The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Towns and Villages Enhanced: Markarth Exterior
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osteolog_oxana 23 พ.ค. @ 11:53am 
I have all DLC, but NO WORK!
FaZe_SkillZ 21 พ.ค. @ 9:35am 
Do u have to have Dawnguard DLC to use this? I want to know because it looks like a great mod.
Professor Pancake 6 เม.ย. @ 7:02pm 
i dont have this mod yet... but the screenshots look BEEEEEEEEUTYUTYUTYUTYFUL!!!!
fanageek 21 มี.ค. @ 6:59am 
vraiment sympa comme mod :)
BoatsRule1 17 ก.พ. @ 12:50pm 
@icemelt if your going to report at least ready the discription first it tells you in the mod name so don't falsley report just for your stupidity
Emriel 6 ธ.ค. 2014 @ 4:18am 
I like Markarth. There are many interesting quests and peoples. Glad, that become better.
NaughtiusMaximus 26 พ.ย. 2014 @ 12:05am 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Falcon 3 พ.ย. 2014 @ 12:08am 
@icemelt they added new trees and features to already existing citys, dont falsely report someone/something.
Icemelt 26 ส.ค. 2014 @ 7:01pm 
So.. did you add any NEW towns or NEW worlds.... no...

Reported for mislabled mod.
Grand Archvizier kiyoshi342 26 ส.ค. 2014 @ 12:32am 
Is this mod compatible with Open Cities of Skyrim?
[FGT] The Joker 23 ก.ค. 2014 @ 9:26am 
See me in Morrowind :D
[FGT] The Joker 23 ก.ค. 2014 @ 9:25am 
I have included all this mods to my Skyrim and I add the HD textures pack , lush grass and beatifull landscape ! I also play on the Skywind mod ! See all my screenshots :)
dergrosse12345 12 ก.ค. 2014 @ 6:55am 
O man what do you done.
yannik.schulz 20 เม.ย. 2014 @ 1:41am 
I have all plugins of the mods in Nexus, but I don´t know what I have to do with that files, if I want to install the mods from steam in Nexuss.
yannik.schulz 19 เม.ย. 2014 @ 4:58am 
can it be that Nexus cost anything? I´ve seen a short film from 2012 on Youtube. The guy which had posted it said, that a new account is for free. Right now it costst and I won´t pay for it. I think that Nexuss is a bit better in dealing with mods than steam, isn´t it?
=NoBullShit= 18 มี.ค. 2014 @ 6:44am 
will this ever be compatible with "open cities"?
Huaker Oats 21 ก.พ. 2014 @ 9:01pm 
GitsN'Shiggles( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 27 ม.ค. 2014 @ 10:18pm 
Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOM!!! Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOM!!! Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOM!!! Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOM!!! Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOM!!! Meh, borring onld Markarth. KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drunken Yoda 23 ม.ค. 2014 @ 7:52pm 
how do you install this i hit subscribe but nothing happens ?
Deni 16 ม.ค. 2014 @ 10:48am 
your not on nexus for this mod. you may want to update this or add back on nexus
1woo 26 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 2:44am 
nice!!! :D
sauce 26 พ.ย. 2013 @ 7:36pm 
i just thought of a great mod a mod were you can marry jarls and live in there castles
sauce 26 พ.ย. 2013 @ 7:35pm 
cool mod
Hennessy 21 ต.ค. 2013 @ 3:07am 
nice work..
RhyfelwrCymraeg656 31 ส.ค. 2013 @ 6:35am 
do not now what you done but it made it so my game works better cool love the mod
Milan 23 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:56am 
great mod but those evergreen trees dont fit the area.
Law Abiding Engineer 17 พ.ค. 2013 @ 5:51pm 
very nice mod!
Ringo Starr 6 พ.ค. 2013 @ 6:55pm 
man im gonna get all of these when i get skyrim
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR 28 เม.ย. 2013 @ 7:24am 
How is it possible to have more subs than unique visitors? WTF is up w steam?
Jamez 4 เม.ย. 2013 @ 9:36pm 
i love what you did with the shrine to dibella
Kiwi_Eagle 23 มี.ค. 2013 @ 4:11am 
Nice job!
Bute holanndr2 is right: juniper berries and dead trees would be a bit more realistic as the Reach isn't a very tree-friendly region!
Now i'm waiting for an "Enhanced-Cities : Markarth Interior"-Mod ;-)
4514N_DUD3 7 มี.ค. 2013 @ 11:58pm 
dude, i fucking luv your work man, keep it up. my skyrim hit some bugs and i just reinstalled it. first mods i went for were yours man. cheers to ya.
marcuscl 3 มี.ค. 2013 @ 9:12am 
Nice job though it would be nice if the tall trees sort of framed your view as you approached rather than stood in the middle of it.
DJ The Savior Of Time 8 ก.พ. 2013 @ 8:30pm 

You're right, tree's inside the farm wouldn't make much sense, I mean The Reach is a hard place to farm already, why make it even harder?
xsbullx 5 ก.พ. 2013 @ 3:53pm 

How can you even play Skyrim with a 3800?
SGTDooM 31 ม.ค. 2013 @ 1:26pm 
I subscribe, but it does not download or install. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
AirLant001 31 ม.ค. 2013 @ 1:22pm 
I recently got Skyrim Nexus and I was wondering if there were any ENB mods for a ATI Radeon 3800 series please help.
Babenought 29 ม.ค. 2013 @ 9:14am 
Please make one for Falkreath i love that city :D
rjthebarbarian 28 ม.ค. 2013 @ 10:27am 
can you remove the trees in the farm, I feel farmers would want them gone to prevent them from stealing nutrients from the crops
Woah! 27 ม.ค. 2013 @ 1:40pm 
I love this
Great job!
Sacriliege! 27 ม.ค. 2013 @ 11:57am 
yet again you have out done your self i cant get enough of your artistic style ! matchs so will with what i would expect from a medival cites and towns. !
=1PARA=Madjock 26 ม.ค. 2013 @ 11:48am 
must need enhancement :)
matthieu6839  [ผู้สร้าง] 26 ม.ค. 2013 @ 12:28am 
NEW : Towns and Villages Enhanced: Jarl's House
Anon-o-Mouse 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 3:53pm 
This looks good, especially the added nordic features like a watch tower and such. but i think juniper and dead trees would be more suited, as it is in the reach and it's not a very "piney" area.
Nexus 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 3:50pm 
Change the name to Trees Adder Mod :D
Namikaze 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 3:11pm 
looks nice
AWSturdy 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 10:24am 
i chalenge you to try making one for Whiterun, Windhelm and Falkreath
Ulrik H.D 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 7:49am 
@KvK it is trees in the reach, just not many.
Ulrik H.D 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 7:46am 
@KvK I agree
veel60 25 ม.ค. 2013 @ 3:18am 
I may be wrong, but there aren't any trees in the reach right? so it looks a bit out of place