Informal Skyboxes
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Doge 27 ก.ค. @ 8:44am 
Lovely丶Star 25 ก.ค. @ 4:29am 
Fluffy Grey Wolf 23 ก.ค. @ 10:42pm 
Leviathan2x 9 ก.ค. @ 6:02pm 
Amazing work. Thanks for making this.
Farenheit One 6 ก.ค. @ 1:22pm 
So bad...
PizzλPie ツ 30 มิ.ย. @ 5:51am 
Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day hey,hey
SadResh 24 มิ.ย. @ 7:42pm 
Why not formal??
Sasaraさや 22 มิ.ย. @ 10:13pm 
have to download
Kozzer 20 มิ.ย. @ 2:20pm 
Will it confilct the add-on for changing the sun/moon? Look the bat symbol moon and all of that.
Dr. Evil 19 มิ.ย. @ 7:36pm 
I'm not seeing any rain in the hard rain campaign when it storms. Why is that?
YouBlewIt 7 มิ.ย. @ 6:42am 
Parish sky appears to be bright white...

is it supposed to be like this?
[MLG] MyLilDogBodyIzRdy4UrH8 7 มิ.ย. @ 6:16am 
why is there a white wall on one side of the "cube"? kinda ruins the atmosphere when I play. can anyone help? is it supposed to be there?
Mayhem 2 มิ.ย. @ 1:01pm 
These are beautiful and really enhance the look of the game, I was amazed - "Death Toll" looked instantly more eerie, one of the best artwork submissions for LFD2 you can get. Excellent work!
I downloaded the skyboxes Informal but when I start the map the sky ta normal. Can anyone help me ?? :(
EliAyase 12 พ.ค. @ 5:59am 
Jon 7 พ.ค. @ 9:59am 
не очень
Dan Pretos 1 พ.ค. @ 4:01am 
ay man how's the performance hit?
Polaris 28 เม.ย. @ 10:56am 
Admittedly sometimes they look unfitting, but for the most part they add a whole new level of beauty to all campaigns~
AJ the Destroyer 25 เม.ย. @ 2:15pm 
you know what try using ships from empire at war and its expansion forces of corruption.
AJ the Destroyer 19 เม.ย. @ 2:23pm 
i hope someone makes a skybox with star wars ships in it like it's a battle over earth. either clone wars or galactic civil war.
HunterSkiperᅚ 12 เม.ย. @ 9:36pm 
aun tiene la version anterior :c ? creo que me gusta mas el cielo anterior de la feria :c
LightOff 11 เม.ย. @ 10:40am 
Cool, really changes the atmosphere of the game
Czrech Republic 6 เม.ย. @ 11:42am 
Are you using other graphical mods in the screenshots? because they really don't look like they only affect skies only.
KennyTheDemonPotAto 6 เม.ย. @ 11:11am 
ςąяοζιпą 29 มี.ค. @ 6:02pm 
I love this mod!
:::nowhere::: 26 มี.ค. @ 10:34pm 
Yeah, am gonna have to agree with that... The sky in The Passing looks like crap! The rest are fine. It seems like it was subjected to de-resolution. xD
[TSWolf] Nexures 26 มี.ค. @ 5:37am 
did you do the skybox for the passing? because i subbed to this awesome mod, but the passing looks SO HORRIBLE its making me want to puke
number 22 มี.ค. @ 4:24am 
Hard rain*
KrisToast 17 มี.ค. @ 10:59am 
never mind i fixed it :D
Retardo González | 14 มี.ค. @ 2:56am 
@Kitty Cat Heavy Rain isn't in the game.
ангел прихоти 12 มี.ค. @ 9:43pm 
xDist 3 มี.ค. @ 3:01am 
will work in multiplayer?
₪Niggas in Pyjamas₪ 28 ก.พ. @ 4:18pm 
MaxTheDawn 20 ก.พ. @ 9:33am 
Why when I was playing "Heavy Rain" sky was like clear? there was no rain clouds
SNYPE94 19 ก.พ. @ 3:31pm 
soooooooooooooooooo Beatiful...........
Kingz 15 ก.พ. @ 3:48pm 
Nice Job !
AJ the Destroyer 8 ก.พ. @ 5:03am 
we need more skybox mods
KrisToast 3 ก.พ. @ 11:25am 
but its still great without that white square
KrisToast 3 ก.พ. @ 11:24am 
what the hell is that white square on the skybox?
kittynook 2 ก.พ. @ 12:58pm 
Rainbow Dash :3 2 ก.พ. @ 12:03pm 
JUL3R1S 31 ม.ค. @ 7:41am 
I never realized how beautiful Left 4 Dead 2 could look, even on Ultra.
[MRA2] iAngleO45 24 ม.ค. @ 5:47am 
It Makes Skyboxes More Beatiful :)
Capn Awesome 23 ม.ค. @ 10:33am 
the skyboxes for heavy rain before you return the gas cans arent right. It is definitely raining from the sounds and sounds like a storm, but the skies are clear with no rain clouds.
_Smirn (how do i spell it?) 23 ม.ค. @ 10:29am 
still awsome
_Smirn (how do i spell it?) 23 ม.ค. @ 10:28am 
(custom map)
_Smirn (how do i spell it?) 23 ม.ค. @ 10:28am 
not working with TUMTaRA
selw0nk 21 ม.ค. @ 1:06pm 
@Doctor Neek That is Fancy Skies you are talking about.
D.Є.$ 14 ม.ค. @ 11:24pm 
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Doctor Neek 14 ม.ค. @ 9:49am 
Has the Dark Carnival one been changed? I remember it being much more blue than what it is for me currently