Left 4 Dead 2
Green Pipe Bomb Fuse and Blinking light
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Hell Death Warrior 2 de feb. a las 7:58 
can you make these mods compatible with k1chwa's pipebomb mods?
Pistol Mags 14 jul. 2016 a las 18:28 
Can you please make this compatible with "Green Laser Sight and Motion Blue Removal" or "Green Laser Sight"? Pleeeeeeeeeeease I beg you :'( I can't use both of them at the same time.
kerk12™  [autor] 24 ene. 2015 a las 1:40 
@Agent #67: It works for me, and I suppose everyone else in here... Check whether it conflicts with another addon. It usually conflicts with laser sight replacements, and anything that replaces the weapons.fx particle file. If it still doesn't work then PM me so we can troubleshoot it.
Senior Paladin West 20 ene. 2015 a las 16:21 
It doesn't work
Shlom [UASR] 3 mar. 2014 a las 13:12 
Baloon 22 feb. 2014 a las 3:45 
fajne :3

SGT.ButtCrack 15 ene. 2014 a las 19:23 
i got gold weapons :D
Strange Phan†om 6 ago. 2013 a las 8:41 
My fav color,nice job Bro!

Twitch/SoulRipper1990 26 mar. 2013 a las 13:20 
Oh jeah a Green Pipe Bomb :D Thx ^^
Addiction 3.0 25 ene. 2013 a las 10:45 
♥YaGrillLilo♥ 21 ene. 2013 a las 18:45 
Damn dude you have almost all my fav colors :D Blu Green AND PINK!!!!!!!!
T-Viruss 20 ene. 2013 a las 14:44 
now thats cool :)
☆♡ twitch/anniesbbs ♡☆ 19 ene. 2013 a las 11:55 
hell yeah. i was hoping for a green one :)