Left 4 Dead 2
-Helms Deep- Reborn
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SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] hace 5 horas 
Francis and Zoey go for items, this is the main reason why the explosive ammo is already deployed in the armory, there used to be an easy way to make the L4D1 bots block the part of the deeping wall that explodes by deploying the explosive ammo there. Louis is different, he goes for the nearest mounted machine gun where he spawns.
Francis and Zoey get debugged since I force the map to teleport them a few times to the location where I want them to stand (which is furthest away from the stairs that you use to fall back around 7 mins).
The L4D1 bots can be unpredictable and they're certainly not going to walk around a corner to save you from a smoker or hunter. I would like to see Zoey as a normal bot that follows and heals players etc. but Valve would need to merge the L4D2 Beta with the main game for that to happen.
mudkipz666 hace 9 horas 
This is an incredible map. I don't even generally play survival as a rule, but this was so good that it even gets me to play a mode I hate - let that be a testament to how good it is.

I have a question, though, to either the mod author or to anyone else: I've noticed a couple of times one of the L4D1 bots (namely Zoey) will run off to the lefthand side of the first wall. I can't figure out what makes that trigger (she was following a particular player I had in my lobby). No matter how many times *I* have gone over to that side, nothing I do seems to make her go over there - which is a shame, because I've often found the best opennings I've had to this have been when I split the L4D1 bots up like that, getting a more even field of fire over that wall. Is there anyway to forcibly trigger this? Or is it just a random fluke/glitch?
Jack hace 16 horas 
So amazing when you get to the end and fight your way to gandalf with the sun rising.
萌到晕Crazy hace 17 horas 
I like
Cruz or Jews hace 18 horas 
Allahu Akbar
Sharp BriaN hace 21 horas 
It says "server is enforcing vpk file helms deep." when I try to play with my friend :C
Kenzi21™ 22 de jul. a las 10:56 
no medkit wtf? :D but thx mate this map is awesome :D
m0nk 22 de jul. a las 10:03 
ive sub'd 2years ago. but nowadays it dont show up ingame somewhere , do i have to install a new version somehow or something ?
Doomguy 22 de jul. a las 5:45 
Well done m8
K N ][ F E 21 de jul. a las 22:26 
is there anyway we could get access to v23 until the servers are updated to v24?
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 21 de jul. a las 8:13 
Still players complaining that the map is too hard. Most recent public games I've played people go afk, don't use their medkit/pills, they teamkill, they flame and votekick each other. I have been thinking about reducing tanks health by say 100 or maybe 200 to make it slightly easier.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 20 de jul. a las 12:08 
External vpk with World of Warcraft music for the map if anyone wants to try: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727452642
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 20 de jul. a las 2:18 
Next Beta update today will be: Charger damage reduced from 7 to 5. Chat message "The horses have gone rampage" -> "The horses have gone on a rampage" pointed out by someone as a grammar mistake. Make the fortresss look more like the movie (delete detail of iron bar in armory) + less clutter in the chat at the start.
Version 24 (Beta) changelog: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572119221917/
☕BONUS DUCKS☕ 19 de jul. a las 16:22 
Map crashes :c
Penta 19 de jul. a las 12:57 
fuck yea its back!
∑ Ɫ И † Ѧ 19 de jul. a las 9:53 
-_- Nice
Nick Cage 19 de jul. a las 8:12 
Nick Cage 19 de jul. a las 8:11 
I love the map doot!
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 19 de jul. a las 7:22 
Helm's Deep Reborn v.24 (Beta) is now also on Gamemaps. It's an attempt to make Helm's Deep Reborn on the Steam Workshop compatible with Helm's Deep Reborn on Gamemaps.
Players should be allowed to choose where they want to download Helm's Deep Reborn from and be able to play with other players and friends. The problem would just be the consistency error but I'm hoping there is a way to fix it. This will also be a perfect time to test around with external music vpks.
Muffins the Dog 18 de jul. a las 16:40 
What's the name of the soundtrack?
superamirx 18 de jul. a las 13:06 
Cute Engineer 18 de jul. a las 11:30 
venturiantale played this map yay!!!!
It's a Cat 17 de jul. a las 20:33 
@A Difficulty Tweak Yea, it does end.

@Polyester Amazing end!
Red Eagle 31 17 de jul. a las 20:25 
A Difficulty Tweak 17 de jul. a las 17:55 
Is this possible to win?
I mean, barring an early death, does this map have an end?
Polyester™ 17 de jul. a las 16:20 
How the fuck is this a campain?
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 17 de jul. a las 9:16 
@Red Eagle 31 Yes and the famous Sting- and Anduril swords from the films. There is also a hatchet and the knife from counter strike source.
Red Eagle 31 17 de jul. a las 9:09 
does the sword and shield come with this mod
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 17 de jul. a las 7:50 
@Quackers Not sure what you mean but I've made it more clear which version this is now, it should display "Helm's Deep Reborn v.24 (Beta)" in-game now with the update I just released.
fuckoffwalter 17 de jul. a las 6:34 
my bad it said no od servers found. the other message i got was from trying to join a game
fuckoffwalter 17 de jul. a las 6:28 
i can play it on a local server but if i try od server it says somthing like this map does not match the current version of the server. idk ill fek around with it some more.
Byuru 16 de jul. a las 18:49 
Quackers 16 de jul. a las 15:48 
wheres the actual verison? i see some people playing the .23
Frenzzi 16 de jul. a las 15:20 
well apart from getting raped
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 16 de jul. a las 15:19 
@MEMESTAR Glad you like it! Let me know if there is something that you actually don't like about it or if there is something you wish to see added.
Frenzzi 16 de jul. a las 14:15 
窝窝头 16 de jul. a las 5:34 
las 15 de jul. a las 20:17 
Survivial moded only
K1LROY 15 de jul. a las 15:06 
downloaded but cant play the game
NaWa 15 de jul. a las 12:07 
same problem like the dude under me:(
anonamy 15 de jul. a las 10:39 
Hey @SeriouS_Samurai when I click "play single player" then go to my add-ons the map isn't showing up at all. I have all my other add-ons not checked. Is this typical? Many thanks!
AkstaR_ 15 de jul. a las 5:20 
wanted to also question the usefulness of the knife, sword/knife and axe that are inside the armoury?>
AkstaR_ 15 de jul. a las 5:20 
thanks for you work!
ECH0 14 de jul. a las 22:55 
its way to dark when i start the game, like i cant even see my gun, anyone know how to fix this?
|B4ST4RDS| ¥uKiMu®a 14 de jul. a las 19:03 
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 14 de jul. a las 15:45 
@Panlew The last map Mordor needs more nav building (manually) and all the remaining few missing custom files need to be located and placed in the vpk (in other words all the tedious stuff remains). That would put the campaign in Beta, I would then adjust the item placements (Moria map already has perfect item placements so only Mordor would need adjustments) and then it would be complete. I will not be releasing it on the Steam Workshop, however, Gamemaps is up to something with their website (upcoming update) so that could possibly be the place to release some sort of limited release for those who are really interested.
Panlew 14 de jul. a las 14:11 
Is the LOTR campaign still being worked on?
♥ White Phosphorus Senpai ♥ 14 de jul. a las 7:44 
Alright, thank for the answer.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 14 de jul. a las 5:57 
@SilverToaster It would be fun with more than 4 players especially when playing Helm's Deep Reborn because there is so much open space and it has the respawn points (teleport dead players) so you don't end up bored spectating all the time. If it would be possible I think 5, max 6, players would actually be enough and the rest should be bots. The only way to play with more than 4 players is with server plugins unless Valve makes it possible some other way.
If the L4D2 Beta is merged with the main game it would be possible to make the current L4D1 bots in Helm's Deep Reborn act like normal bots (make them follow the players, heal others etc.). I would love to add Bill or maybe make Zoey as a normal bot. So it would be 4 players (playing as Rochelle, Nick, Coach and Ellis) + 1 extra normal bot (Bill or Zoey) + 2 or possibly 3 bots that stand still and don't take damage (Louis, Francis and possibly Zoey depending on which L4D1 bot is made to a normal bot)
anonamy 13 de jul. a las 20:50 
@SeriouS_Samurai thanks!!! Really looking forward to playing it!