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Panzer tiger 6 27 mai à 23h15 
thanks for it¡¡ GJ
ReichFührer LSSÄH 12 mai à 22h26 
Gööd Job . lol
Thänk Yöü
ReichFührer LSSÄH 8 mai à 17h04 
Cool, Mod
Gerard Deltell 21 mar à 18h15 
Really good idea, this should have been done in the first place...
Kamerad Schulz 8 mar à 14h15 
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 7 mar à 15h23 
Neo- I'm curious as to what you mean- I went by abbreviated military designations, without including additional information of manufacturer or weapon type. What makes them incorrect?
Neo 7 mar à 14h07 
I like how the mod creator renamed the weapons and now they are virtually all incorrectly named.
Ye Ole Greg 18 déc 2014 à 14h10 
OCD at it's finest, thanks for this :-P
DiQblo 1 déc 2014 à 9h14 
Nice mod.
Hermann Fegelein 28 sept 2014 à 4h01 
Doesnt work
TOILETTROOPERNL 14 sept 2014 à 9h02 
I don't get it :D
[HS]=>®omano 9 sept 2014 à 21h55 
Actually Ziggomatic's problem is because he did not restart the game after the mod downloaded in the menu. Steam downloads the lang files in the game menu and this problem occurs after download of the mod or download of an update of the mod, if people do not restart their game right after. I got the same problems with people downloading mine (correcting issues with the french translation of the game, basically the same thing as you)
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 9 sept 2014 à 8h42 
@Ziggomatic- this mod doesn't remove any existing files. You've tried uninstalling and that fixed the problem, yes?
@Nipplestockings- Unfortunately [HS]=>®omano is right. However, this sounds like something Declutter My HUD can move out of the way. I'd give that mod a look.
[HS]=>®omano 8 sept 2014 à 18h19 
This is a map based issue, this mod can not change message integrated in maps.
[Volk]Nipplestockings 7 sept 2014 à 19h58 
Hey man, very nice mod. Do you think you could update it to make the retreat order after capturing A on Rakowice a lot smaller and out of the way? It's a big problem that a lot of people complain about, and I think fixing that would make a lot of people happy.
|Sith|IV|Ziggomatic 30 août 2014 à 13h36 
Doesn't work for me, the game I can't join a server because it has content that I do not have. Happens every time I try to play multiplayer.
ReichFührer LSSÄH 15 août 2014 à 10h43 
Awesome Thank you RO2/RSTE
Gramikus 4 août 2014 à 6h42 
Jet Beams Can't Meme Steel 2 juil 2014 à 14h41 
Them colons doe
zhouping1813 28 juin 2014 à 18h34 
KoonWat 21 juin 2014 à 18h31 
Disarray 8 juin 2014 à 16h41 
@Hatsune Miku
I don't know if you've found an answer yet but the singleplayer should be listed as a seperate game in your library.
Chicken 1 juin 2014 à 2h16 
Hatsune Miku 25 mai 2014 à 13h04 
pls how do you start single player??? i downloaded the beta and started and cant click on single player HALP!!! <->
xXx_Frog420_xXx 8 mai 2014 à 8h14 
It's look much better, THANK YOU!
<CSVP>Conti SK 30 avr 2014 à 6h11 
dont work
StRinGerz 27 avr 2014 à 1h06 
コンふっ 25 avr 2014 à 19h32 
【Shit!】㋡ 5 mar 2014 à 6h16 
Desert Fox 14 fév 2014 à 19h49 
I like it
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 4 déc 2013 à 11h12 
Alright, we can figure this out. So you've done both of the things in the removal instructions?
There's another INT folder in the steam files for RO2- you could try deleting that as well. You'll have to 'verify integrity of game cache' after you delete those files.
Something strange might be going on here. I'd windows search for INT folders and see if one is in an odd place. Or are you subscribed to my native role names mod? That includes these changes as well.
Zeus-993 4 déc 2013 à 3h21 
its still fucking on dude
ggrimm 2 nov 2013 à 7h28 
Alright, ty anyway.
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 2 nov 2013 à 7h00 
Sorry, it only replaces the english text. However, I believe there is a Russian Text mod in the workshop.
ggrimm 2 nov 2013 à 5h47 
Does it have Russian language support?
Zeus-993 25 oct 2013 à 16h46 
I deleted the entire INT folder
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 19 oct 2013 à 21h16 
delete the entire INT folder, there's not an updated text folder. The files are in the INT folder, and it may take a steam restart to take effect.
Zeus-993 19 oct 2013 à 19h26 
There's no updated text folder and still is there in my game.
Zeus-993 19 oct 2013 à 19h23 
what is the name of the file I found INT
Zeus-993 19 oct 2013 à 19h17 
What's INT I don't have it.
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 19 oct 2013 à 11h27 
instructions for removal are in the description
Zeus-993 19 oct 2013 à 2h37 
I'm still seeing the modded text
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 13 oct 2013 à 12h27 
yes, it's English-only. sorry!
I'd be happy to work with anyone making an updated text mod for any other language, though.
Anubis6A 13 oct 2013 à 4h21 
Does the "UPDATED TEXT" only works in English?
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 4 oct 2013 à 18h08 
oh, the instructions disappeared from the description! I put them back up.
Weegas 4 oct 2013 à 17h30 
I unsubscribed from this mod because I preferred the original text. However, I'm still seeing the modded text. Is there a solution to this?
Stormless 28 sept 2013 à 8h02 
Really like the text changes thanks! :)
Keneraali627 27 sept 2013 à 22h15 
Yes, thank you.
RoastinGhost  [créateur] 27 sept 2013 à 12h50 
Oh, the maps aren't big changes at all. They just change the names of some objectives. If you're uninstalling it, you may as well delete the whole folder. if that's what you're asking?
Keneraali627 27 sept 2013 à 10h56 
Int the INT folder