Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw - a Morrowind artifact
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tannermillermoore 12 小時以前 
where is this archway point they speak of?
AlphaGamerWolf 01 月 6 @ 3:29下午 
its supposed to look like a hat. Helms are too mainstream.
ImAnAss 01 月 2 @ 7:26上午 
Hi my name is Kyle and Im with a group called morroblivion,
we are wroking on 2 giant mods that bring the older TES games to the Skyrim engine (morrowind and oblivion). we are currently looking for more modders to join the team and we need people who have experience with 3dsmax and can rig we also need freehand artists who can paint using psd templates. we currently could use allot of help with clothing and armor and you seem to have experience with that :)
if you are interested you can contact me on youtube: www.youtube.com/rebelzize or checkout www.morroblivion.com its our website and you'll be able to find allot of info there.

here is a little video to show you what Skywind is.
LukeD911 2013 12 月 30 @ 3:03下午 
where is it?
Adam Davies 2013 12 月 3 @ 7:20下午 
that thing was so retarded lol
MLLG.CurRant 2013 10 月 10 @ 3:40下午 
it was also in oblivion but was in morrowind first
pigwithhat 2013 09 月 20 @ 11:01下午 
a retared majestic cat: the fun is in hunting it down!
Arbuckle 2013 09 月 11 @ 11:10上午 
Great mod, really nicely executed. Thanks :)
benacore 2013 08 月 2 @ 2:35下午 
i went to "the place" but it wasn't there
A Fridge Goat 2013 07 月 31 @ 1:42下午 
it doesnt say where the jeneral area of the ruins is
Telvannizer 2013 06 月 28 @ 10:44上午 
Oh high and mighty modeling god, please grant thy humble servant a wish: Make me an ORDINATOR HELMET for a mod project of mine!
WildCard 2013 06 月 24 @ 12:28下午 
can u make a light type of this this is really cool
jarednaja 2013 06 月 17 @ 5:18下午 
the letters wernt there
Bman 2013 05 月 26 @ 12:38下午 
who else thought head crab when they saw the third image
PrivateEye  [作者] 2013 04 月 29 @ 12:05上午 
goelen.glenn 2013 04 月 28 @ 11:11上午 
what mace is that?
JVKaragichev 2013 03 月 21 @ 5:18上午 
amazing!i just love your artifact mods!!also,a special request.since its a HELM can you make it a little bit so it will look like actually a helmet and not a hat?
Shadow Wolf 2013 02 月 25 @ 11:28下午 
Awsome Cool
cheapbuster 2013 02 月 20 @ 1:05上午 
Ah I remeber this, cool!
cthulhu 2013 02 月 13 @ 1:06下午 
Could you make it tilt a bit forward? Looks a bit more like a hat right now :)
ronr42 2013 02 月 9 @ 8:16上午 
@PrivateEye: Hi, I had not checked my collection page in a couple of weeks["A Collectors Dream"]. Saw your post and have added this Helm mod to my collection. I also added the two Heavy Armory mods to the collection. I downloaded all three of the mods from nexus and like them alot. The only reason the Steam versions were not already in my collection is because I'm a Space Cadet.:) *FYI; For some reason when you add mods to a collection, the collection will be automatically Hidden on that mods page. To correct that so it can be viewed from this page, on the authors [my] collection page you have to change the view settings from Public to Hidden and back to Public again. It's just another one of those Steam bugs we all love to deal with. Anyway, My collection is now viewable from this page and the Heavy Armory pages. Have a great day and I will keep an EYE out for any new mods you release. :)
sharky_sb 2013 02 月 1 @ 12:30下午 
thanks, got it now, sorry about the spoiler anyone who saw it
PrivateEye  [作者] 2013 01 月 30 @ 11:40下午 
No, he was actually from Valenwood. The question is how his children suddenly turned from Bosmer to Dunmer:p

I deleted your comment because it contained a spoiler. I'd like to keep this page spoiler free;) Just google the location. There are many good Skyrim maps available online
SomeGoodOlFashionedCola 2013 01 月 27 @ 6:28上午 
I thought oreyn bearclaw was from morrowind not valenwood?
Exhale 2013 01 月 25 @ 11:11下午 
In terms of general shape, it kinda reminds me of the contures of the helm that master chef in halo wears, also thanks for bringing ths legendary masterpiece back into the game. :)
Novale 2013 01 月 25 @ 9:44下午 
Wow, I used to LOVE this helmet in oblivion. Thank god someone else did too. You are a god for giving this helm a makeover.
white beast of wotan 2013 01 月 25 @ 7:42下午 
muva of oll fuckups
kyle 2013 01 月 25 @ 6:51下午 
Well, due to the fact that he has stated his love for previous Elder Scrolls games, I would guess his actual reason for making it heavy is because it has been heavy armor in both Morrowind and Oblivion, so I would assume he wants to stick to the lore. Of course, you know what they say about assuming....
j.gordon 2013 01 月 25 @ 1:40下午 
I've been searching for days. Please give it a locatoin or a quest
RatAttack 2013 01 月 25 @ 1:26下午 
@PrivateEye;it messes up the texture,like its just the helm,its texture is messed up and blurry,:/ idk whats the problem.

@All;He made it a HeavyArmour object because it looks like one,Wth would a skull be light? >:| get that through your head,guys.
Dolan Duk 2013 01 月 25 @ 8:37上午 
Thanks! I'm a great fan of LightArmor and i don't want to mess around with Heavy Equipment.
PrivateEye  [作者] 2013 01 月 25 @ 1:58上午 
A light version is available here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30257/ . It's not on team I'm afraid.

@All the people saying this mod doesn't work with anotehr mod
There's nothing I can do if you give me such vague descriptions. This mod shouldn't break any other mod. The mod is just so small that there's very little it can conflict with. Tell me what it is exactly that doesn't work any more? What happens? When do you experience it? Dont just tell me the mod cause a problem, that's useless info.
Dolan Duk 2013 01 月 24 @ 10:21下午 
Can you also make a Light version of the helmet?
RatAttack 2013 01 月 24 @ 5:57下午 
O_O it doesnt work with more animals mod,its were there are tons of new animals and more stuff,idk whats going on.
troyz94 2013 01 月 24 @ 4:22下午 
Out of curiousity, why would a hunter item be heavy armor? Looks like a nice mod, but putting it in heavy armor category removes for consideration for most traditional hunter types, light armor bonus shot with this piece
PrivateEye  [作者] 2013 01 月 24 @ 3:47下午 
FurryGuyJeans 2013 01 月 24 @ 1:53下午 
Maybe I missed this in the description, but is the helm rated as heavy or light armor?
Serdar the Magnificent 2013 01 月 24 @ 8:16上午 
Uh fail @PrivateEye
Serdar the Magnificent 2013 01 月 24 @ 8:15上午 
@Saruman i dont no when i turn this mod off all the other mods didnt work to
PrivateEye  [作者] 2013 01 月 24 @ 8:03上午 
@Saruman Why doesn't it?
Serdar the Magnificent 2013 01 月 24 @ 7:53上午 
This mod doesnt work with other 84 mods :(
Lancet11 2013 01 月 23 @ 10:21上午 
This looks like a gret mod have you ever thought about the gray cowl of nocturnal
SculldozerHD 2013 01 月 23 @ 2:39上午 
Hey PrivateEye, just a fault with the letter when you have spelt a word like i'll, the ' is a sqaure box.
dandydylan 2013 01 月 22 @ 9:48下午 
hey mane id just like you to know I had no idea i could just mouse oer ther black boxes. sorry im high as shit
dandydylan 2013 01 月 22 @ 7:18下午 
oh LOL each letter is 4 pages long. your a dick straight up
dandydylan 2013 01 月 22 @ 4:49下午 
hey thanks for not telling us where it is ewen in the comments to. wery thorough just in case someone didnt want to look around for notes lol
FlyHazeman 2013 01 月 22 @ 12:38下午 
have malacath tell the player where the helm is on the map..than yoou must follow clues to find its exact location...should put a whole quest idea to get this legendary helm from morrowind
kantn 2013 01 月 22 @ 10:25上午 
great work^^
but the real helmet is bigger
Yamifira 2013 01 月 22 @ 7:06上午 
awesome my favourite morrwind helmet AND reading material you sir reacieve 4 stars why 4 thou ask? : it lacks the pixelated morrowind artstyle
GreenStatic14 2013 01 月 21 @ 3:05下午 
well sweet tooth judging by your spelling I assume your just a little kid whereas roleplaying games like these arent meant for little kids, they're meant for people who need a challenge because we are adults and it would be too easy otherwise, keep up the good work PrivateEye.