A Dam Mission
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>SIN 10 8. marras 22.38 
Hey mate, I've downloaded the add-ons and put them in what I believe to be the right folder, could you either;

a) specify which folder it is meant to go in (I am on a Macintosh)


b) provide a reason as to why it is not working (e.g. the files aren't OSX compatible)

Saints Trooper 8. marras 1.56 
hey nice map but there is one error in a campaing called "a dam stop".the error is no jet for destroy a barricade
ACore41[ITA] 11. loka 2.41 
IGN 10/10
Genital Grinder 8. loka 14.42 
Nice campaign but the voice acting for the announcer was pretty cheap.
Роман. 22. elo 1.09 
Very good.
N0tail 22. elo 0.46 
Bender 21. elo 12.04 
Ok, that will teach me to read descriptions :-)
Motanum  [tekijä] 14. elo 12.09 
They are errors. Valve removed some models :/ there is a fix above in the description
Bender 14. elo 12.05 
What are all those ugly "ERROR" signs for? It completely ruins the map's ambiance.
steve_h336 4. elo 5.46 
the infinite zombies where too much, i would stand in a corner shoot all the zombies then reload and another hoard would come then i would reload and then another hoard comes as im done dont even have the chance to take a step. the rest of the maps great though.
[FIB] [GiB] Iceberg 28. heinä 18.02 
This Is Great! 9.5/10
^1 I FMG Snipe 24. heinä 8.45 
definitely gonna rush through this with infinite ammo with no reload whilist abusing the infinite throwables
Grudge76 14. heinä 20.49 
Not enough supplies,medkits,pills. A little too long.
Erlley 29. kesä 9.11 
Como que baixa o addons?
[ID] Dummy Froggy 16. kesä 19.28 
awesome ma 10/10
R2D2 20. touko 14.48 
cool! map thank's!!
Like map
Does it always spwan? Becuase I shot alot of things.
Motanum  [tekijä] 15. huhti 7.17 
@INDIGO, there is a specific barrel that has to explode, try again.
Hey there a switch behind glass on mission 1 but You can't reach it? The explosions don't do anything.
PrOdIaL 26. maalis 9.30 
очень крутая карта
Dallas 7. maalis 16.42 
I seem to crash at the very end at the top of the elevator shaft on the last chapter. Anyone else getting this?
Raiden 5. maalis 16.48 
Raiden 5. maalis 16.48 
StrongBad 4. maalis 10.56 
I like this, clean, bright, and a very good length, well balanced. Stands out from other maps that I play.
Motanum  [tekijä] 12. tammi 20.03 
To Sparkle.mildneko
From the description.

About the Forest of Errors - Thank to Javik for the folowing:
For those experiencing missing models, Valve are to blame not the creator, they removed some assets from Cold Stream that were unsourced. To get them back you need to download this:

sparkle.mildneko 12. tammi 11.00 
why error? how can i fix this? need other mods?
Hobo-chan 7. tammi 14.56 
so basicly your destroying a dam?
SANTA (MINONS9) 19. joulu, 2013 14.24 
i like it...not
Daniboy 28. marras, 2013 9.25 
[FIB] [GiB] Iceberg 5. loka, 2013 18.31 
+Good -Bad
+Great Story!
+Great Detail
Christmas Dragon In A Sombrero 4. syys, 2013 23.36 
- Nice addition of custom audio
-Good level designs
-" Holy Crunchy Monkeys"
-Good backstory to the maps

-LOTS of zombies
-Too many button pushing events
-AI gets stuck a lot... CI doing the "I can't reach you" pose when you're right in front of them, Specials randomly attacking walls, and Survivor Bots get stuck a lot, especially on the finale
- Lighting is a little off, also chapter 1, if you knock some of the desk lamps off, you end up with just a ball of light sitting there, staring at you. I know how this feels though, lighting on L4D2 Authoring tools can be an awful job.

Overall a fun map to play, especially with the custom audio...
AI in general getting stuck isn't an easy job for the player as all it will take in the finale is a Hunter and you're a gonner...
Would have liked to see an entire dam explosion at the end of the game and water flushing out, that'd be cool
Fleshus Mortis Maximus 25. elo, 2013 12.30 
ERROR black and purple, a lot. Map de merde buggée, bloqué après 5 minutes, porte reste fermée...
Technologic 10. elo, 2013 23.21 
SO MANY ERROR SIGNS. The first part is extremely long. Love the added audio <3 However it was really long and there was too many zombies.
Sheograth 10. elo, 2013 11.42 
the only problem is just the bots at final, thats really much all, and at some point coach was on the ledge of a platform thingy, and i kept helping him up and he kept making himself hang lol
Motanum  [tekijä] 10. elo, 2013 10.00 
hahaha! Yeah, the thing is that its not very consistent :/ Also, I am pursuing other projects (Aperture Tag) so I don't have time to update this campaign. Sorry!
Sheograth 10. elo, 2013 9.28 
first, you need to make the bots more SMARTER, this time, ACTUALLY EDIT THEM TO ACTUALLY MOVE IN THE FINAL!, second, i crashed while trying to save them, so first, update the bots, and update less crashes
Hales Own ◄VG► Rebellious 24. heinä, 2013 15.58 
i pressed download and nothing happend,i cant enjoy this with the errors it has,for now im unsubbing.
sonicstingray 23. heinä, 2013 21.05 
The missing content fix, which folder does that go into?
{Festive} Anyoldname 21. heinä, 2013 1.59 
Best campaign ive played so far. The forest of errors was hillarious
SUPER MANG!™ 16. heinä, 2013 18.28 
once again, the protheans show their wits and make us humans look even more like primitives then ever before.
Motanum  [tekijä] 16. heinä, 2013 15.14 
Thanks for the info javik!
#GamerGate Shane 16. heinä, 2013 12.13 
For those experiencing missing models, Valve are to blame not the creator, they removed some assets from Cold Stream that were unsourced. To get them back you need to download this:

SUPER MANG!™ 7. heinä, 2013 6.27 
when i made it to the finale and i had escaped and saw the forest of ERRORS.... oh god no. no more please. good map though very fun.
TheVrilWolf 3. heinä, 2013 17.05 
its an ok map i found it quite a challenge havent made it to the end yet i got to the top of the dam i did see a load of big red error blocks around
#GamerGate Shane 26. kesä, 2013 15.14 
A really good map pack overall, only comment would be that the difficulty of the final run could do some tweaking. As AI players seem really slow to climb ladders if you play in SP mode you end up leaving them behind a bit too quickly, could also do with more ammo pickups. Otherwise however the rest of the campaign was very good
=JFF=Psychotic 16. kesä, 2013 7.18 
great map to play could use some more props and detais , but very nice and certainly not easy .
great challenge to finish this map. my favorite campaign.
Gretel MK II 14. kesä, 2013 13.29 
eh needs more props and details
Shadow Dash 13. kesä, 2013 21.23 
favorite campaign make a seaqul
TigerDion (Qc) 12. kesä, 2013 22.48 
Great job on the campaign, interesting layout, lots of nice places for hordes etc but it glitched at the end for me, like the moment i overheat the reactors it tells me to go to the helicopter but the fences were still there and zombies came through it from the ground ×.×