Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

-Helms Deep- Reborn
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2909213775 10 tuntia sitten 
Shekelsworth 17 tuntia sitten 
oh that sucks, cant see why nobody used it
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 21 tuntia sitten 
The hatchet used to be a standalone addon but it barely had any subscribers, so I contacted greenhood and asked him if he wanted it to be added in Helm's Deep Reborn instead since it also fits perfectly in the map.
IGuYsL 25. helmi 8.04 
Shekelsworth 24. helmi 17.08 
can you make the axe in the spawn room a standalone addon? I can't find a good small axe that replaces the machete and fits my play theme. All the ones on the workshop right now look like the model is too big but the details are supposed to be small.
█TinyOfficial█ 24. helmi 14.41 
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 23. helmi 14.59 
"Play online" has not been deleted for survival mode, it must be some other addon which you have installed which does that. "Quick match" on the other hand was deleted for survival mode.
Here'sGhosty 23. helmi 14.31 
It glitches my survival so it wont show the options like "Play online" or "Quick match" n stuff is there a way to fix that?
Nataku 22. helmi 20.29 
soul singer lol
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 21. helmi 11.58 
It seems Valve just released an update for Left 4 Dead 2:

"An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. - Configuration files are no longer loaded from addon vpks. These configuration values were sometimes used for malicious purposes, and all changes remained in the user's local settings even after the addon was disabled or removed. When necessary, addon authors should inform users of any required configuration changes in the description on the workshop page."

I just did a quick test of Helm's Deep Reborn and nothing seems to have become broken in the map due to the update released by Valve. It seems only content in the "cfg folder" has been "blocked". Helm's Deep Reborn vpk doesn't even have a "cfg folder" nor has there ever been one so it's all good. It was for instance used to rebind keys and change settings, probably used to cheat as well.
The Mustard King 19. helmi 22.13 
The music wont work for some reason
Churritow_™ 19. helmi 16.38 
dank meme*
swirlyring78 19. helmi 15.09 
XD gust some nerds
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 19. helmi 4.19 
If you want to play the map click the green "+Subscribe" button above, then select "Survival" mode in the main menu in Left 4 Dead 2. You can find more details here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572115493097/
Danny Devito|Trade.tf 18. helmi 16.21 
st-kop 18. helmi 13.53 
how do i play on the map
逆天改命 17. helmi 5.47 
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 15. helmi 9.16 
A minor update has been released!
- Updated the Steam ID list for the !donator chat command (secret melee weapon).

- In addition, the separate vpk containing World of Warcraft music for the map has been updated.
kajnyCZ 14. helmi 11.18 
I cant hear music, where can be problem?
its make on the main menu,on realisem and on survival,is mean a few opitsh to be gone,fix its pls!
Chris 12. helmi 10.47 
Mr PistolPopper...
change game or die pls
♚chico2318♚™ 12. helmi 10.20 
+1 Mr PistolPopper the same problem
Sacred Myths 12. helmi 7.31 
only mod i have on workshop that continues to update. rest of em last updated in 2015 haha. Great work
Mr PistolPopper 12. helmi 3.08 
doesnt work says i have to download when i tried unsubsribing then subscribing again
♚chico2318♚™ 11. helmi 16.15 
Thanks SeriouS for the help. Im going to see if it works
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 11. helmi 14.12 
A new update has been released!
- Slightly increased reflection of the secret melee weapon to make it look better.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the !donator chat command (secret melee weapon).
(GTFOW) Masterwue 11. helmi 13.54 
Do you have anything to help with multiplayer?
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 11. helmi 13.47 
If you're having trouble getting it to work try following the instructions here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/357288572115493097/
♚chico2318♚™ 11. helmi 13.46 
I cant play. The game say i need to download
(GTFOW) Masterwue 11. helmi 13.35 
Please help i want to play this with some friends but the keep being kicked how can i fix this?
The Kill 10. helmi 7.09 
i got another gold medal thx
SeriouS_Samurai  [tekijä] 9. helmi 16.53 
@Hattori Hanzo
When playing the map open the chat and type "!teleportbot" (without the " ") to teleport bots to your location. This can only be done every 20 sec.
Hattori Hanzo 9. helmi 12.04 
Its fun but very difficult but probably because the bots keep going suicide off the wall lol
Forest ♛ 9. helmi 6.37 
Cute Pintinho 8. helmi 11.18 
same problem as pR3st0, this message keeps showing up after the loading screen and crashes to the main menu: "this map differs from the server'
pR3st0 8. helmi 6.06 
how can I fix "this map differs from the server''?
jabber 7. helmi 11.54 
i got to the part where you are forces to go forward ALMOST WON i think btw really like this map you did a great job :D
i have the problem "this map differs from the server''! How can i fix it?
Pro_Engi 7. helmi 6.32 
I remember there was once a map which had the mines of Moria,Minas Morgul and Mount Doom.I can't find it anywhere.Any ideas guys?
azgard9cz 7. helmi 1.19 
One of the best maps in workshop or even in the game
Falken 6. helmi 17.09 
Fantastic Map. It's still whipping our butts, but we are getting better!
certified bitch blaster 5. helmi 17.22 
Max.exe 5. helmi 3.16 
695,033 people have thiss map now? wow
29cm 4. helmi 18.33 
난 이거 실행이 안됌
梁非凡 4. helmi 3.22 
Boran ヅ 3. helmi 3.57 
Ben bunu nasıl tek oynicam amk
二五仔星空233 3. helmi 0.58 
ODYSSEY 2. helmi 0.25 
Бесит когда боты берут рукопашное оружие ( лучше пистолеты), а то бегут с рукопашкой на танка ( + тупят когда окружены зомбаками) и естественно огребают по полной.
CHEEKI-BREEKI 1. helmi 0.12 
"The bots refuse to pick up guns after you bring them and revive them using the lever to teleport dead players, they stand around doing nothing.

Is it possible to fix this?" - Yes, it is possible, find some friends. here's guide for ya http://www.succeedsocially.com/sociallife