Left 4 Dead 2

Informal Skyboxes
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Doge 23 tuntia sitten 
Lovely丶Star 25. heinä 4.29 
Fluffy Grey Wolf 23. heinä 22.42 
Leviathan2x 9. heinä 18.02 
Amazing work. Thanks for making this.
Farenheit One 6. heinä 13.22 
So bad...
PizzλPie ツ 30. kesä 5.51 
Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day hey,hey
SadResh 24. kesä 19.42 
Why not formal??
Sasaraさや 22. kesä 22.13 
have to download
Kozzer 20. kesä 14.20 
Will it confilct the add-on for changing the sun/moon? Look the bat symbol moon and all of that.
Dr. Evil 19. kesä 19.36 
I'm not seeing any rain in the hard rain campaign when it storms. Why is that?
YouBlewIt 7. kesä 6.42 
Parish sky appears to be bright white...

is it supposed to be like this?
why is there a white wall on one side of the "cube"? kinda ruins the atmosphere when I play. can anyone help? is it supposed to be there?
Mayhem 2. kesä 13.01 
These are beautiful and really enhance the look of the game, I was amazed - "Death Toll" looked instantly more eerie, one of the best artwork submissions for LFD2 you can get. Excellent work!
I downloaded the skyboxes Informal but when I start the map the sky ta normal. Can anyone help me ?? :(
EliAyase 12. touko 5.59 
Jon 7. touko 9.59 
не очень
Dan Pretos 1. touko 4.01 
ay man how's the performance hit?
Polaris 28. huhti 10.56 
Admittedly sometimes they look unfitting, but for the most part they add a whole new level of beauty to all campaigns~
AJ the Destroyer 25. huhti 14.15 
you know what try using ships from empire at war and its expansion forces of corruption.
AJ the Destroyer 19. huhti 14.23 
i hope someone makes a skybox with star wars ships in it like it's a battle over earth. either clone wars or galactic civil war.
HunterSkiperᅚ 12. huhti 21.36 
aun tiene la version anterior :c ? creo que me gusta mas el cielo anterior de la feria :c
LightOff 11. huhti 10.40 
Cool, really changes the atmosphere of the game
Gaz Dekikes 6. huhti 11.42 
Are you using other graphical mods in the screenshots? because they really don't look like they only affect skies only.
DD.KennyTheBlackSheep 6. huhti 11.11 
ςąяοζιпą 29. maalis 18.02 
I love this mod!
:::nowhere::: 26. maalis 22.34 
Yeah, am gonna have to agree with that... The sky in The Passing looks like crap! The rest are fine. It seems like it was subjected to de-resolution. xD
[TSWolf] Nexures 26. maalis 5.37 
did you do the skybox for the passing? because i subbed to this awesome mod, but the passing looks SO HORRIBLE its making me want to puke
Hard rain*
KrisToast 17. maalis 10.59 
never mind i fixed it :D
@Kitty Cat Heavy Rain isn't in the game.
ангел прихоти 12. maalis 21.43 
xDist 3. maalis 3.01 
will work in multiplayer?
₪Niggas in Pyjamas₪ 28. helmi 16.18 
MaxTheDawn 20. helmi 9.33 
Why when I was playing "Heavy Rain" sky was like clear? there was no rain clouds
SNYPE94 19. helmi 15.31 
soooooooooooooooooo Beatiful...........
Kingz 15. helmi 15.48 
Nice Job !
AJ the Destroyer 8. helmi 5.03 
we need more skybox mods
KrisToast 3. helmi 11.25 
but its still great without that white square
KrisToast 3. helmi 11.24 
what the hell is that white square on the skybox?
kittynook 2. helmi 12.58 
Rainbow Dash :3 2. helmi 12.03 
JUL3R1S 31. tammi 7.41 
I never realized how beautiful Left 4 Dead 2 could look, even on Ultra.
[MRA2] iAngleO45 24. tammi 5.47 
It Makes Skyboxes More Beatiful :)
Capn Awesome 23. tammi 10.33 
the skyboxes for heavy rain before you return the gas cans arent right. It is definitely raining from the sounds and sounds like a storm, but the skies are clear with no rain clouds.
_Smirn 23. tammi 10.29 
still awsome
_Smirn 23. tammi 10.28 
(custom map)
_Smirn 23. tammi 10.28 
not working with TUMTaRA
selw0nk 21. tammi 13.06 
@Doctor Neek That is Fancy Skies you are talking about.
D.Є.$ 14. tammi 23.24 
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Doctor Neek 14. tammi 9.49 
Has the Dark Carnival one been changed? I remember it being much more blue than what it is for me currently