Borderland 2 Survivors
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Zahn Nov 24 @ 10:08am 
Splinks you're the best as always, but will you ever think about making singles mods for each survivor? It would be great.
Psycho Nov 22 @ 1:35pm 
@calebsmith737: You mean Krieg? I want to play as Krieg! Krieg is my favourite character. :3
calebsmith737 Nov 11 @ 10:10pm 
instead of jack why not do the psycho dlc?
Koher Javenal Nov 7 @ 2:28pm 
I wish there was a way to change dialouge. Axton is really bothering me with his "Country Boy" Accent. It bothered me alot less when it was Ellis.
Lilly The Modder Nov 2 @ 9:13pm 
You have made my day
MARIO12345 Nov 2 @ 10:05am 
can you make ellis as scooter and sir hammerlock as coach and then make tiny tina as ro and make handsome jack as nick? plz preety plz?
Nerrevar Oct 31 @ 7:48am 
Salvador should have been coach
أنا آسف <kelly><3 Oct 29 @ 5:54pm 
could you make Gaige to replace Rochelle???????? plz
Nightingale Oct 26 @ 10:10am 
I mean Jack fit so well on Nick. They have like...the same personality
Nightingale Oct 26 @ 10:05am 
Shouldn't Jack be as Nick? and Zero be Coach?
Handsome Jack Oct 18 @ 12:07am 
Why the hell am i coach?
Spike Rose Oct 14 @ 7:27pm 
Jack really should've been over Nick.
Handsome Jack Sep 16 @ 10:27pm 
this makes my game crash when i play normal campaing but my game doesnt crash when i play custom add on campaings

Vicc Sep 6 @ 4:32am 
also tall salvador look awesome
Vicc Sep 6 @ 4:30am 
On my opinion Zero and Jack should be switched as Coach's voice on zero would be so much fun, and Nick's voice is way closer to Jack's one.
Or maybe put brick as coach instead ? (i get why the short sized salvador may be incompatible with the game)

Which makes me think of: could you make a Borderlands 1 edition with Brick as coach, Roland as nick, Mordecai as Ellis and Lilith as Rochelle ? That would be awesome.
The Friendly Hoovy Aug 25 @ 7:38am 
i was zero
The Friendly Hoovy Aug 25 @ 7:38am 
btw i was not salvador
The Friendly Hoovy Aug 25 @ 7:38am 
some day i played borderlands 2 and then i played multiplayer and it was just the team of midgets omg help me!
Adrien Brody #koolkidsklub Aug 22 @ 11:12pm 
Here is claptrap. Here is a skeleton. Here is claptrap with a normal skeleton. OH GOD NO!
Herbabotomusfilms2 Aug 22 @ 7:06pm 
can you make a claptrap player modle since the pre sequel
Lord_Mortier Aug 22 @ 3:16pm 
dreadblade2025 Aug 14 @ 4:27pm 
OH GOD!?!?!?! salvador looks like a fat slenderman
JoblessRapeSoldier Aug 14 @ 7:44am 
salvador wasnt included because he didnt have a good enough skeletal structure because in the actual game he was small and slightly fat and if he was put in here it would be taller and thinner
Read the fucking description.
BLVCK MΣN Aug 12 @ 4:44am 
can you make only zero player model pleeeeeasseee beacos i like this first person and model plz make i very want!
SurpriseGamer Aug 11 @ 1:08pm 
Salvador is missing because the standard skeleton cannot support his shorter size. This was also mentioned in a gmod Borderlands 2 model pack.
Mumbling Player Aug 10 @ 7:26pm 
jack was forced to help...
Clawclock Aug 8 @ 9:12pm 
Well, you've made the add-on before Krieg has been released, but I (and many others, I guess) will be glad to see Krieg model instead of Handsome Jack.
Saihs Baxton Aug 7 @ 4:37pm 
sounds included?
Robo Fenrir Aug 7 @ 9:05am 
Where is my Gunzerekr :(
buckash105 Aug 4 @ 7:32pm 
Isn't Jack the primary antagonist of Borderlands 2? You kill him at the end. I don't think he could have lived through getting a giant hole blown through his gut, suffer nearly fifteen minutes of massive bleeding, then getting hadouken-ed in the face by Lilith. Just putting that out there.
Freckled Jesus Aug 4 @ 9:20am 
Nick should be jack, i agree (HEYO!)
Carnage Asada Aug 3 @ 7:12pm 
nick should be handsome jack
E'zelia Aug 1 @ 2:40am 
this is great. two of my favorite things in one! hate to nitpick, but wished their mouths move. i know its not easy to mod, and its asking a lot but i still love it!
Esquistossome™ Jul 24 @ 10:28am 
i preffer krieg insted of handsome jack. WHO DOESN'T LOVES A MEAT BYCICLE?!
[ςŗФŋЭ­_ρΰяع] Jul 21 @ 1:13am 
I also like the idea of Sir Hammerlock being Coach but... who, in the Borderlands universe, shares his "build"? Marcus the Gunbringer! Huh? Huh? Who'd like him instead?
Major Isaac j. Havok Jul 18 @ 9:46am 
Theirs a mod where theirs 1 survivor but zombies do more damage
Bradley Jul 11 @ 1:15pm 
I just want maya is there a way to make each survivor individual
Lonely ODST Jul 6 @ 4:31pm 
what is the girls name and all the others
[NL]ArenaSlave Jul 3 @ 10:32pm 
AKA beat the sh** out of Handsome Jack simulator.
Fatass McGee Jul 3 @ 10:15am 
could you replace HJ with Krieg or Gaige?
DaaBears Jul 2 @ 1:53pm 
salvador is too short to replace any of the character models so he put in Handsome Jack stop crying about it
Odd Experiences Jul 2 @ 9:04am 
So instead of Salvador... You put in Handsome Jack? Okay then...
Regalis Jul 1 @ 11:04pm 
Oh, the irony...
server:offline Jun 30 @ 7:16pm 
kreig turned into a charger and gaige was never heard from again
Cheeky Scrublord Jun 28 @ 1:48am 
"This is a Skeleton, This is Salavador, This is Salavdor with a normal Skeleton" This was probalby the best thing ever!
[THS Master] Space Core Jun 27 @ 10:37pm 
Of course, you make my favorite character from L4D2 and make him my favorite character from BL2. Favoriteception.
arsenic_ Jun 25 @ 11:52pm 
Why didn't you do Sir Hammerlock?
[o.w.n] Ninja Spy Jun 25 @ 1:19pm 
yeah Jack killed Roland
Mumbling Player Jun 24 @ 7:30pm 
exept Salvador would be like... a really really big Jockey lol