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Fortress Forever
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Synth Burger 12 avr à 12h07 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to add.
<"Lt.Giuberia"> 1 avr à 20h49 
So when is it coming. It's been a while
Trent 1 avr à 1h13 
Add me if you wanna play!
Trent 1 avr à 1h12 
I love it!
DiMON 30 mar à 10h07 
Я хочу видеть эту игру в Steam. Играл в нее еще до того как начал играть в TF2.
Игра отличная, дайте ей шанс.
-1310- LiTlElOyD 28 mar à 2h10 
@EarthCrash I agree....
DaJewishNinja 27 mar à 10h34 
It's a good game,
[FaZin' It] EarthCrash 26 mar à 8h42 
The people below me are idiots....
A player69™ kek 25 mar à 9h55 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ VALVE DON'T ADD █
ukrboy2002 25 mar à 9h05 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve DON'T ADD ░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Удалите это дерьмо! ░░█
Mr_Owl 25 mar à 4h30 
Valve, i have been playing this mod for a while and i have one hting to say, ADD IT!
i can't stop laughing at the idiots that still don't know what this is.
FPSMoto 19 mar à 11h41 
Any updates on when this will be released on Greenlight?
KjallZaBunnyWabbit 17 mar à 8h42 
☭ Alezygal 17 mar à 5h20 
So good :3
StEf@N's 14 mar à 10h50 
Same with TF2
High Speed Doubbing 8 mar à 6h30 
Okay. So first off, THIS ISN'T A TF2 RIPOFF! You could call it a TFC ripoff, but I prefer the word "remake." I absolutely HATE the graphics in TF2, no matter how great the game is. It's a shooting game, and they made it look like an anime show. At first I thought it would be good that way because of the trailer, but they mixed in some more realistic stuff in the end, and it is just TERRIBLE. Meanwhile, I LOVE this, because this really is just basically TFC that has been made WAY better.
Ayomike 7 mar à 21h30 
When is it coming? This game needs a refresh on players.
Bovine 6 mar à 15h35 
When this game is put on steam will it have Linux support?
your worst nightmare 1 mar à 7h05 
cant wait
Karate Doge 27 fév à 14h06 
nroug07 24 fév à 21h56 
GoldAnthro[TRADE] 18 fév à 14h58 
come out already! :D
TorTor Sherman 18 fév à 11h41 
its a free mod for half life 2.
ccxx123(GER) 18 fév à 9h57 
it should be a free game !
[TO]Bungholio 18 fév à 3h23 
From a old tfc player when it was sierra lets do this.And yes this isnt tf2 this is the old Tfc maps with upgraded graphics and charecters and gameplay i am all for it
cookie 12 fév à 14h29 
Can't wait to see this on Steam!
Brutal Link 11 fév à 1h30 
Куплю с удовольствием!
女孩(出装备,TE价) 29 jan à 4h26 
BioHazard 28 jan à 12h09 
this is the old team fortress
lolmateus 27 jan à 7h59 
i don't know if its agressive ip block because i lie in brazil [deep shame] and i cant download this trough steam and tried to download it in all ways known by human race but in the end all i got was a corrupted game so why not a steam download link
MrPoulpe 26 jan à 1h43 
Araragi-kun 24 jan à 12h02 
hmmmm... Fallen skate company logo?
<"Lt.Giuberia"> 23 jan à 20h58 
So how long? Do we have to wait. It's been 3 months.
[ELN] ~ dreamxoli 21 jan à 8h21 
CCz l Shanewayne9(λ™) 17 jan à 20h19 
Its there a Fortress Forever all ready?
SEPRENTVR34 16 jan à 16h16 
Dylstew 15 jan à 1h31 
Dragonborn 12 jan à 17h34 
explendid :D
Daring 12 jan à 16h29 
Hey guys, I'm a TF2 fan who admittedly hasn't played TFC even though he owns it, but this is not a TF2 ripoff. It's an attempt at remaking what TF originally was in a more modern game engine that was started before TF2's cartoony art style was even officially announced.

The two games are so vastly different trying to compare them is like trying to compare an apple to a TV. It just won't work. So please, stop disrespecting the FF team by calling their game what it isn't.
Azhar.prima03 11 jan à 14h41 
more like copy catter of tf2 :/
AdenoidGrain5 9 jan à 20h30 
How do I vote? (I sound just like a noob D:)
paploo10 9 jan à 19h55 
just get tf2!
Hombre G 7 jan à 10h59 
Muy buen juego
Liothen 7 jan à 9h59 
回 il MeMbro [³N] 6 jan à 8h51 
toast 4 jan à 13h37 
pretty much a remake of team fortress classic
Mr.Jack McCall 4 jan à 0h30 
guys,who is in game? I saw in the server list but there are only empty servers.

P.S:i update the game in 2.46.1
[HTS] Hackerman 1 jan à 3h31 
this is look nice :D