Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

A Dam Mission
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Zako Mk.II 30. syys 5.45 
This map needs Valve's Missing Content Fix to make it works well, becaurse it's a old map.

Valve's Missing Content Fix

still a good map but need some description.
Democratic_Socialism 23. elo 9.57 
It crashed again right before the finale ended. Since you claim to no longer give a shit about this map, I'm gonna unsubscribe and downvote this map.
Democratic_Socialism 22. elo 21.28 
This map crashed twice - once when I changed my video settings and another during the credits. But other than that, the forest of errors, and the rockets that result in instant death, this map is actually pretty well done. Despite looking very beautiful, it's very well optimized since I normally experience poor performance for custom maps with the l4d2 survivors (other exceptions being that of RMS Titanic, ToyZ, and 2019).
人民的达康 20. elo 2.47 
this is an awsome map,the plot is exactly what I want it to be.To get to the extration point is not a easy task.By following the orders that given by the pilot,the survivors get to the extration point eventually.I am in favor of the idea that elevator broke down halfway and we had to clim the ladders to the top platform and take the helicopter to complete the mission.Anyway,I haven't played such a thrilling and advertural map for a long time,thx man!
WeedIndeed 6. elo 14.10 
Cuphead 15. heinä 12.12 
this will be cool awsam and good
DORGAS 18. kesä 10.04 
Um ótimo mapa mais para min toda hora aparece ERROR , tirando isso ficou muito bom o mapa ! Like.

A great map, but for me every hour appears ERROR, taking away this was very good the map! Like.
oh hell yeah i @)#(#^!%#^ LOVE! this map
deafy. 15. touko 5.59 
very weak and bugged
PSG Neymar 7. touko 13.27 
Spawn of the special infected are bugged. Tanks Hitbox and animation is bugged.. how fun. Let alone the one bot i was playing with, bugged at the End and is incapable of using the stairs in the last Chapter. Fix this Map and then maybe, it will actualyl be fun.
sinkill79 22. huhti 9.11 
like how they had the guy talking instand of just taking it off something like a lot of maps do.
kor_ehdtjfwkd 8. huhti 6.11 
그냥이맵쓰레기다...렉오질나개걸리고 지멋대로팅김-_-그냥쓰레기
erc493 21. helmi 14.01 
good work
IdioticGamer24 16. helmi 0.37 
but it was good except for the floating text
IdioticGamer24 16. helmi 0.37 
i see alot of areas where you can die alot and crashed when riding the elevator in the finale
Major Mozzer 6. helmi 21.54 
Major Mozzer 6. helmi 21.54 
Whoever on the dev team though putting up floating red text was a good idea should be smacked over the head with a phone book.
咱是咱啊(关) 3. helmi 1.10 
nice maps!
Lunacy 26. tammi 21.48 
1.5/5, error models, too many insta-death areas
SexyRedneck 15. tammi 9.01 
Hey guys for the errors there is a mod called missing objects fix. basicallly fixed the errors on there
AirbornE_RazoR 1. marras, 2016 17.09 
but the map was good thoe i give u that
AirbornE_RazoR 1. marras, 2016 17.08 
ERROR forest down there XD
HUGGLESGAMERGIRL DA PYRO 17. syys, 2016 18.00 
RahXephon 23. elo, 2016 22.43 
⚡V0ltag3⚡ 11. elo, 2016 23.14 
i see errors
NoobGod [NGTV] 5. elo, 2016 20.19 
ขอบคุณครับแมพสวยจริงๆครับ หิหิ
Bitch Pudding 27. huhti, 2016 18.00 
Good map. Why does it switch to Expert mode after every chapter load?
PsionicArchon 7. huhti, 2016 23.35 
I'll sum up the events of this map. Push a button, listen to sub par voice acting, run through the horde.

There you go. Saved you a good hour. Much like 90% of the custom maps for this game it's an endless gauntlet. I don't know if this is done with versus in mind but, it's unoriginal and boring as alll hell.

I wish I could tell you what the map looked like. I was knee deep in common infected the entire time.
NKFR_BG 4. huhti, 2016 11.09 
MrPancakeMan | Mr _GLiTcH_ 11. maalis, 2016 20.44 
I was sent here by the Guide: Top 50 Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaigns
Hunter 5. maalis, 2016 14.10 
bad really bad level errors to hard :/
fatputtycat 4. helmi, 2016 9.47 
So you gave up on the map? Why? Would you be okay if someone else continued work on the mod?
[ϟM.P.Gϟ]Fedora[YT] 24. tammi, 2016 3.09 
its nice
Biały 23. joulu, 2015 0.46 
Rockman9x 13. syys, 2015 3.04 
This is a great map but when i finished the map, my game crashed
Homuya [GER] 26. heinä, 2015 4.03 
"i know theres lots of error why???"

Map/Campaign is one of the best I've played :3
Keep it up ^.^
Gir 11. heinä, 2015 15.12 
iOnlyBeast 20. kesä, 2015 21.00 
Pretty well designed. I recommend it
Bar Bar Jinx 18. maalis, 2015 0.59 
first steam comment
Bar Bar Jinx 18. maalis, 2015 0.40 
sup my ppl
Liam [XS-C] 8. maalis, 2015 3.28 
i know theres lots of error why???
Salty Dad 1. maalis, 2015 7.26 
really cool map,alot of tanks and action,and the end was the best
Motanum  [tekijä] 23. helmi, 2015 10.01 
Because Valve decided to remove some content they didnt use in their official maps, without considering many custom maps out there made use of them
Yakuza MerkServbot(Sleeping) 23. helmi, 2015 7.24 
Why so many Errors?
Tema 4. helmi, 2015 11.12 
Eventual Canaan 8. tammi, 2015 0.50 
pretty interesting :P
ハンターちゃんᅝᅝ 3. tammi, 2015 18.44 
pobres de los que tenian audifonos y reproducieron el video :'v
Slammus 1. tammi, 2015 20.24 
this is the worst map i have ever played.
gollywog hunter 8. marras, 2014 22.38 
Hey mate, I've downloaded the add-ons and put them in what I believe to be the right folder, could you either;

a) specify which folder it is meant to go in (I am on a Macintosh)


b) provide a reason as to why it is not working (e.g. the files aren't OSX compatible)