Left 4 Dead 2
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๋Centipede 22 июл в 7:39 
Jurassic strikes back
deafy. 18 июл в 23:41 
Can you do only for Coach? -,-
Splinks  [автор] 18 июл в 14:01 
An afternoon
DarkMoonOfDeath 18 июл в 13:10 
@Splinks how long did this take to make?
DarkMoonOfDeath 18 июл в 13:09 
and ty
DarkMoonOfDeath 18 июл в 13:08 
Splinks  [автор] 18 июл в 13:07 
I know. I have Bed on my friends list. It's a typo I left up out of a joke. Nice eye tho
DarkMoonOfDeath 18 июл в 13:02 
its bedbannanas not redbannanas
Tobirama Senju 8 июл в 16:08 
DAN1 8 июл в 16:06 
MOD do acre
可爱即正义 1 июл в 10:27 
SnowWolfsauce 23 июн в 23:28 
Cloud you fix their mouths.They talk with a steady tongue.In that case,it will be perfect.
Enma 9 июн в 21:26 
The only way to play L4D2
Milk Sheikh 8 июн в 12:56 
Why doesn't the raptor seem to work on coop?
LT Col. Darwin HM. 12 мая в 9:16 
Ącaɯa 29 апр в 11:23 
H2O Delirious*
CheezDoodle 9 апр в 14:12 
Splinks  [автор] 9 апр в 11:23 
@dat Boi
Diescraper Redux
CheezDoodle 9 апр в 5:03 
what is that map vanoss played in the video?
Slavik Spaghetti 31 мар в 22:48 
jssc 20 мар в 19:18 
Really love this idea and they look amazing, but has anyone thought about making dinosaurs for the common infected? It'd be like a Jurassic Park L4D2 and that's a game I want to play. Someone make that happen. T-Rex as the tank also.
White_viper48 13 мар в 17:46 

Aquadude 10 мар в 21:54 
will this mod get any versions of the individual models so I can mix it with other addons?
Tentacle Monster 4 мар в 9:46 
Diego is that your stand's doing?
SirRitter 22 фев в 6:48 
Add me on Snapchat :HerrBrot
vincent 21 янв в 10:42 
Guys when I removed the mod from my subscriptions, the names of the people are stuck on the choose character list.
Pyrodude SuperiorServers.co 12 янв в 17:15 

Hey! venturiantale made a video on this! add it. (if you want too :P)
Milk Sheikh 19 дек. 2016 в 13:51 
I too would love to see seperate raptors for each survivor.
Papa "I Eat Ass" Troy 13 дек. 2016 в 12:59 
What about the gaming beaver and his friends?
AlexGamer 11 дек. 2016 в 15:21 
make them separated to each raptor plsss
Vercetti 8 дек. 2016 в 5:59 
Can you do a versin that switch BOTH campaings by the raptors?????? pls
A非洲白雪公主 30 ноя. 2016 в 6:47 
MIEW 3 ноя. 2016 в 20:47 
saw that video before, and this mod is awsome!
puglorb 30 окт. 2016 в 9:41 
how do i downlowd this
The Littlest Pingu 13 окт. 2016 в 16:51 
wat was the map that they played on?
SirSheriff 3 окт. 2016 в 15:14 
You should make seperate addons for each raptor.
Just a thought if people want to use their other playermodels for other survivors and this model for a certain survivor (e.g. Ellis)
Tori 4 сен. 2016 в 7:58 
Rip Tiny claw
Some Kind Of Neko? 12 авг. 2016 в 11:49 
Rolling Ewok 27 июл. 2016 в 23:06 
Played wtih this mod on tonight. So much fun was had. I need to send a link to my friend so she can screencap me as raptor!Ellis.
D@REY297 24 июл. 2016 в 16:57 
Goddarn it Nogla!
Vladimir Lenin 23 июл. 2016 в 17:13 
Ghosty 20 июл. 2016 в 7:10 
Blood Teller 20 июл. 2016 в 3:43 
It's BedBananas, not RedBannana goddamn it.
Choripan Ligeramente Salado 19 июл. 2016 в 12:05 
Nice work, I enjoy this mod! is very funny!
Hochmeister 17 июл. 2016 в 2:02 
I watched too much Jurassic World, Now I see everyone as a Raptor.

Awesomeman204 16 июл. 2016 в 2:53 
Gotta add Video Game Dunkey to that list at the bottom
Twistzz =D 12 июл. 2016 в 6:37 
I like the mod so cool
Yusa 10 июл. 2016 в 10:04 
I'm here from Vanoss, H20 Delirious etc
nice mod btw !
seaturtl 9 июл. 2016 в 11:45 
One of them needs to be Chris Pratt
☢Red Umbrella Corporation☢ 8 июл. 2016 в 20:01 
wheres the map Vanoss used with this mod i cant find it D: