Informal Skyboxes
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Shady Dr. Dementia 10. čvc. v 5.02 odp. 
Doesn't work. I have my Shader Detail on Medium, My Effect Detail on High, my Model/Texture Detail on High. Also I've tried all your rare card fixes but still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance to anyone who at least tries to answer.
Ikiru 9. čvc. v 6.27 dop. 
Well, that is just freakin' awesome.
LIONS SavaZ #FREE PALESTINE!!!!! 8. čvc. v 3.35 dop. 
Psychedelic* 5. čvc. v 5.19 dop. 
Amazing thanks<3
K. 5. čvc. v 12.07 dop. 
Very beautiful Thanks!
叶落风行今晚没喝醉 4. čvc. v 7.16 dop. 
so beautiful!
Prembil 4. čvc. v 5.09 dop. 
This is realy ,,normal,, Thanks
Jules 30. čvn. v 3.32 dop. 
Thank you for this mod, the best of the best
tigr CPC 30. čvn. v 12.16 dop. 
This is the best workshop item for Left 4 Dead 2. It's like an entirely different game when you download it. Just end up staring at the beauty of the sky while zombies are raping you.
Theodamus 29. čvn. v 6.26 odp. 
all 132,588 friends
Abner . 27. čvn. v 9.14 dop. 
this so cool ! thanks
Splinks 26. čvn. v 4.15 odp. 
It's been little over a year now and still this mod has never even came close to being disabled or replaced in my collection.

I honestly believe this has to easily be on my top 5 favorite mods in this community. Thanks for sharing it
Reaper Shackal 26. čvn. v 2.35 odp. 
A video would be nice.
It's Three Dog AOUUU 25. čvn. v 5.05 odp. 
does this conflict with Majora's Mask Moon?
Axe Cop 22. čvn. v 9.55 odp. 
DO this is one sexy beast download

takes so long to download thoe
-Black Hand- 21. čvn. v 5.33 odp. 
low grapichs :c
Whiteowl 17. čvn. v 2.11 dop. 
I fell in love with that night skybox. It's so beautiful!! Must have! Gimme!
Whiteowl 17. čvn. v 2.08 dop. 
▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▀▀█ ▀█▀ ▒█▀▀█ █
▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█░ ▒█░░░ ▀
▒█▄▄▄ ▒█░░░ ▄█▄ ▒█▄▄█ ▄
MAPS 14. čvn. v 11.55 odp. 
NERPOVIEBAIMY SHiT 14. čvn. v 1.43 odp. 
How it works?
mean metal 10. čvn. v 6.26 odp. 
fuck her right in the pussy
AJ the Destroyer 31. kvě. v 6.50 odp. 
i wish there were skyboxes with mountains.
Essah 28. kvě. v 3.07 dop. 
this, this bloodharvest pic, is gonna be my desktop wallpaper.
So beautiful skyboxes and screenshots!
­­ ­­­ ­­ 27. kvě. v 5.11 dop. 
so nice ,,
Unmotivated Engineer 26. kvě. v 6.53 odp. 
I don't know if it's just me, but Dead Center's skybox just looks to "blue". Is there any way you could tone it down a bit? It would make this mod perfect! :D
Skyline-Hz9™ 11. kvě. v 2.07 odp. 
*.* Perfect!
raven 9. kvě. v 4.09 odp. 
its not working for me ... atleast its not like on the screenshots
WhiteReaper [FR] 7. kvě. v 6.38 dop. 
just beautifull :D
Shady Dr. Dementia 2. kvě. v 3.01 odp. 
Looks cool. But it doesn't work for me.
Lady Tsunade 1. kvě. v 2.58 dop. 
This is absolutely beautiful!
알콩이 27. dub. v 1.21 dop. 
fantastic !
Belphi 25. dub. v 2.20 dop. 
I have only one question, can i use this on the map Tumtara Revamped, i want to make the skybox of it dark and like a night skybox?! Thanks in advance! :)
.44 Caliber Love Letter 24. dub. v 9.04 dop. 
.44 Caliber Love Letter 24. dub. v 5.21 dop. 
freakin asom !
^1rawwwwwwwr ^8:$ 22. dub. v 1.39 odp. 
doesnt work anymore? :(
Nuclear 21. dub. v 7.34 dop. 
very nice!
The potato god 16. dub. v 7.17 dop. 
So... realistic!
Death Boyardee 9. dub. v 4.39 odp. 
They work for me, but there are giant semi-transparent rectangles in the sky on each map.
kotekzot 29. bře. v 6.13 dop. 
Betas are meant to crash and break. The solution to not being able to stand the heat is to get out of the kitchen.
Trey Richards 28. bře. v 11.39 odp. 
That's not really a solution Jules, that's just a workaround.
SadKeanu 28. bře. v 11.03 odp. 
It's amazing how much changing the skybox helps make the game feel more fresh. :) It works great for me and it's a lot more enjoyable to look at than the defaults, in my opinion.
Jules 28. bře. v 10.10 odp. 
*CRASH SOLUTION* - Disable Steam Beta. View menu -> Settings -> Account: Turn off Beta participation and restart Steam.
| LEADS | XxHeckenschützezZ 27. bře. v 5.15 odp. 
this update is fixes or new skybox map list?
Ќ๏βЌ™Guardian 27. bře. v 10.54 dop. 
crashes all the time
Lusto 27. bře. v 10.09 dop. 
update the l4dmaps download pls. this one crashes when downloading through steam
Catscratch 26. bře. v 6.47 odp. 
Sorry to say but I also have to undo this mod </3
Trey Richards 25. bře. v 9.43 odp. 
Crashing for me too, hate to have to unsubscribe but I need Steam working.
Fede 25. bře. v 9.33 dop. 
I dont know what you guys are doing wrong but this works for me 24/03/14
numero uno 25. bře. v 4.44 dop. 
Crahes game after the stupid update you brought, it WAS a nice addon. Time to watch for a new one.
Cranberry 24. bře. v 6.49 dop. 
crashed my game