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Left 4 Dead 2

-Helms Deep- Reborn
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TommGunn | SkinHub.com 3 saat önce 
ummmm i got 37 min on it... did i win
Yoko Littner 21 Kas @ 8:22 
Dark 19 Kas @ 9:12 
仙子饶命 18 Kas @ 5:04 
xCrack3rR 18 Kas @ 3:20 
Very good map
Desgarrador 15 Kas @ 17:02 
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 14 Kas @ 16:19 
Try joining public games then, it can also be fun and you can make new friends this way. I just joined a random public game and we managed to reach the end of the map.
WolfenScorp 14 Kas @ 15:26 
it would be fun with friends if i had any. :(
WYWS|Suzy 14 Kas @ 11:01 
fun with friends
味增汤拉面 14 Kas @ 2:30 
six six six
橘子 10 Kas @ 19:01 
Tkche 7 Kas @ 22:01 
como puedo jugarlo el mapa ya me suscribi
SantaAna 6 Kas @ 15:55 
Increible mapa, sonido y tipo de juego felicidades me encanto!
Bouniter 4 Kas @ 13:03 

Thanks very much for your response having just launched it and played it again and changing nothing at all it's working as intended.

The other day when I was trying to get it running I was getting infinite ammo on my own local server (no special server just the base one you can run from in the game no add ons or anything). And me and other players where getting infinite ammo on another players local server.

So I'm honestly not sure what happened at all. The only thing I can think of was that I was at first trying to join a best available dedicated server but due to the version differences I couldn't get it run maybe I ran into that bug you mentioned without even loading into the server its self. and the other guys local server was just a strange coincidence.

Thanks for the quick response though and I look forward to some serious nostalgia playing this map as intended.
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 4 Kas @ 12:32 
I just did a quick test on my local server and I don't have unlimited ammo. I agree, it totally destroys the challenge. Are you experiencing the same issue when playing other maps? Are you sure you don't have any other addons (or server plugins) installed causing it?

You could try verifying integrity of game cache. If that doesn't help I would probably delete the game and then manually delete any remaining files in the L4D2 folder, then install the game again.
If that doesn't do the trick then experiment a bit by joining different servers to see if the settings change on your local server. I know there is a bug when you join a modded dedicated server it can sometimes transfer the settings to your local server.
Bouniter 4 Kas @ 10:31 
Just wanted to know why we have infinite grenades and ammo on this map now even when playing on a local server. Its totally destoryed any challenge and fun that this great map previously had, whats going on?

If this was a planed change is there anywhere I can get my hands on the older versions?
ashenone 4 Kas @ 3:51 
Arnolf Sarcifoune 2 Kas @ 10:41 
誓死要娶久祭 2 Kas @ 5:50 
Hack GU 1 Kas @ 17:00 
How to fix the error "Map does not match the version on the server (String table differs)":
In the lobby select "Local server" instead of "Dedicated server" since the server you are trying to connect to doesn't have the latest version.
chemza 1 Kas @ 16:07 
Hey, when I try to load this map, it says map does not match the version on the server (string table differs) is there a way to fix this?
Acat 1 Kas @ 7:21 
★NightEagle★ 1 Kas @ 5:53 
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 30 Eki @ 0:56 
Try disabling other addons you have installed if medkits do not spawn. You can find more suggestions here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572115493097/
Josheph 29 Eki @ 14:08 
Is health kit suppose to not spawn in Helms Deep though 'cause every other survival map has health kit but I can't find them in this one.
Josheph 29 Eki @ 8:48 
Wow the commitment
Kira Yagami [λ] 29 Eki @ 8:23 
Nice :D
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 29 Eki @ 7:27 
Another update has been released!

You can read about the changes done here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/312265672106686211/
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 29 Eki @ 3:07 
Just tested a random official survival map and medkits did spawn for me. Are you sure you don't have any other addons installed causing the problem?
You can read about the quick match removal for survival mode in the changelog of version 24 (Beta).
Josheph 28 Eki @ 15:19 
Is this mod suppose to remove first aid from survival maps ? 'cause first aid kit don't spawn anymore when enable this addon. Also it apperantly remove (I think) quick start or quick play button survival mode.

And that sounds amazing. I do hope this map gets more populated in the future. Maybe even add a few minor touches. Nonetheless, you did a nice job on the place and I loved it. I wanted to make a massive versus map in a dark maze with only your flashlight as light source. But that would take awhile. Lol.
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 28 Eki @ 9:42 
The reason why it is the way it currently is is because the game crashes for many players and servers lag a lot (bad server ping), so you can't really have that many npcs on the screen at once.

Although some years ago I created a simple elven npc that automatically fired any enemies within a range and then copy pasted the npc and had like 30-40 of them on the deeping wall and a bunch behind the wall and then I doubled the amount of common infected and had armored zombies as well (riot uncommon infected). It could be done again, but have it temporary for say a week or two, to let people experience it.
Wish you could add A LOT more bots there and main the HEAVY guns like Lois bot does. With 4 slots of Players and a couple of bots, it's.. sad to see such a handful against a massive horde. I do hope you add more bots that main the guns. :)
blwhblehbleh59 26 Eki @ 6:27 
匿名者Ays 26 Eki @ 3:50 
Mein Schnitzel 23 Eki @ 13:35 
It never let my friends and I play together
TheToast 23 Eki @ 12:47 
gr8 m8
bit 2 ez though
曾几何时梦醒 23 Eki @ 4:25 
Meltman 21 Eki @ 16:36 
Just getting back into Left 4 Dead after a few years, so while it was obviously a much earlier version I can honestly say my best memory of this game was playing this map. Glad to see it's still here.
Bean 21 Eki @ 4:06 
SeriouS_Samurai  [yaratıcı] 21 Eki @ 2:19 
To play the map simply follow the steps here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572115493097/
半碗粥丶 20 Eki @ 21:40 
Bean 20 Eki @ 20:10 
how to play this map ?
Soldier of Peace 20 Eki @ 3:08 
muy divertido:p
EmeiJay 18 Eki @ 21:38 
LaFerrari 17 Eki @ 3:43 
Looks cool
热心市民 16 Eki @ 4:47 
The Corinthian 15 Eki @ 3:36 
LOVE THIS MAP SO MUCH!!!!! Are you going to make another like it? like from the third hobbit