny2006 Mar 5 @ 6:20pm 
no se descarga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogman15 Feb 29 @ 2:30pm 
I purchased Fall of the Titanic, but it runs horribly on my computer. (In fact, I'm going to write a review on it now.) I suppose that's where its mixed reviews stem from.
ThisKid55  [author] Feb 29 @ 2:15pm 

I've played the demo of H&G and donated to their Indiegogo :)

As for the closest thing to an explorable Titanic, I would check out Fall of the Titanic on Steam. Not only do you get to explore Titanic, you also get to experience the sinking.
Lore_ct Feb 29 @ 12:08pm 
Great job! Thanks
Tino30ct Feb 29 @ 12:08pm 
Nice campaing!!
Dogman15 Feb 29 @ 2:34am 
Cool, thanks. Until "Titanic: Honor & Glory" comes out (have you seen that?), this is the closest thing I have to an explorable Titanic.
ThisKid55  [author] Feb 28 @ 6:25am 

Yes, but I'd say more like 90-95% accurate. Here's a link to the plans I used:

Dogman15 Feb 28 @ 2:57am 
This is based on the actual blueprints, right? It feels like this thing is at least 80% accurate to the real ship.
Gamrx1 Feb 24 @ 6:55am 
i love this map i play it on campagin a lot i like how you put the song from the old point and click adventure titanic game at the beginning
[CSU] Tuckletuts Feb 24 @ 3:05am 
Wasn't a fan. Narrow corridors make it useless for the bots as they literally just stand behind you 90% of the time or shoot you (I know, bots aren't your fault but they work on other custom maps), not enough grenades/moltovs, not enough weapon upgrades each level and the first door and final lifeboat wasn't explained properly (maybe have a better marker or waypoint to tell you where it is rather than just letting us run around like idiots). Main complaint was trying to turn the alarm off - with no bot help (they just stood behind me) the zombies were spawning faster than they could be killed even with melee weapons, got stuck in one corridor for literally 10 minutes unable to move. Not the worst map I've played, but not one I'll play again any time soon.
ronaldxreagan Feb 23 @ 6:38pm 
Very fun map and attention to detail is excellent
NImaZhala Feb 22 @ 1:57pm 
really great map
Hunted Skeleton Feb 18 @ 10:04am 
Great map bruh
BabyPanda Feb 15 @ 4:12am 
worked in campaign?
A Loaf Of Bread Feb 14 @ 4:27pm 
Great map