Informal Skyboxes
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So... realistic!
Bolbi Stroganovsky 9 avr à 16h39 
They work for me, but there are giant semi-transparent rectangles in the sky on each map.
kotekzot 29 mar à 6h13 
Betas are meant to crash and break. The solution to not being able to stand the heat is to get out of the kitchen.
Trey Richards 28 mar à 23h39 
That's not really a solution Jules, that's just a workaround.
SadKeanu 28 mar à 23h03 
It's amazing how much changing the skybox helps make the game feel more fresh. :) It works great for me and it's a lot more enjoyable to look at than the defaults, in my opinion.
Jules 28 mar à 22h10 
*CRASH SOLUTION* - Disable Steam Beta. View menu -> Settings -> Account: Turn off Beta participation and restart Steam.
this update is fixes or new skybox map list?
Ќ๏βЌ™Guardian 27 mar à 10h54 
crashes all the time
Lust 27 mar à 10h09 
update the l4dmaps download pls. this one crashes when downloading through steam
Catscratch 26 mar à 18h47 
Sorry to say but I also have to undo this mod </3
Trey Richards 25 mar à 21h43 
Crashing for me too, hate to have to unsubscribe but I need Steam working.
Fede 25 mar à 9h33 
I dont know what you guys are doing wrong but this works for me 24/03/14
AMG/// 25 mar à 4h44 
Crahes game after the stupid update you brought, it WAS a nice addon. Time to watch for a new one.
Cranberry 24 mar à 6h49 
crashed my game
Stef|GlobalGaming 24 mar à 6h13 
Thank you
Descarado  [créateur] 24 mar à 5h44 
Hollow Ichigo 24 mar à 3h17 
> It literally crashes Steam when trying to download it.
And there I thought why it crashes, then I noticed it does when tries to download something. Unsubscribe, since I don't like my steam dying every 30 minutes or so.
Jules 24 mar à 0h18 
damn this was such a good mod, please revert to the previous version. It literally crashes Steam when trying to download it. It doesn't work anymore :(
Stef|GlobalGaming 23 mar à 16h08 
Hello skybox team, Zkeierea's P90 conflicts with your mod, not sure how to fix, both items still work
Descarado  [créateur] 23 mar à 14h48 
I'm using it currently without workshop, and it's work fine to me. You can find .vpk in your addons folder, and you can find and copy it before unsubscribe it here, and after copy vice versa into folder, and then you can see that it's work absolutely fine.
Arman Ossi Loko 23 mar à 14h14 
Well, I don't participate in a Steam beta, so that's not the problem. Hmmm..... Did you try uploading it to another website manually (so we can get the .vpk without subscribing here - just to see if it works)?
Descarado  [créateur] 23 mar à 14h02 
Some people told me that problem is because of beta version of steam. You should get out of all beta version of steam via settings.
Nicole 23 mar à 13h53 
I've been waiting for a skybox for The Passing, thank you)
Arman Ossi Loko 23 mar à 13h44 
So, no way to use it (if it's the Workshop problem)?
Descarado  [créateur] 23 mar à 13h30 
It's problem of Workshop, also you should stop using the beta version of steam.
disastrophe 23 mar à 13h12 
Yeah, this breaks L4D for me now.
Chell 23 mar à 13h09 
Game crashes when updating the add-on. Please fix this problem.
Arman Ossi Loko 23 mar à 12h51 
Game crashes after this update.
Beef Swellington 19 mar à 18h03 
Hingle McCringleberry 19 mar à 14h28 
Not bad. I had to turn the addon on/off for a comparison to actually notice the changes, since I don't usually look at the sky in this game. Though it's a lot harder to notice the difference in the L4D 1 campaigns.
Judge 18 mar à 20h07 
а какой прогой ты сам скайбокс нарезал?
Miss IceCream ✞ 15 mar à 14h56 
Crashes my steam and l4d2
-Pacific- 14 mar à 10h28 
vay anasını avradını
Es hermozo *-* xDD
[ITA]Alex Smoker Infected 11 mar à 6h29 
the passing??
Nexures 9 mar à 10h19 
my sky isnt as beautiful as the ones on the pictures ;/
lewis.moreman 8 mar à 5h51 
loved it
VADARWOLF 7 mar à 22h28 
Sub it.
Infinite_Swifted/GFX 7 mar à 11h11 
DAYM Nice coding I LOVE IT <3
BONOHI 6 mar à 22h21 
Sgt_Bryan 5 mar à 11h42 
And how do you use authorizing tools on a mac?
Sgt_Bryan 5 mar à 11h11 
Can someone make a mod that makes it rain in all maps ._.
Essah 5 mar à 10h04 
the skybox in the last screenshot at blood harvest campaign... <3
Do the sacrifice
Hyun 28 fév à 21h59 
Good !!!!
rckst1 25 fév à 21h24 
Best sky mod I have ever seen!
Rokdead™ 25 fév à 11h57 
Cap 21 fév à 15h08 
Do The Passing.
Ireallydon'tcare 18 fév à 21h50 
HardCore! 18 fév à 13h56 
orgasmo O.O