Acestui joc i s-a dat undă verde de către comunitate!

Comunitatea şi-a arătat interesul privind acest joc. Valve a contactat acest producător pentru a începe demersurile către lansarea pe Steam.

ACE Online
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xxkazkixx 14 apr. @ 4:55pm 
Pay 2 Win...
anthony [AsW] 10 apr. @ 9:42am 
Hularuns 9 apr. @ 6:20pm 
This is too late, both for Ace and AR. An entirely new server is required now. It was hell for new players back in 2010, now it will be ridiculous.
RpiesSPIES 3 apr. @ 11:24am 
At least make a new server for Steam when the game releases. Joining the MMO this late into its cycle will be heck to new players. The economy must shift accordingly to the levels of the players instead of being as it likely is now on the present servers.
WhiteSkyMage 31 mart. @ 8:30am 
Awesome! I think I will be coming back to my lv85 B-Gear soon. This game is still my favorite since 5 years.
Kandarihu 23 mart. @ 8:33pm 
Now that AO is greenlit for Steam, I'm interested to know when the game is showing up on Steam with whatever Steamworks integration you have planned.
Sofy Kerrigan 20 mart. @ 2:20pm 
Shame AO depend a lot about Masang rules, cause he could be better with Unreal Engine and HD retexturing. Without forget a real competitive mode, not a simple Arena server with main server dependence. This game needed 1yr+ to got greenlighted, compared to lot of game got in less than 1 month.
Suba Games  [autor] 19 mart. @ 3:46pm 
Thank you to the Ace Online and Steam communities for helping us get accepted on GreenLight! We would really appreciate it if you could help us vote "yes" to one of our other titles, Mission Against Terror, which is a unique social FPS. We've put in a lot of hard work into it to make it stand out from not only other FPS games, with a quirky sense of humor, but also other versions of the title:
darude&storm 19 mart. @ 11:37am 
Congrats on getting greenlit, I'm going to try this out when I get the chance.
[AJSA] BlitherPaladin9 19 mart. @ 12:03am 
Looks good, I want to see achivements for this game!
Sir Noob ♪) 7 mart. @ 5:22pm 
☢☣Ren☻☺ 6 mart. @ 10:21am 
This game is unique and fun, this is coming from someone who owns a lot of games and plays Dota 2
Megasenpai 6 mart. @ 5:45am 
Belo jogo....
desk_jedi 5 mart. @ 12:29pm 
I played this game for a little over a year before the long grinds to level and p2w design for better gear/weaps made me put it on the shelf. I still play occasionally when I'm feeling nostalgic and to see if anything has changed. So far nothing really has (aside from new content and more things to buy ($$) to keep from breaking your stuff). It's still very p2w and given that most of Suba's other games use the same model, I don't expect that will ever change. The distance between the haves and have nots is great is this game and bringing it to Steam is likely only to make that worse not better. If Suba and crew ever manage to really balance this game out I would love to see it on Steam but until then, no thanks.
iNewdle 4 mart. @ 11:03pm 
Could be successful because of its F2P model.
FlamboyantMongoose 28 feb. @ 5:05am 
i played air rivals for 3 days several years ago and it was extremely fun before the grind killed me
this game looks the same as it did several years ago
what improvements have been made if any
also i thought all versions of this game died
Cake Master 23 feb. @ 9:43pm 
Strike Vector isn't an mmorpg not to mention this game's first release was in 06
purplemisty 20 feb. @ 4:14pm 
looks liek a crapy strike vector rip off lol no thanks XD
Smithy 20 feb. @ 12:43pm 
Понравилось. Жду!)
[JGG]СуХаРь 15 feb. @ 11:32am 
Даже если локализации на рус не будет, всеровно буду играть!!!
RpiesSPIES 13 feb. @ 10:05pm 
Hey, people. I've posted a discussion that I'd appreciate if people could contribute to it. Ace Online does have a fantastic combat system and whatnot, but there are still many problems that must be addressed before the game passes the Greenlight. Other people that have played AirRivals or Ace Online should also through in suggestions that can aid AO in its path to success. I hope this game does make greenlight because I cannot find any other game that has combat like it (aside from AR, but they both have the same problems atm). I want this game to not be just good. I want it to be spectacular and something that the Steam community will embrace with joy and not strangle with anger.
BlackSheepWa11 9 feb. @ 4:27pm 
Looks awesome!
LunaMirage 6 feb. @ 10:59pm 
Looks pretty awesome! Combat looks pretty interesting.
Ozzy 6 feb. @ 7:46pm 
Будет ли локализация на русский язык?
Atma Recep Din Kardeşiyiz 6 feb. @ 12:42pm 
It's the best pvp and leveling game. You can make beatiful friendships and move together with your side witch you choose. It is not a pay to win game you can do a alot of things with out usuing money and if you move nicely maybe you can make money by playing this game.
The_Pun1sh3R 5 feb. @ 2:28pm 
Very awsome game love this game alot i definitely voted for this
DLCoates1 5 feb. @ 12:51pm 
For those who don't know, this game originally started as a game called Air Rivals. It's very popular and addicting.
-(AS)-Sam4400 [VSE] 5 feb. @ 3:14am 
Seems like a bit of a sandbox :D
DLCoates1 4 feb. @ 10:28pm 
I've been trying to remember this game! I used to play this game while it was on web browser. Very addictive game. I recommend trying out the online version before it hits steam!
bear HOXTON 3 feb. @ 10:58pm 
Axazul3030 3 feb. @ 1:05am 
love the hell out of this game. Its fun and easy to get in to, always upgrading getting better and better over the years.
OverFlowKyuubi 31 ian. @ 10:13am 
i've seen a couple of other airplane types of games but this is probably the one i like the most. looks more exciting, more fastpased from the videos i see
S1mS ( e ) 28 ian. @ 2:54pm 
Suppa Easy to lvl to 101. Game just won't die.. Welcome back Ace!
Отец бога 28 ian. @ 3:49am 
Всеми частями тела ЗА!!! Помню как играл в неё на русском сервере пока его не закрыли :( Надеюсь что она выйдет в стиме с русской озвучкой, ну и сервером в предачу.
☆ Showtek ☆ 23 ian. @ 4:48am 
looks nice
s1Zzl ( e ) 23 ian. @ 2:10am 
yay old game coming alive again :)
Rainbow Face Joe 22 ian. @ 5:37pm 
GamersHell !! 22 ian. @ 5:46am 
so than play airrivals ;D there many helpfully ppl they support every new players ! and its really better than the english version so join the fight on airrivals :D and greenlight ar not ace^^
( . ) ( . ) 16 ian. @ 8:23pm 
this game is a CASINO MMO GAME. With support being stupid, Bias GM's favoring other players because they put too much $$ in game. No Events. and plus. OLD PLAYERS ARE A MASSIVE TROLL. if you try to start the game and ask for help. all you can get is troll from old players. No one helps you. the Support is the worse part of it. they dont care on your freakin account unless you put shit tons of $$ on game. so if i wer you , better think first before spending shits on this. THE GAME PLAY IS AWESOME. BUT THE SUPPORT and PLAYER BASE SUCKS
Crackerjack 16 ian. @ 8:07pm 
Hey, can we just boycott Suba games as a whole? It seems like everything they put out is completely lacking in quality.
Lanfall 16 ian. @ 11:46am 
No linux version? You get my greenlight support.
ShizZ 14 ian. @ 3:34am 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
fernanker 13 ian. @ 7:24am 
Me mola mucho
◥▶Λrtum◀◤ 12 ian. @ 5:33pm 
Played the game for years, can't wait for this to happen.
Анохрей 10 ian. @ 1:24am 
Играл раньше в эту игру советую всем сейчас увидел сразу решил скачать снова не дожидаясь будет она в стиме или нет!
fisilfox 9 ian. @ 7:01am 
есть большой потонциал среди других игр( пользователь greenlith)
.Rawr 8 ian. @ 10:13am 
This is a very nice game, Voted for it!
DarkLikes 5 ian. @ 10:35pm 
Nice game
lolzillaxd 4 ian. @ 10:30pm 
jews space cash lag casino online!!! Srsly if all those idiotically broken cash items werent in teh game it would be worth playing. :v
Sypress 4 ian. @ 1:53pm 
Gotta rework the cashwhoring for this game to be viable for greenlight. Hasn't changed in over a year.