Left 4 Dead 2
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Arooki 2 жов о 6:35 
I love this Addon, BUT its not be able to the other 4 chars in the Campagne -.-
I hope in the future it will be updated , after then we will play the other Campagnes =)
a random fish 12 вер о 18:27 
would you be able to make individual raptor people
Jack's Danielson 18 сер о 5:35 
xXDARKASXx 18 сер о 3:44 
i love this addon
я не помру 12 сер о 1:22 
господи наркомания)))ахаха лойс канешно
Pixel_Chick3n 10 сер о 7:57 
Life found a way.
seba 8 сер о 3:42 
fajne :)
Dirk Stabbler 6 сер о 17:39 
i laughed aloud when i saw this. good shit
The Penguin Whale 31 лип о 2:05 
Dood pleeeeeeeeease make one so the raptors would be Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. PLEASE.
I will give you
Spyke 29 лип о 3:55 
Can you make one that's three raptor and Chris Pratt? Is that a possibility?
Zoey The Giratina 28 лип о 13:25 
are you able to make seperate raptors? you know... because i wanted just raps, but i couldnt get one i had to keep all of them... can you make them seperate? or.. well its okay if you dont listen to me, i guess...
Mister Raps ッ 27 лип о 15:54 
Oh but I am Chaotic! See!
♫ChAoTiC♫ 27 лип о 3:10 
rappy would be so proud
DatGuy 17 лип о 20:46 
jurassic world 2 confirmed... OMG!
Tringapore | CSGOReaper.com 15 лип о 21:38 
remembered of something when I see the blue raptor.
LAUGHING SOLDIER 12 лип о 0:28 
clever girl...
rommel40 10 лип о 9:41 
jajajaj q diber
TopSloth 7 лип о 15:33 
Szoldzsi 7 лип о 2:03 
*something bithcy about reskinning and renaming the raptors like in JW*
Xeno_1 5 лип о 10:14 
can you put theese as single downloads?
Meteor Lutrio 25 чер о 11:15 
fan made x3
Meteor Lutrio 25 чер о 11:15 
KAITO 24 чер о 17:06 
pls make this individual xD
Carnach 23 чер о 21:45 
jesus christ..............................I CAN FINALLY DIE HAPPY! XD
☢MaartenvB123☢ 22 чер о 5:30 
jurassic world
zombies be like chris pratt
Greasey 21 чер о 17:01 
This is the second best thing to happen to this work shop, skin wise.
四百五十个阿D 21 чер о 6:13 
so cute!!~~
Fish Fillet 20 чер о 18:40 
Because dinosaurs.
TheRussianDoge 18 чер о 12:13 
*Comment below* Nkeyro: I'd be fine with any of those except for the role players.
Nkeyro 17 чер о 18:14 
So since Jurassic World came out. There are things you are going to expect.
1. A shit ton of comments about the movie raptors
2. Screenshots parodying the movie with the models in Gmod or SFM
3. Roleplayers
Hotchcus 14 чер о 22:44 
PSquiddy 12 чер о 18:01 
Could you make these indivindual?
PSquiddy 12 чер о 18:00 
Clever girl...
Neo 12 чер о 12:10 
make these individual
Thuglyfe 25 тра о 8:58 
mr wife 19 тра о 14:34 
dino chan rises
Edward320 14 тра о 21:00 
This mods is cute.
the reset&corner cuttin nova 12 тра о 23:53 
my favourite l4d2 mod:)
John F. Kennedy 19 кві о 8:00 
+1 President Raptor approves!
kathmanaaron 17 кві о 21:41 
Yo this mod sucks it wont let me download it bro
Czeek 17 кві о 16:29 
Can you make them individual characters also?
Rikuu The Werewolf Riolu 5 кві о 11:51 
@illuminator weirdest thing i will ever say but this is what makes the mod......better? i-ill just. go over to the corner
Strange[03]- 3 кві о 5:47 
Uruguayos mod
Taristin 28 бер о 19:33 
@illuminator These dinosaurs had a pelvic bone that jutted out between their legs to protect their private parts, so thats probably what youre thinking youre seeing as a dick.
Toast 28 бер о 3:50 
When i was playing I noticed there was (somthing) odd about ther tails wene I looked closer I saw a (Big Thing) coming out of under there tails. It realy looks like one O_O
sabrinaolson1980 27 бер о 6:11 
never mind its for left for dead 2
sabrinaolson1980 27 бер о 6:10 
is this for gmod? or left for dead 2 because its on gmod mods home page
Lillith Moonlight 20 бер о 21:12 
They were let out of Jurassic Park. But sadly, they discovered their food fought back.
Kashmir 3 бер о 17:51