Left 4 Dead 2
-Helms Deep- Reborn
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CambroNZ 3 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
Hi I subscribed and have it active in my addons, and it loads into the starting part where i pick my weapons, however when I exit castle part and start the round, within seconds the whole L4D2 game crashes taking me back to my desktop, with some error message about Error_commoninfected.femaletop/ blah blah blah or something like that. Anyone else have this problem?
乡aDkJ' 12 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
Make second version :/
LCcoro 22 ม.ค. @ 8:35am 
vrey good
T丶bing 21 ม.ค. @ 3:46am 
xxskullxfirexx 20 ม.ค. @ 1:42pm 
this just crashes my game
雪乃、 20 ม.ค. @ 4:49am 

Fish 20 ม.ค. @ 2:43am 
I know that this may have been asked multiple times but is there a way to extend the player limit to 8? I've search for servers but they all have a ping of >400ms...
lluhgg 18 ม.ค. @ 10:16pm 
AD执法官 17 ม.ค. @ 8:10pm 
good map
sharikov 17 ม.ค. @ 4:08pm 
jesus christ this is hard
J.P. 17 ม.ค. @ 12:24pm 
He cannot host the music files here. Check out the install guide
Colonel McShizzle 15 ม.ค. @ 3:37pm 
Aww, where'd the music go? I have a version 23 sitting on my drive that seems to have it, but it's missing now.
J.P. 15 ม.ค. @ 12:03pm 
Did you set up a survival lobby? It's greyed out on other game modes.
∴ Son of Orgrimmar ∴ 15 ม.ค. @ 11:04am 
Cant play it with my friend, the map is grayed out when im trying to set up a lobby? What's wrong am i missing some addons?
Mr.Jox 13 ม.ค. @ 9:13am 
@seriouS_Samurai, has anyone yet reported this: bots after defibrilating them don't pick any weapons. I actually never seen bots to take ammo neither. Fix this annoying bug please because after defibrilating bots they become useless as they simply follows you with melee weapon in hand.
Lasagn3 13 ม.ค. @ 9:09am 
SeriouS_Samurai  [ผู้สร้าง] 13 ม.ค. @ 2:59am 
A new update has been released!
- The Beta will now continue as version 25 (Beta). This is mainly because the changelog of version 24 (Beta) has become very long so a version number update is necessary. The error "string table differs" should now be less of a problem, for starters, since many servers were far from up to date with the latest update of version 24 (Beta).

- All players' survival record (time) has been reset to 0.

- Fixed the glitchy spot above the door that can be opened near the side of the gate (Added a perfectly aligned invisible wall (ramp design) which will make players slide down the door when trying to jump up on top of it after it has been opened).

- Every second matters:

a) Tweaked when one of the messages is set to appear in the chat at the end.

b) Zoey lives 1 sec longer.

c) The game ends 1 sec earlier after Gandalf appears.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the !donator chat command (secret melee weapon).
Forgotten Syrup 12 ม.ค. @ 9:40pm 
i'm having an issue where it's trying to force consistency of the map it's self even though I have it installed.
クトリ・ノタ・セニオリス 11 ม.ค. @ 10:40pm 
Ace Trainer Joey 9 ม.ค. @ 9:46pm 
This was amazing, really the only map that made survival fun. I felt really good after beating it, though it took me the better part of my night and a LOT of babying the bots.
Mental_Ash 9 ม.ค. @ 12:01am 
Legolas is a cold hearted son of a bish. He just stands there watching as we die. Like he gets off on it.
jdpho99 8 ม.ค. @ 8:10am 
🐔 Chikin 🐔 7 ม.ค. @ 9:01pm 
the best L4D2 map ever created
InfiDim42 7 ม.ค. @ 2:40pm 
anyone tried playing versus survival with this map?
ill love to play this map versus survival but nobody wants to play :/
553914407 6 ม.ค. @ 7:42am 
Orlando 6 ม.ค. @ 7:29am 
good map
DarkDemonix 5 ม.ค. @ 6:46pm 
It won't show up no matter what I do, stated I need Helms Deep Reborn (24)
Reaperhdh20 5 ม.ค. @ 11:31am 
Good job with this map guys
normal2338 5 ม.ค. @ 9:51am 
i cant run this game when i go to the singleplayer and choose from steam workshop i cant click on it.
Yesterday I Ask You #YIAY! 4 ม.ค. @ 11:26pm 
My computer cant run this map... IDK why
SeriouS_Samurai  [ผู้สร้าง] 4 ม.ค. @ 11:15am 
Over 900 000 current subscribers! :)
Max 4 ม.ค. @ 10:30am 
Un mod plutôt cool.
Kira 3 ม.ค. @ 11:17am 
donde consigo mods para las armar y los infectados.''?? :"v
Bart 3 ม.ค. @ 10:41am 
only reason i play this game
莫问天涯 3 ม.ค. @ 7:15am 
CROWhUNT 3 ม.ค. @ 6:45am 
no lo puedo jugar >:v
0503hj 3 ม.ค. @ 4:47am 
阿阿阿阿阿司匹林 2 ม.ค. @ 5:41pm 
Nipplesofjustice 2 ม.ค. @ 8:10am 
O hai mark 1 ม.ค. @ 7:45pm 
i had so much fun playing this mod, thank you for making this.
SirGoKuBlue_ 1 ม.ค. @ 4:03pm 
luisanto34 1 ม.ค. @ 2:31pm 
The Fragrance of Dark Coffee 31 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 1:31pm 
Awesome, still updated to this day? AMAZING!
SeriouS_Samurai  [ผู้สร้าง] 31 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 12:32pm 
poonareff 31 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 5:50am 
will you guys update it anymore?
笑天应有情 31 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 5:41am 
six six six six six
ZXZ 31 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 2:07am 
is this a new map?
Dark Ghost 30 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 11:18pm 
Could you change loading image to old one if you don't mind? I think the old one is look more cooler and feels more very tense XD that thousnds of uruk-hies standing front of the castle on night
[G.G] The magic gardener 29 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 11:15pm 
good :D
LordChaka 29 ธ.ค. 2017 @ 9:50pm 
ola mama xd lol