Tranquil Plumed Turban
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Jimnor, Tranny Slayer Paladin 2013年8月9日 12時25分 
Gud mod
Astute  [作成者] 2013年1月26日 12時49分 
@Cereal Killer, No, I made it as a prop for the pictures.
TheElitistCamel 2013年1月26日 12時28分 
is there a hanbo in-game like the one in the picture?

or did you make it?
Buck 2013年1月25日 22時58分 
k thanks
Noble Cactus 2013年1月23日 3時13分 
@Buckley: Dark Cloud.
Buck 2013年1月23日 0時00分 
ok what game is this from? not to offend you with my ignorence
[FkT]Prawiak 2013年1月20日 7時53分 
very good

LooneytunesIV 2013年1月20日 7時41分 
Can you wear this hat whilst playing online?
Berry 2013年1月19日 5時31分 
I love the set (the Pyro one most).
Remagamer 2013年1月17日 19時26分 
Thanks. I'll give it a look. Your work is great, by the way!
Astute  [作成者] 2013年1月17日 18時26分 
@Milkman, That would be Dark Cloud, a unique RPG/Adventure game on the PS2.
Remagamer 2013年1月17日 17時58分 
What game is this from? My interest is piqued.
Astute  [作成者] 2013年1月17日 15時32分 
All right, I've uploaded a more flattering workshop image for the hat.
Jingle Jangle 2013年1月17日 15時12分 
The primary picture for this hat doesn't do it justice. Once you see it on the Soldier's head it lools quite a bit better. What's the deal with that rock lobster fella? Why does the soldier have a spear? So many questions. The Turban looks rather conservative. Perhaps for cartoonish reasons you should make it pile up a bit more. I see where you are going with it... exaggerate the features a bit more. Make it look like formal turban perhaps?
Astute  [作成者] 2013年1月17日 13時59分 
@A pack of badgers, Yeah, I know, I tried quite a few different shades and colors. It seems you can't really escape that look(since it is a coil). Now that I think about it though, I could use one of the hat's alternate colors instead.
i miss my mother 2013年1月17日 13時57分 
I agree with the guy below. Good hat though.
A pack of badgers 2013年1月17日 13時49分 
No offense, but the thumbnail makes it look like a (literal) pile of crap. I might suggest against that shade of brown.