Borderland 2 Survivors
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Esquistossome Jul 24 @ 10:28am 
i preffer krieg insted of handsome jack. WHO DOESN'T LOVES A MEAT BYCICLE?!
ςŗФŋЭ­_ρΰяع Jul 21 @ 1:13am 
I also like the idea of Sir Hammerlock being Coach but... who, in the Borderlands universe, shares his "build"? Marcus the Gunbringer! Huh? Huh? Who'd like him instead?
Guy with Glasses Jul 18 @ 9:46am 
Theirs a mod where theirs 1 survivor but zombies do more damage
Bradley Jul 11 @ 1:15pm 
I just want maya is there a way to make each survivor individual
Silent Soldiers Jul 6 @ 4:31pm 
what is the girls name and all the others
ArenaSlave Jul 3 @ 10:32pm 
AKA beat the sh** out of Handsome Jack simulator.
Fatass McGee Jul 3 @ 10:15am 
could you replace HJ with Krieg or Gaige?
(Unicorn Brigade)DaaBears Jul 2 @ 1:53pm 
salvador is too short to replace any of the character models so he put in Handsome Jack stop crying about it
Odd Experiences Jul 2 @ 9:04am 
So instead of Salvador... You put in Handsome Jack? Okay then...
Regalis Jul 1 @ 11:04pm 
Oh, the irony...
silversmith Jun 30 @ 7:16pm 
kreig turned into a charger and gaige was never heard from again
Bucket O' Chicken Jun 28 @ 1:48am 
"This is a Skeleton, This is Salavador, This is Salavdor with a normal Skeleton" This was probalby the best thing ever!
Space Core Jun 27 @ 10:37pm 
Of course, you make my favorite character from L4D2 and make him my favorite character from BL2. Favoriteception.
Headshot Jun 25 @ 11:52pm 
Why didn't you do Sir Hammerlock?
[o.w.n] Ninja Spy Jun 25 @ 1:19pm 
yeah Jack killed Roland
SVT COBRA R Jun 24 @ 7:30pm 
exept Salvador would be like... a really really big Jockey lol
Madman20012002 Jun 22 @ 4:57am 
this is awesome although salvador could still be here to be honest
Webbeh Jun 7 @ 11:56pm 
Legit only downloaded this for Handsome Jack :L Think his voice is more similar to Ellis or Nick though rather than Coach but eh, s'a cool mod :L
<Tru> Legion prime Jun 6 @ 4:12pm 
I really like the fact that this mod gives some backstory to why the vault hunters and jack are there, but there's only one problem: maya had no connection to eridium. so maybe you should change that. otherwise, great mod!
ςŗФŋЭ­_ρΰяع Jun 1 @ 1:24pm 
you are a great modeler Splinks! :>
ςŗФŋЭ­_ρΰяع Jun 1 @ 1:22pm 
ok, granted that Salvador has a unique bone structure, did you put some thought into at least replacing Jack with a good guy (Krieg maybe?)?
[k][TaskForce] Herbert Jun 1 @ 1:00pm 
Guys who think Salvador should be here - He can't, look at the picture. He's too short
IOwnADropBear May 21 @ 2:10am 
SteelEnforcer May 17 @ 9:32am 
This is a great addon but it would be cool if Ellis was Zero and NIck was Axton Rochelle is fine as Maya but a Gunzerker would be cool
Capvo May 15 @ 10:47am 
Where is Salvador the Gunzerker
I'm... FABULOUS! May 10 @ 9:00pm 
Hey, Jack is evil. isn't he?
Deathstorm May 9 @ 7:58pm 
why not kreig or one of the original vault hunters instead of jack?
tehwolfparz May 9 @ 5:47pm 
Professor Derpy Hooves, let me enlighten you. Sal's way to short for any of the player models, thus making it so that he can't be with his badass friends, and thus leading to his downfall.
Professor Derpy Hooves May 6 @ 7:10pm 
umm whares salvador?
Doom Zero May 6 @ 2:10pm 
I would really appreciate a Zer0 as Ellis addon. I'm not sure how easy that is, but if all you have to do is rename some files, that would be totally reasonable for you to do, right? I'd love it if you could.
Terry The Giraffe May 3 @ 4:40am 
I'm sorry, I was just reading the narritive you wrote and I noticed that in it it says that Maya lost her power due to no contact with Eridium. Thing is Eridium doesn't have anthing to do with Maya's powers, only Lilith's. I don't know if you knew that or not I'm just a weirdo went it comes to exact info. Still an amazing Mod.
Reissy Boi97 May 2 @ 12:57pm 
Would prefer it if Coach was Salvador, Nick was Axton, Ellis was Krieg, and Rochelle could be Mya or Gaige. Make the tanks look like Bullymongs
a.livadaru May 2 @ 3:32am 
Great mod, but can you make the black hand terorist from killzone shadow fall?
{I'm more than sure he doesn't take requests}
Stuke99 Apr 27 @ 7:13pm 
I felt that Salvador should have been Coach, but that's my opinion.
Carcharodon Apr 27 @ 7:04pm 
It'd be hilarious if you could make hunters into Claptrap!
n64_sam Apr 26 @ 5:33pm 
Krieg is right we should add him!
2-D Apr 24 @ 11:54am 
add kreig please, alot of people would kiss ye for it!
TheJediSonic Apr 20 @ 10:02pm 
what weres salvador, claptrap, tiny tina and the 2 other borderland 2 playable characters?
for original
KickA$$Dona ♫Survivor☣ Apr 19 @ 5:37am 
someone should make the bullymong as the tank and a bandit as the zombies, or claptrap as ellis :D/ ZOMBIE CLAPTRAPS WOULD BE AWESOME
[LH:SA] The Danger Apr 18 @ 8:34am 
somone (hopefully splinks) should make a mod were the CI are bandits from border lands 2
I.C.Wiener Apr 12 @ 12:28pm 
Ohhhh....i think why you didnt have Selvador......
he is too small and the height cant be adjustable??????(IM GUESSING)
StevenJ505 Apr 9 @ 2:28pm 
Borderlands The Pre-Sequal has been announced! You know what that means!
Dark Matter Monitor Apr 3 @ 10:54pm 
@ChooChoo, thank you again. Oh man, I never knew I had a personal Cult like the FireHawk. My orders? Well, find me the BEST Pretzels.
Dark Matter Monitor Apr 3 @ 10:52pm 
@Shrimps, because he's the MOST WANTED person on Pandora. A: He ate a person. B: He cusses, A LOT. C: He's an arsonist. I don't care whatever letters: He's...well a drunkard.
Dark Matter Monitor Apr 3 @ 10:51pm 
@The Mayor, thank you for the flattering. I really appreciate it. P.S, how's life? My? Oh, it's pretty good oh these pretzels..honestly suck. *Smacks lips*
The Tiger Mar 30 @ 1:56am 
a really nice story :D
ßlackNova Mar 29 @ 7:27am 
Make the face posing work GOD DAYMIT
The National Elf Mar 27 @ 2:18pm 
Handsome Jack is a fantastic villain, but it did kind of disappoint me to see him instead of Salvador. I think I can kinda understand, maybe something to do with the size of the character model or something--I haven't gotten into modding, I don't really know. But Handsome Jack should still be cool, and I'm not gonna knock on this mod until I've played with it. It still is really exciting to me, I love these characters.
[DFBW] Captain Haddock Mar 20 @ 12:58pm 
"bleh bleh bleh, i hate handsome jack!"
Let's be honest guys, he's a great villian. You know you're secretly happy to be him
I_see_sandvich Mar 18 @ 10:03am 
Maya isn't an euridium based siren though...