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SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 18 godz. temu 
These changes have also been done:
- Deleted duplicate light_environment. Hoping that this might finally solve the issue as to why the map is too dark for some players, or at least narrow down the cause further.

- Tweaked the fog (see list below):

a) Fog in the map (env_fog_controller) now matches the values of the fog in the 3D skybox.

b) Lowered fog end values to better match far z clip plane.

c) Lowered fog density from 0.20 to 0.15 due to complaints that the map was too dark/hard to see.

You can find the full changelog here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572119221917/
{Myth] CreepyBatCat 22 Sie - 13:12 
what game mode is this to be played on? i cant find it,and if its on survival then it wont work
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 22 Sie - 6:17 
A new update will be released soon:
- Deleted func_breakables parented to most ammo piles and simplified the way ammo piles run out of ammo (optimization).

- Due to feedback that the fortress looks like it was built recently, that the fortress looks too clean, I've now increased the view distance of almost all overlays (dirt, stains, blood etc.) and models (campfires, dead bodies etc.) in the deeping wall area by 1000 and a few as high as 2000. In addition, a few overlays inside the Hornburg have been slightly repositioned to cover larger areas and their view distance has been increased by 100.

- Minor design change to make the fortress look more like it does in the movie: There is now a gap in the edge on the inner wall of the Hornburg.
GraciasDarius 20 Sie - 23:19 
Telluric 20 Sie - 20:03 
Anivers 20 Sie - 9:15 
string tables differs
阿苏 20 Sie - 8:59 
(๑• . •๑)
1041235896 20 Sie - 8:31 
Tarbolin 19 Sie - 12:51 
"String tables differs"
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 19 Sie - 9:19 
I just released an update! You can read about the changes here:
cancer 18 Sie - 18:00 
mate i cant even go in the survival gamemode while i have this installed, can someone help :(
Carry me senpai!!! 17 Sie - 4:24 
11 minutes and we're fucked

SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 16 Sie - 0:53 
If you can't play the map/game not working you could try the suggestions here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572115493097/
JacobSartoriusEatsPoop 14 Sie - 16:05 
its back!!!!
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 14 Sie - 7:12 
@Pie Man
It's not supposed to be easy, I have intentionally made it impossible to win alone because I want everyone to share the map with their friends and use communication, teamwork to win. There is no "Single player" option for Survival mode in the main menu, it's a co-op game. You are able to survive at least 10 minutes alone in Helm's Deep Reborn and by that time another player would have most likely joined if you've set the game to public and/or sent out invites to friends. You will be disappointed when you find out that the upcoming "The Lord of the Rings campaign" can't be beaten alone either, even on difficulty set to easy, because bots can't do what players can do. However, if you're reading the changelogs of the Helm's Deep Reborn updates you can see that it's getting easier and I would also like to make Zoey a normal bot that follows the survivors which would be really fun.
AndraqSoPro 13 Sie - 20:54 
Game Isnt working, It is saying String Table Differs
lolzdude543 13 Sie - 19:53 
WHat the fuck, I cant play this map, WTF!
Pie Man 13 Sie - 17:22 
As it stands now, with AI it’s virtually impossible to beat by yourself, and that is incredibly frustrating. Teleporting the bots doesn't fix this issue, the AI doesn't know how to use the melee weapons, it results in unwinable situations. That's simply not fair. When I die, it’s almost always because the AI doesn't know what to do. You say, "playing with bots is never a good idea" and this is true, but If I’m playing alone, the level should be designed with enough versatility to handle any situation. If you were afraid of people being too powerful because of the whole unlimited ammo thing, why not just use the deagle? Its more powerful but it has a lot less ammo than 30. It also isn’t ideal when compared to a melee weapon that could save you in a horde. Honestly I think adding at least 2 of them instead of 1 would help prevent these AI issues greatly. I love playing this map, but this issue was the biggest thing I thought could be improved.

SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 13 Sie - 9:28 
@Pie Man
If Valve deleted the part of the script for survival mode that gives all survivors an extra pistol (so that the survivors start with 1 pistol instead of 2 like in campaign mode) then I would most likely delete the forced katana spawner at the start. Pistols have unlimited ammo which makes it too easy. When all survivors start with an extra pistol instead of being rewarded an extra pistol late game it makes it even easier and less rewarding. Experienced players would never use a melee weapon because you were able to hold some areas much longer with pistols. Melee combat has been made easier and more enjoyable with the removal of the motion blur, but playing with bots is never a good idea even on official maps, they're just there to follow you until another player joins because they can't even use most of the items such as defib, molotov etc. Helm's Deep Reborn has the !teleportbot chat command which is really useful when the bots get stuck etc.
Pie Man 13 Sie - 8:05 
I have not, I might try that next time. Also it seems like my first suggestion was deleted or missing for some reason, so I'll just say it again. Basically I think that players should spawn into the map with dual pistols, or at least have infinite pistols be available in the armory. Playing with AI is already frustrating, but when they literally cannot fight or do anything because they don't know how to use melee weapons it becomes incredibly frustrating. Thanks!
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 13 Sie - 8:01 
@Pie Man
Have you tried using the chat command !teleportbot
Pie Man 13 Sie - 8:00 
My first suggestion seems to be missing and i have no idea why. Was it deleted? o.o
Pie Man 13 Sie - 7:57 
Also I don't know if you can fix this but the pathfinding on the AI is HORRIBLE in the second section where you have to protect the gate. They dont help you shoot through the holes because they don't stand in the right spots, they don't pick up ammo when they are near it, and they take the longest routes possible when going ANYWHERE insisting on taking the ladders no matter where they need to go. It's really bad and is very frustrating. I don't know if you can fix that becuase its more an AI issue but if you can please do.
Bahpu# 13 Sie - 3:58 
@karomcho what is the error message
crashtastic1 12 Sie - 19:04 
i'm going to die
karomcho 12 Sie - 18:35 
doesn"t work i dont know why
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 12 Sie - 5:43 
The Lord of the Rings campaign (Pre-Beta) will be released on Gamemaps soon once they update their website. This will be the most epic campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. Created by Hannibal and developed by SeriouS_Samurai.
灰尘 12 Sie - 5:38 
Bahpu# 12 Sie - 3:39 
Bahpu# 12 Sie - 3:38 
Leonemeister you need to disbale mods that replace sniper textures
RyaNair 12 Sie - 2:32 
Sakuru 12 Sie - 0:55 
我去 就没有国人评论?
leonemeister 11 Sie - 16:07 
hi what does server is enforcing cosistency for file: addons_weapon_shiper.txt something like that
That guy 11 Sie - 12:11 
@Bahpu# when i start up (i turn of every singe mode besides this one) it says server is enforcing consistency for this file: addons/helms_drbeta.vpk u idiot
Bahpu# 11 Sie - 9:28 
@thatguy how about you state your problem idiot
That guy 11 Sie - 9:27 
doesnt work
The Dark 11 Sie - 8:07 
Hello what is the console name (map-) of this map please
Bahpu# 11 Sie - 2:31 
@[easy]the ice king
That message means you need to uninstall whatever texture replacements you have for a hulk player model
ThaHairGod 10 Sie - 15:35 
I am unable to play as it goes dark and then tells me it is unable to spawn.
[EASY] The Ice King 10 Sie - 11:57 
i cant play says inforcing file/ infected/hulk vwhen i try to start playin
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:17 
Okay.... Is there a possibility you could put more med kits in the map?
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 8 Sie - 10:16 
Spawning without medkits? That makes the map too hard and should not happen. You could try disabling (or deleting) other addons installed (campaigns and scripts) since they might be conflicting somehow and breaking the map.
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:16 
This is the most subscribed addon on the workshop congrats
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:13 
Okay man.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 8 Sie - 10:12 
I've deleted almost 2500 comments, pretty much all topics and replies in the discussions section and most information on my website. While my fingers hurt clicking delete on all those comments I don't want new players to get lost in comments that are 3 years old and basically don't help with any current issues. This will also make new comments and feedback stand out more.
WebRogue 8 Sie - 10:08 
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:03 
And could you also add more health kits to the map? I find it hard to beat only got 14 mins
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:02 
Serious_samurai When i host a local server me and my mates spawn without any health kits and the special commons such as jimmy gibs and the clowns dont appear, just common do you have any idea how to fix this?
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:01 
Bahpu# 8 Sie - 10:01 
Karpetbomb the bsp should be in your left4dead2 folder somewhere maybe under ad ons