Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

-Helms Deep- Reborn
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Cloroxbleach85 3 月 22 日 7:24 PM 
/▌ ︻╦╤--
aiouh 3 月 22 日 5:01 PM 
Hey Author, just a question, did you use to map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? It has a very similar feel to a custom map I played ages ago
ListenOverRain 3 月 20 日 11:15 PM 
Very perfict map and items !
pcmedicFTW 3 月 15 日 1:59 PM 
Thanks for da map so good
P.S. sorry for bad english
Mentally Retarded 3 月 12 日 4:44 PM 
Such an amazing map. Thanks for the fun man.
Noubexxx 3 月 11 日 12:30 PM 
Thanks for that update :happymeat: !
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 3 月 11 日 11:56 AM 
An update has just been released!
- All chat commands (!hidekills, !showkills, !teleportbot and !donator) now appear in a chat message when you start the survival timer.

- Changed the entity name, the description and the chat message of the lever which turns off custom music since there is no custom music included and players themselves can add their own music using separate addons.

- Zoey should now stand next to the ammo pile found after the burning hay bale after you need to fall back (rather than standing on top of the ammo pile preventing players from taking ammo).
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 3 月 11 日 11:56 AM 
- The 2 grenade launchers in the armory will no longer appear at the start. They will appear when you retreat into the keep. This is to prevent players from using the grenade launcher glitch to jump very high and skip sections of the map (This glitch can also be done on official maps if there is a grenade launcher. Will Valve ever fix the grenade launcher glitch?). In addition, moved the AWP and Scout to where the grenade launchers were and the grenade launchers have been moved next to the laser sight in the armory.
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 3 月 11 日 11:55 AM 
- Fixed the new HUD icon of the hatchet melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of Sting not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of the sword and shield melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed some items clipping through other items and objects. In addition, fixed some items floating above the ground.

- Chat messages by the map now use 2 stars rather than 3.
Example: ** Defend the gate! **
Arguments why this has been changed: It becomes easier to read, becomes more optimized and less spammy in the chat and in the console for players and server operators. This also reduces the chance of the chat messages being cut off when playing on a local server when the host has a long name.
花山湾一霸 3 月 10 日 7:28 AM 
I am chinese i like this map
OooooohuangZ 3 月 10 日 4:27 AM 
Vulture Sight 3 月 9 日 4:54 PM 
ThERe iS nO mErChAnDiSE 3 月 9 日 4:05 PM 
Best map in l4d2,ty for the update
voice [RUS] 3 月 8 日 10:17 AM 
it's werry-werry nice map!! :cupup:
Ricardo.M.Lu 3 月 8 日 4:24 AM 
Nice Works
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 3 月 4 日 11:29 AM 
Another update has been released.
- Tweaked the tonemap settings.
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 3 月 3 日 3:57 AM 
A new update has been released.
- Introducing 3 new HUD icons for melee weapons made by greenhood! (see list below):

a) Added a new HUD icon for the hatchet melee weapon which is up-to-date with the current graphics of the melee weapon and as a result looks much better.

b) Added a new HUD icon for Sting which is up-to-date with the current graphics of the magical melee weapon, it is also of higher quality.

c) Added a new HUD icon for the sword and shield melee weapon. It is refreshing and it is also more optimized so the file size has been reduced.
❤ Binkleton ❤ 2 月 28 日 4:44 AM 
coupdepot 2 月 26 日 7:10 PM 
the Grim Reaper 2 月 26 日 4:29 AM 
chauchat1518 2 月 24 日 2:34 AM 
so cool
iamcarlisle 2 月 24 日 12:01 AM 
达尔i 2 月 23 日 4:22 AM 
vone 2 月 22 日 11:29 PM 
Xx_SMOKER_xX 2 月 20 日 9:06 PM 
best map of all
Mikko Cyprien 2 月 18 日 4:44 PM 
This is amazing
Demo The Man 2 月 18 日 8:51 AM 
Most Subbed L4D2 mod on steam workshop. Congrats. :tank:
super ‡│Mä†hìä§ 2 月 17 日 4:09 PM 
Muy buen juego
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 2 月 16 日 3:23 AM 
A new update has just been released! You can find the changelog of version 25 (Beta) here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/2595630410179488155/
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 2 月 9 日 3:06 PM 
Another update has been released!
- Deleted the custom script which automatically deleted grenade launchers when they had 0 ammo left. The script made grenade launchers less useful, it's better with the default setting because you're able to grab explosive- and incendiary ammo when you have 0 ammo left. Another reason why I deleted the grenade launcher script is because it made the experience too advanced but also unrealistic.

- Rayman1103 has updated a few VSLib files which fixes some bugs. No bugs directly tied to Helm's Deep Reborn but just to keep VSLib up-to-date and ready for any more future updates which might require the use of VSLib.
BOT Shark 2 月 7 日 5:53 AM 
nice map
kulaVR 2 月 6 日 6:21 AM 
Crux 1 月 31 日 8:37 AM 
good map
Bluedrake 1 月 29 日 1:12 AM 
Wow this is so good :)
Саша 1 月 27 日 10:47 AM 
omg top in the world map!!!! 100\100!!! 35 min surv. +rep!!!!!!
cars3 1 月 25 日 11:53 PM 
ジョジョドルの暗殺教 1 月 24 日 5:39 AM 
It's really fun.:steamhappy:
lluhgg 1 月 18 日 10:16 PM 
AD执法官 1 月 17 日 8:10 PM 
good map
krtek2k 1 月 13 日 9:09 AM 
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 1 月 13 日 2:59 AM 
A new update has been released!
- The Beta will now continue as version 25 (Beta). This is mainly because the changelog of version 24 (Beta) has become very long so a version number update is necessary. The error "string table differs" should now be less of a problem, for starters, since many servers were far from up to date with the latest update of version 24 (Beta).

- All players' survival record (time) has been reset to 0.

- Fixed the glitchy spot above the door that can be opened near the side of the gate (Added a perfectly aligned invisible wall (ramp design) which will make players slide down the door when trying to jump up on top of it after it has been opened).

- Every second matters:

a) Tweaked when one of the messages is set to appear in the chat at the end.

b) Zoey lives 1 sec longer.

c) The game ends 1 sec earlier after Gandalf appears.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the !donator chat command (secret melee weapon).
Joey 1 月 9 日 9:46 PM 
This was amazing, really the only map that made survival fun. I felt really good after beating it, though it took me the better part of my night and a LOT of babying the bots. :cupup::veryafraid:
Chikin 1 月 7 日 9:01 PM 
the best L4D2 map ever created
553914407 1 月 6 日 7:42 AM 
Scorpion 1 月 6 日 7:29 AM 
good map
Reaperhdh20 1 月 5 日 11:31 AM 
Good job with this map guys:steamhappy:
SeriouS_Samurai  [作者] 1 月 4 日 11:15 AM 
Over 900 000 current subscribers! :)
Kira 1 月 3 日 11:17 AM 
donde consigo mods para las armar y los infectados.''?? :"v
ginger faggot retard 1 月 3 日 10:41 AM 
only reason i play this game
O hai mark 1 月 1 日 7:45 PM 
i had so much fun playing this mod, thank you for making this.