Left 4 Dead 2
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Ned Stark 2 de feb. a las 16:29 
Jurassic Universe looks great!
YellowAfterlife 28 de ene. a las 14:40 
Character names don't seem to apply in the current version of the game, but that does not really matter - the important quality of this mod is that it provides you with character models that both look consistent and are hard to confuse wih zombies no matter the angle or lighting.
GrumpyCatIsNear 23 de ene. a las 17:03 
Ventrurian used this mod. THANK HIM TOIO!!!!
ice 17 de ene. a las 11:56 
In so doing, teammates into a dinosaur.....
Dragon team... not pig teammates? Ha ha!
is going to have a bad time 16 de ene. a las 7:24 
This is the Top of the Top.
【VGBR】 Mercy 9 de ene. a las 17:40 
[OviL]TheGamingDoge 9 de ene. a las 14:00 
best mod EVER!!!!!!!!
im not bad just bad skinz 31 dic. 2015 a las 12:52 
this mod is awsome good work
LotusGaming 31 dic. 2015 a las 8:30 
their names should be Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie XD
PrincessSparklefists 30 dic. 2015 a las 3:35 
It doesn't get any better than this
Dan the Raptor 5 dic. 2015 a las 13:56 
This is best thing!!
【 Smile 】 24 nov. 2015 a las 14:23 
DJFlatout 22 nov. 2015 a las 9:47 
when the old conflicts with the new
Conker The Squirrel 13 nov. 2015 a las 20:57 
Rappy :O
EpicYoshi 7 nov. 2015 a las 16:02 
猫猫球吃陀螺 6 nov. 2015 a las 3:38 
angurius505 2 nov. 2015 a las 13:56 
Request for individual downloads? So I can use other models aswell
ManyBazingas 30 oct. 2015 a las 2:58 
I love the lfd2 workshop i really do
Zachtak 28 oct. 2015 a las 18:57 
i have this for Gmod! :D
A Small Loan 10 oct. 2015 a las 15:40 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jay jay jipi jipi jay 8 oct. 2015 a las 10:57 
@jimean love this
Arooki 2 oct. 2015 a las 6:35 
I love this Addon, BUT its not be able to the other 4 chars in the Campagne -.-
I hope in the future it will be updated , after then we will play the other Campagnes =)
a random fish 12 sep. 2015 a las 18:27 
would you be able to make individual raptor people
Krystek69mlg 18 ago. 2015 a las 5:35 
xXDARKASXx 18 ago. 2015 a las 3:44 
i love this addon
482pP✘ 12 ago. 2015 a las 1:22 
господи наркомания)))ахаха лойс канешно
Pixel_Chick3n 10 ago. 2015 a las 7:57 
Life found a way.
seba 8 ago. 2015 a las 3:42 
fajne :)
Dirk Stabbler 6 ago. 2015 a las 17:39 
i laughed aloud when i saw this. good shit
The Derp Ram 31 jul. 2015 a las 2:05 
Dood pleeeeeeeeease make one so the raptors would be Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. PLEASE.
I will give you
Spyke 29 jul. 2015 a las 3:55 
Can you make one that's three raptor and Chris Pratt? Is that a possibility?
Zoey(IfYouMissMeCheckMyProfile 28 jul. 2015 a las 13:25 
are you able to make seperate raptors? you know... because i wanted just raps, but i couldnt get one i had to keep all of them... can you make them seperate? or.. well its okay if you dont listen to me, i guess...
Rappy Raps 27 jul. 2015 a las 15:54 
Oh but I am Chaotic! See!
=ACG= ⎛๖ۣۜℭhaotic⎞ 27 jul. 2015 a las 3:10 
rappy would be so proud
Illuminado 17 jul. 2015 a las 20:46 
jurassic world 2 confirmed... OMG!
Jagdtiger (P) Ferdinand 15 jul. 2015 a las 21:38 
remembered of something when I see the blue raptor.
LAUGHING SOLDIER 12 jul. 2015 a las 0:28 
clever girl...
rommel40 10 jul. 2015 a las 9:41 
jajajaj q diber
TopSloth 7 jul. 2015 a las 15:33 
Szoldzsi 7 jul. 2015 a las 2:03 
*something bithcy about reskinning and renaming the raptors like in JW*
Xeno S-024 5 jul. 2015 a las 10:14 
can you put theese as single downloads?
Torchrin MaC 25 jun. 2015 a las 11:15 
fan made x3
Torchrin MaC 25 jun. 2015 a las 11:15 
Մndyne 24 jun. 2015 a las 17:06 
pls make this individual xD
Damien 23 jun. 2015 a las 21:45 
jesus christ..............................I CAN FINALLY DIE HAPPY! XD
MaartenvB123 22 jun. 2015 a las 5:30 
jurassic world
zombies be like chris pratt
Greasey 21 jun. 2015 a las 17:01 
This is the second best thing to happen to this work shop, skin wise.
四百五十个阿D 21 jun. 2015 a las 6:13 
so cute!!~~
AlligaRhythm 20 jun. 2015 a las 18:40 
Because dinosaurs.