Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Informal Skyboxes
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青灯古城 11. úno. v 6.19 odp. 
Bane 11. úno. v 3.14 dop. 
Looks gorgeous, it reminds me of "The Walking Dead" TV series.
Bushvick Leader of Arstotska 8. úno. v 8.44 dop. 
Shit looks nice im subbing
Zombinator Leenin 7. úno. v 11.01 odp. 
WOW!! this mod is the fucking shit!
Mangol 7. úno. v 3.25 odp. 
AWESOME! Cheers, mate!!
varneypp 4. úno. v 1.33 dop. 
Blatzkrov 3. úno. v 6.05 dop. 
looks great
Tomas Taurego 3. úno. v 4.33 dop. 
Спасибо огромное..
What? 31. led. v 9.02 dop. 
Nothing fucking changes
。44 Caliber Love Letter ☠ 30. led. v 1.11 dop. 
Lord Sheogorath 24. led. v 5.00 dop. 
Влияет ли этот аддон на производительность?
( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ ° ) 20. led. v 9.59 dop. 
i try it
DaTa™ 9. led. v 4.59 dop. 
mine doesnt turned out to be this good :3
Capt. Broa 7. led. v 4.51 dop. 
can you fix Hard Rain please? the blue almost clear sky doesnt fit the rainy weather at all
mikethelink 4. led. v 6.09 odp. 
This addon will make my FPS lower?
carlosmarciano 27. pro. 2015 v 10.55 dop. 
[Dragon Force] Dark Knight 22. pro. 2015 v 10.02 dop. 
Halo And The Brothers | trade.tf 20. pro. 2015 v 12.34 odp. 
yay :D
Dux Ducis Hodiernus(HampeMannen) 20. pro. 2015 v 7.01 dop. 
Can i get a comparison pic
Your SMII7Y Evolved into... 18. pro. 2015 v 6.54 odp. 
Why is it low graphics for me, anyway to turn higher?
alex42a 15. pro. 2015 v 8.35 odp. 
To the people who think that Hard Rain map 3 to map 5 (the storm maps) skybox is too bright, actually the skybox is scripted wrongly.

Here is a way to fix it to make it look like the one in the screenshots:
1: You need to unpack it to a folder.

2: Locate the vmt files of "sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrbk","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrup","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrrt","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrlf","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrft","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrdn"

3: Open your L4D2 root directory's pak01_dir.vpk, locate the vmt file of "sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrbk","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrup","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrrt","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrlf","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrft","sky_l4d_c4m4_hdrdn"

4: Replace the vmt file of your extracted modded skybox folder with the vmt file of pak01_dir.vpk

5: Repack it, and test.

6: If it worked, have fun with your fixed Hard Rain's skyboxes!

前面的胖次别跑 11. pro. 2015 v 6.29 odp. 
yippie :D 3. pro. 2015 v 12.34 odp. 
@Morgan Gordan

This skybox mod only works for the official campaigns...
Sse|Siberia Mouz| 28. lis. 2015 v 5.27 dop. 
графен ?
EpicYoshi 7. lis. 2015 v 4.00 odp. 
the pictures look pretty
道筆Waypen 7. lis. 2015 v 3.59 dop. 
so coooooool!A different game!
Lordsith 2. lis. 2015 v 3.09 dop. 
Amazing job !
Dank Unused Meme 28. říj. 2015 v 12.22 dop. 
This dosen't Work with TumTara V6 Please fix !!
SilverMoon222 25. říj. 2015 v 4.31 odp. 
This is absolutely breathtaking. I love it so much, by far my favorite mod that I have.
FATMAGUL 17. říj. 2015 v 1.08 odp. 
Amigo simplemento tu mod es asombroso *-*
Friend your mod is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee *-*
浅爱i° 17. říj. 2015 v 9.35 dop. 
Wow it's so great.
DarK-EyeS 6. říj. 2015 v 3.34 dop. 
Mr.Smith 4. říj. 2015 v 9.25 dop. 
@Keksimus Maximus
Ishmon 28. zář. 2015 v 7.57 odp. 
I dunno why, but i was hoping for The Parish's sky to be like a Deep Water blue sky with no clouds.
Naughtius Maximus 27. srp. 2015 v 3.32 dop. 
is this mod works with Enhanced Graphic Mod HD ?
Lightbringer 26. srp. 2015 v 11.21 odp. 
Everything except the Moon looks great; it's way too bright and looks like a star.
MaPe 21. srp. 2015 v 11.30 dop. 
Me gusta.
Himekaidou Hatate 10. srp. 2015 v 7.20 odp. 
Crash the game...
Folie à deux 5. srp. 2015 v 2.23 odp. 
The Moon still too bright.
Folie à deux 4. srp. 2015 v 9.43 odp. 
Going to download again, just to see if the Moon is not so bright now.
TrollByte 4. srp. 2015 v 6.11 dop. 

Snowflake™ 3. srp. 2015 v 10.56 odp. 
Looks great but probobly needs to be faded near the edges of the map. I noticed on dark carnival if I look back towards the race car, I can see the skybox abruptly end. Just a suggestion thats all. Wonderful look to the skies!
auburn cockrocket 27. čvc. 2015 v 8.44 dop. 
Lovely丶Star 25. čvc. 2015 v 4.29 dop. 
Fox Fluff 23. čvc. 2015 v 10.42 odp. 
Wombat Rebellion 9. čvc. 2015 v 6.02 odp. 
Amazing work. Thanks for making this.
Farenheit One 6. čvc. 2015 v 1.22 odp. 
So bad...
PizzλPie ツ 30. čvn. 2015 v 5.51 dop. 
Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day hey,hey
yung wheelchair 24. čvn. 2015 v 7.42 odp. 
Why not formal??
Sasara 22. čvn. 2015 v 10.13 odp. 
have to download