Tranquil Plumed Turban
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JimnorRain, the Masketta Man 9 август 2013 в 12:25 следобед 
Gud mod
Astute  [автор] 26 януари 2013 в 12:49 следобед 
@Cereal Killer, No, I made it as a prop for the pictures.
Beesore, Cheesekek Connoisseur 26 януари 2013 в 12:28 следобед 
is there a hanbo in-game like the one in the picture?

or did you make it?
Buck 25 януари 2013 в 10:58 следобед 
k thanks
Noble Cactus 23 януари 2013 в 3:13 сутринта 
@Buckley: Dark Cloud.
Buck 23 януари 2013 в 12:00 сутринта 
ok what game is this from? not to offend you with my ignorence
[FkT]Mariacci 20 януари 2013 в 7:53 сутринта 
very good

LooneytunesIV 20 януари 2013 в 7:41 сутринта 
Can you wear this hat whilst playing online?
Berry🍁 19 януари 2013 в 5:31 сутринта 
I love the set (the Pyro one most).
Remagamer 17 януари 2013 в 7:26 следобед 
Thanks. I'll give it a look. Your work is great, by the way!
Astute  [автор] 17 януари 2013 в 6:26 следобед 
@Milkman, That would be Dark Cloud, a unique RPG/Adventure game on the PS2.
Remagamer 17 януари 2013 в 5:58 следобед 
What game is this from? My interest is piqued.
Astute  [автор] 17 януари 2013 в 3:32 следобед 
All right, I've uploaded a more flattering workshop image for the hat.
☭ Line-Up Dem ☭ 17 януари 2013 в 3:12 следобед 
The primary picture for this hat doesn't do it justice. Once you see it on the Soldier's head it lools quite a bit better. What's the deal with that rock lobster fella? Why does the soldier have a spear? So many questions. The Turban looks rather conservative. Perhaps for cartoonish reasons you should make it pile up a bit more. I see where you are going with it... exaggerate the features a bit more. Make it look like formal turban perhaps?
Astute  [автор] 17 януари 2013 в 1:59 следобед 
@A pack of badgers, Yeah, I know, I tried quite a few different shades and colors. It seems you can't really escape that look(since it is a coil). Now that I think about it though, I could use one of the hat's alternate colors instead.
rip hunter 17 януари 2013 в 1:57 следобед 
I agree with the guy below. Good hat though.
A pack of badgers 17 януари 2013 в 1:49 следобед 
No offense, but the thumbnail makes it look like a (literal) pile of crap. I might suggest against that shade of brown.