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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

Galactic Arms Race
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грозный санта okt. 9. @ du. 12:21 
belmandosha aug. 27. @ du. 6:57 
@Crazy júl. 4. @ du. 4:31 
Like this.
Foxhack jún. 5. @ de. 11:51 
Cool! Thanks for confirming that. And that's easy to fix! Just have them add the new app id to the old one that was activated with the CD key.

You should make a post about that in the game forums, by the way! Make sure people know this so there's no drama. :)
Astral Projection  [készítő] jún. 5. @ de. 11:49 
Uh yeah, we are gonna try to work that out with Valve. They gave us a new App ID when the game got Greenlighted. Gonna see if migrating the keys we gave out over to the new App ID is possible.

But, it is the exact same game no difference. It kinda sucks though because I don't think the achieves will be public for the test version. ;(
Foxhack jún. 5. @ de. 11:46 
Uh, I got the game in Groupees, and I activated a key, but it seems I don't have the version in the store, rather I have a 'test' version. Help?
Astral Projection  [készítő] jún. 4. @ de. 11:46 
@xrogaan, hehe what you mean? But I work a day job ... unfortunately heh. ;(
xrogaan jún. 4. @ de. 1:12 
@AstralProjection how do you even gain money?
[HELL] King WayloW [NL] máj. 23. @ de. 6:40 
ok nice, its a cool game so looking forward to it
Astral Projection  [készítő] máj. 23. @ de. 6:39 
@KinWayloW - game is ready to release. There's some type of glitch with our Steamworks store front that Valve is fixing. Not sure what the deal is, but shouldn't take too long ...
[HELL] King WayloW [NL] máj. 22. @ de. 5:07 
still no update ??
ETCyberHunter máj. 18. @ du. 12:16 
And the problem is fixed thank you :)
ETCyberHunter máj. 18. @ du. 12:16 
I sent the email :)
Astral Projection  [készítő] máj. 15. @ du. 5:35 
@ETCyberHumter - can you email "gar@eecs.ucf.edu". We started giving Steam Product Codes for people who find bugs. Just mention your Steam name and that you found the bug.
Astral Projection  [készítő] máj. 15. @ du. 12:17 
@ETCyberHumter - I'll look into that tonight.
ETCyberHunter máj. 15. @ de. 5:38 
Hi there!
First of all your game is absolutly awesome :D
But i have a litte problem. I stuck at quest 64. Your mission is to scan a Megalith in Serpens Gamma (i think) but if i scan the Megalith nothing happens. So is there a possibility to "reset" quest 64 or something else?
Dinre márc. 27. @ du. 4:58 
I received GAR as a freebie, and I have to say that this is one fun little game. I will be watching for it to finally hit the Steam store, preferably with a 4-pack. I'm really looking forward to the new UI and getting in on some multiplayer action.
Astral Projection  [készítő] márc. 11. @ du. 6:18 
@strat, no it just hasn't been released yet.
Strat márc. 10. @ du. 10:12 
This game was deleted from steam?
Astral Projection  [készítő] márc. 7. @ de. 10:33 
Oh nope. AFAIK you have the game forever. ;)
necro2607 márc. 6. @ du. 11:29 
Ahhh ok, nice! I was worried that since you were greenlit on Steam that the existing version might be removed or something. Thanks!
Astral Projection  [készítő] márc. 6. @ du. 7:40 
@necro, redid the UI completely. Work in progress, pending some more cosmetic tweaks. WIll release the game fully when we ensure this version is relatively bug free.
necro2607 márc. 6. @ du. 7:04 
What is this sketchy 1mb update to GAR? Now called "Galactic Arms Race (Test)".. will this disable the game??...
Zenos4689 febr. 25. @ du. 6:17 
Gah, I am losing my patience! (Not to be an asshole, but I tend to be that way over things I am excited about).
Cycopunk febr. 21. @ du. 7:30 
@Astral Projection, no clue but we are up and running now. Thanks again.
Astral Projection  [készítő] febr. 21. @ du. 7:24 
@Cycopunk. nice. It usually installs with GAR through steam. Not sure why it didn't. Or perhaps it was accdientally uninstalled.
Cycopunk febr. 20. @ du. 7:20 
@Astral Projection, thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction. I didn't have Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable installed. Once that was installed, the game started up just fine.
Astral Projection  [készítő] febr. 20. @ du. 5:00 
@cycopunk, hmm weird. Do you have XNA installed? It should install automatically.
Cycopunk febr. 18. @ du. 9:13 
I own this game, but I have no clue how I got it. Thing is, I can't get it to run. I try to start it, I get the swirling circle like it's loading and then nothing. I'm not sure what the deal is.
Zenos4689 febr. 3. @ du. 5:52 
I am really hoping that there will be a lot of people on MP. You can only go so far in SP. I have the server software downloaded and completely set up with port forwading and all. Gonna run it once MP gets some serious traffic.
Astral Projection  [készítő] febr. 3. @ du. 4:43 
@Plaid, hehe no problem ;)
Plaid jan. 30. @ de. 6:47 
Anyway, I only sound like a dick because I'm looking forward to the release ;D

It's been so long.
Plaid jan. 30. @ de. 6:47 
No offense, but you could simply have posted those two lines of text in an Announcement instead of in the comments.

"We are working hard still - shooting for the end of Feb."

Zenos4689 jan. 21. @ du. 1:21 
I understand you are working hard, I am very excited about the release. It was just I started to have my doubts when there were no updates as to what was going on. Keep up the good work!
Omegaonix jan. 21. @ de. 7:23 
How much will it cost on steam?
Astral Projection  [készítő] jan. 20. @ du. 5:44 
@zogilia we are working hard still ;)
Zenos4689 jan. 13. @ du. 3:26 
You should post an announcment with some updates about the current status of this project instead of leaving your current/potential customers in a galaxy far far away......
Astral Projection  [készítő] jan. 12. @ du. 9:36 
@Omeganix, shooting for end of Feb
Omegaonix jan. 10. @ de. 12:37 
When is steam releasing this?
director 2013. dec. 23. @ du. 12:49 
Mesiani 2013. okt. 26. @ de. 6:34 
p2p ☭ 2013. okt. 15. @ de. 11:55 
Нахрена мне извещения об этом приходят?
Jeros 2013. okt. 14. @ du. 5:45 
This game is great! Congratulations!
Ciunay_Ragathol 2013. okt. 13. @ du. 3:52 
Ah, would be nice if you add "Charged Shots". Hold button to charge for x seconds, and release a big shot :-)
Ciunay_Ragathol 2013. okt. 13. @ du. 3:50 
Oh, i'm happy to hear that. I was intentioned to suggest a new UI. Good choice. While the game is good, the UI was pretty amateurish.
Astral Projection  [készítő] 2013. okt. 13. @ du. 3:47 
@Ciunay, put up a new announcement due to your question. ;)
Astral Projection  [készítő] 2013. okt. 13. @ du. 3:31 
@Ciunay, currently re-doing the UI entirely. Will release on Steam when that's done. After that we plan to change over to a voxel engine and release a level editor where players can design their own galaxies, systems, ships and bases.
Ciunay_Ragathol 2013. okt. 13. @ du. 3:06 
I upvoted this game many months ago, and fortunately i'm already playing it on Steam, but when it gets released? Are you intentioned to add some patch or what? You seem totally inactive. The game is fun and i'd like to see it expanded and with a good community.
p2p ☭ 2013. szept. 21. @ de. 2:01 
Как всякая херь попадает в список игр за которые я проголосовал?
ameer.saadat99 2013. szept. 17. @ de. 2:24 
can we at least have a release date somewhere? I really can't wait.