Regifting Lycanthropy - Infinite
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mentilreq  [作者] 2014 年 07 月 5 日 @ 上午 8 時 45 分 
@HуρєOиє Wow, I didn't even think of that. But Yeah, it should work just fine with the Legendary Edition.
The Mighty Gusano 2014 年 07 月 5 日 @ 上午 8 時 42 分 
LE = Legendary Edition (sorry for that!)
mentilreq  [作者] 2014 年 07 月 4 日 @ 下午 9 時 12 分 
@HуρєOиє I'm not sure what LE is, but ordinarily there is not a limit to how many times Serana can turn your character into a Vampire Lord. The limit was a quest variable that effects Aela's dialogue option, and that variable is what this mod resets (so long as your Vampirism has been cured).
The Mighty Gusano 2014 年 07 月 4 日 @ 下午 7 時 28 分 
I started Skyrim for the 3rd time, now with the LE. I've been reading a lot, since I can't make up my mind whether should I become a werewolf or vampire lord. I know with Dawnguard Aela can turn you back once, and this mod disables that limit right? Well, does Serana has any limit too? Or I can become a vampire endless times like this mod allows??

Sorry for my crap english =D
mentilreq  [作者] 2014 年 06 月 6 日 @ 下午 12 時 55 分 
@etherNerd If you have the Dawnguard DLC and you have become a Vampire Lord, or you cured your Lycanthropy during the companions quest, Aela will only make you a Werewolf one additional time. This mod removes the check she on the number of times you have become a Werewolf
etherNerd 2014 年 06 月 5 日 @ 下午 5 時 39 分 
Wait... If you've completed the Companions questline, then Aela can turn you into a werewolf at anytime, regardless of whether you are a vampire or not. Doesn't that make this mod kind of... unnecessary?
Meg Knight 2014 年 06 月 4 日 @ 下午 4 時 05 分 
Thank you so much. I think I'm going to get this mod now.
mentilreq  [作者] 2014 年 05 月 29 日 @ 上午 5 時 28 分 
@trracer13 Yes she will, the only place I found any limits was when regaining Lycanthropy, so that check is what I bypassed.
Meg Knight 2014 年 05 月 28 日 @ 下午 7 時 36 分 
This seems like an awesome mod. But I have one question, will Serana turn me into a vampire several times for every time I decided to turn into a werewolf?
bidik16 2014 年 03 月 12 日 @ 下午 2 時 21 分 
looks cool
Chaos-Kater 2014 年 01 月 8 日 @ 上午 6 時 13 分 
simple but effective, worked perfectly fine with my game, thanks
►BagelBalls 🐱I==🐱۞❤ 2013 年 09 月 23 日 @ 下午 4 時 22 分 
everybody hates me in skyrim and i used a cheat and mod to make me a vampire and then when i swicth its still there i think its me being a imperial
Jurassic King 2013 年 09 月 6 日 @ 上午 4 時 24 分 
ok, so i cant switch directly from vampire to werewolf?
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 09 月 5 日 @ 上午 8 時 06 分 
@Jurassic King Make sure you have completed the quest to cure Vampirism first.
Jurassic King 2013 年 09 月 5 日 @ 上午 4 時 38 分 
I loaded the game with this mod in... I think it was the Blue Palace and i became a vampire from serana (after quicksaving of course) and Aela still wont let me regain the power.
GEN. Martinez 2013 年 08 月 26 日 @ 下午 6 時 07 分 
hope it works "crossing fingers"
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 08 月 8 日 @ 上午 7 時 44 分 
@oblivion4463 Make sure you load a save in a different cell than Aela the Huntress (save in a different cell, then quit the game completely and reload). The option to regain Lycanthropy is set when the her characters 3D loads (that was the least invasive way I could think of, kind of a pain but it limits interfering with other mods).
oblivion4463 2013 年 08 月 7 日 @ 下午 9 時 35 分 
I just got the mod and she only offers the werewolf only once. I tried to go back and forth and it dose not seem to be working. I have on other mods that effect the werewolf or vampire.
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 07 月 12 日 @ 上午 6 時 52 分 
@Hyou Check the wiki page and make sure you are not experiencing a known bug.
Fzz|Nth 2013 年 07 月 12 日 @ 上午 3 時 48 分 
Fallons cant cure me..
Fzz|Nth 2013 年 07 月 12 日 @ 上午 2 時 55 分 
good one
Zombijaffa 2013 年 04 月 18 日 @ 上午 5 時 38 分 
good mode thanks :D
Coach 2013 年 02 月 16 日 @ 下午 2 時 14 分 
excellent mod, Ive been waiting for this! lets try it out!
kestrel senpai 2013 年 01 月 30 日 @ 下午 1 時 53 分 
no. maybe just a bug within my computer.
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 01 月 30 日 @ 下午 1 時 17 分 
@Ultramoron Not sure about that one... I didn't modify anything with the Werewolf or the Perk system. Do you have any mods that might be conflicting with it?
kestrel senpai 2013 年 01 月 30 日 @ 上午 10 時 38 分 
it works. only problem is that i can't acess the werewolf perk.
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 01 月 30 日 @ 上午 10 時 08 分 
@Ultramoron Also, make sure the mod is not disabled. For some reason every time I subscribe to a new mod this one gets disabled. Don't know if it's just me though.
kestrel senpai 2013 年 01 月 30 日 @ 上午 6 時 03 分 
I've already done that, but i didn't get the perk. so tried again and again. Didn't work. i'll try reinstalling the mod.
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 01 月 29 日 @ 下午 1 時 43 分 
@Ultramoron Since you are saying "again" I am assuming that you finished the Companions quest and have been a werewolf already. Aela the Huntress should be able to change you back to one as long as you are not a vampire. If you are loading a save game in the same cell as her try either loading a save somewhere else or go to another cell, open the console and type "pcb" and reenter. The script uses the "OnLoad" event, this was the least intrusive way of making the mod I could think of.
kestrel senpai 2013 年 01 月 29 日 @ 下午 12 時 50 分 
I'm neither now. I want to become a werewolf again but i can't.
Seangil 2013 年 01 月 20 日 @ 下午 1 時 46 分 
ok cool thanks! great mod! This should have been an essential thing in the game from the start!
mentilreq  [作者] 2013 年 01 月 20 日 @ 上午 8 時 23 分 
@Seangil If you want to get rid of Lycanthropy after using all the Glenmoril Witches Heads you have to contract Vampirism from Serana, to regain Lycanthropy just talk to Aela the Huntress at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun
Seangil 2013 年 01 月 19 日 @ 下午 11 時 34 分 
So... how exactly do i regain beast blood again? and... what if I already used those witch heads? how do i get rid of my breast blood?
Vidani81 2013 年 01 月 18 日 @ 下午 6 時 22 分 
Sweet! I also have been in this dilema. This mod is awesome, Thanks!!!!