Portal 2
Compact Chamber 1
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Spaceminnow 9月2日上午11:24 
Beautiful logical test :)
stormsend 8月25日下午3:08 
Ha ha. I didn't remember playing before. Oh well it was fun.
Zoraya  [作者] 8月25日下午1:27 
Didn´t you had a Déjà-vu ? Look at the first comment on this map ;-)
stormsend 8月22日上午10:42 
Easy but fun. Nice little test. Thanks.
dire.fcs 8月18日上午2:36 
Nice and easy, and good idea with the angled panel
KAKTUS ‡SvK‡ 5月17日上午4:12 
very good
Petutski 2月14日上午6:07 
Easy, with a bit of tricky timing. Lots of fun!
Malfaction 2014年10月17日上午8:57 
Easy but fun!! Thumbs up!
Chelliste 2014年10月17日上午6:24 
I unintentionally got to the exit the hard way. The video below made me smack my forehead. I think I will enjoy this compact series, and hope there will be a range of difficulties.
Metzger Ben | GER 2013年12月23日上午4:06 
Yavie 2013年12月21日下午10:23 
Nice break from the tougher ones (:
Phrendon 2013年12月21日下午12:33 
I did it the way you intended, I think.
machmanx 2013年10月11日上午4:37 
Easy test chamber. Took me 20 seconds to figure out how to use the gravity funnel to reach the exit. Otherwise the rest was a breeze.
Amethyst42 2013年6月11日下午12:52 
Short and sweet! A great brain-engager for when I need a little break from other things.
PsychoBR 2013年5月11日上午11:56 
Nice puzzle! Very fun. Thumbs up!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
Zoraya  [作者] 2013年5月8日下午4:00 
Updated, so that isn´t possible anymore.
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月5日下午11:43 
Nver needed to use the fizzler timer because I can slip a portal between the crack of the glass and fizzler.
temporarymanwastaken 2013年5月4日下午12:55 
I didn't need the pedestal button.
Singh 2013年4月27日上午1:09 
nice job. Straight forward, fun and cleanly executed
BUG 2013年4月20日下午1:39 
Fun .Thanks

stormsend 2013年4月5日下午9:19 
Really short. Fun