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Conquer Online 2.0 - A Free to Play KungFu MMORPG
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«Jvm» 19. huhti 10.06 
Refael [K] #NeedAWPAssimov 9. huhti 23.34 
please yes!! old player of this gamee!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! i want it so bad!!!!!!!!!!
Keelmebabe 6. tammi 17.49 
101% pay to win game i assure you, but :P i had good memories with it when it was first released in 2003

Too bad money either builds or ruins everything in our world.
✪ ♛ RJ ♛ ✪ 14. joulu, 2014 15.24 
крутая игра )
Foxkelele 24. marras, 2014 2.23 
100% pay2win game...
CarlosRegueraDJ 6. marras, 2014 4.51 
Voted! It looks great!
Keelmebabe 2. marras, 2014 16.31 
Absolute 100% Pay to win Game, but i had good memories 8 years ago
yLLLLLLLZNN 27. loka, 2014 13.59 
AsTarOth JR lml 19. loka, 2014 15.39 
se ve increible!!!
Seta coN muSgo! gift me card! :D 17. loka, 2014 13.43 
se ve bien, pero solo lo compraria si tuviese su correspondiente traduccion al castellano
Mars* 17. loka, 2014 7.05 
patriot30 16. loka, 2014 12.02 
Looks gr8...:)
Tàiluó 2. loka, 2014 14.13 
YESYES! add this game!
juan20021601[StorMash] 30. syys, 2014 20.17 
Muy bueno se ve ......
Lost 27. elo, 2014 13.12 
This game used to be absolutely amazing, however over the years TQ began to add features and make changes to the game.. Unfortunately each feature they introduced had quite the side effect. The updates made the game more and more pay to win as they came. This game is simply not very good anymore, but it sure used to be. Because of TQ's greed and fairly bad business practices overall you should not support this. I can only hope at some point TQ's player base becomes even lower then it already is and then they seriously consider remaking Conquer and basing it on the same Conquer all veterens knew and loved, only then could I recommend this game to you.
geriak 21. elo, 2014 15.16 
Zomg!NoWai! 11. elo, 2014 6.45 
Definition of a P2W game.
Riip00 4. elo, 2014 20.45 
YES, add this game to steam NOW
qqhardprohaidxoxoqq 3. elo, 2014 13.21 
вери гж
Azanarel 31. heinä, 2014 8.43 
Я бы купил эту игру потому что стиму не хватает таких игр в стиле диабло.
Standin.Donkun3 15. heinä, 2014 18.47 
Road To 1 MMR 15. heinä, 2014 10.12 
Good job
JUSTICAR 13. heinä, 2014 9.16 
Dont mind paying a fee to buy the game but would not be interested if you make us buy cp/dragonballs. This is a real fun game, make it happen valve!
Old school " smmR- 12. heinä, 2014 9.16 
billyusmaximus 27. kesä, 2014 10.00 
broodoi77 [Archers Must Die!] 25. kesä, 2014 5.06 
Bubibub 24. kesä, 2014 12.33 
cczeus 22. kesä, 2014 18.44 
Great concept, just Pay 2 Win? pls.
iFresH 21. kesä, 2014 7.53 
WaLL-E 16. kesä, 2014 12.26 
[FR]Smiling-eye 13. kesä, 2014 16.43 
Gunnar med nej melon på 1. kesä, 2014 7.36 
motorin 31. touko, 2014 2.40 
Zomg!NoWai! 19. touko, 2014 18.03 
Take it from someone whos played this years ago. Its completely P2W, and if you want to actually enjoy this game, be prepared to fork over loads of money for decent gear and upgrades. The ammount of people that skirt right though P2W is terrible.

The game has not changed visually in years, its a 2dworld with 3d characters. Its lost popularity and they have cut out some zones that are no longer visited because of lost player counts. They have also merged servers together for lack of players. Let the game die.

If you MUST play this game, play on a private server that takes the P2W advantage away and makes everyone equal, do a little googling and you will find one.
artys999 19. touko, 2014 7.37 
Or you could just play one of the many MMORPGF2P/MOBAF2Ps that are out there
☩Sparrow420 9. touko, 2014 0.30 
Everything you see in the video, you will never beable to do unless you pay BIG $$$.
Rosa 8. touko, 2014 18.28 
MC.Pixel (Alexxx) 1. touko, 2014 5.34 
For me that are some scary grafics,and i have played minecraft.
se_latrevo_rebbie 1. touko, 2014 4.55 
Its still a very good game, but, I having it played from 2004 to 2009 and seen various stages of its developement coming back from time to time the negative is they slowly remove all PVE content. PVP is awesome, but you got to be able to do other things too. I also loved that equipment grows with you. You lvled up? You can lvl up your improved gear that has high plus and other bonuses. Generally it is very fun with a group of friends or a good guild, just it could had been even better. People should try it out, as it is easy to learn too
UqR 26. huhti, 2014 15.10 
Samuel Shank (TPE) 24. huhti, 2014 14.45 
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█ ░ █▀█
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░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░█
krazedlion 14. huhti, 2014 22.07 
No, dont like MMORPGs, pay to win cheater games.
The-C-Hammer 28. maalis, 2014 9.21 
Terrible, its just like diablo but even worse than diablo 2
Sewaz 26. maalis, 2014 9.09 
I used to play this game so much, but then whales (or high paying players) invaded my server and it wasn't fun anymore. Still its good with friends if you don't care much about competitive PvP.
crRy.gateboy6 20. helmi, 2014 21.24 
Yes please, great game.
M&M 13. helmi, 2014 23.24 
awesome game
Hestia is Bestia 2. helmi, 2014 17.16 
This game is so pay to win it's not even funny, take my advice and do not attempt to play it no matter how fun it may look, if you pay out the big bucks you win at the game, period.
Dr. Krieger (NoFucks) 20. tammi, 2014 8.11 
It looks like a unfinshed game to me. The grapics dont look done at all but that just maybe me. But it sill looks like a cross between runescape and W.O.W i dont think we need another game out like that there are alot of other games that are better than this from what i see.
Ryan's Nymphodite 15. tammi, 2014 11.23 
Looks interesting. I enjoy MMOs and it looks just different enough to be a nice change of pace.
JuiceMonster 3. tammi, 2014 15.35 
vote yes for reasons