Minecraft Notched Pickaxe
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LYG_XiAo_BM 7月20日 18時35分 
how can I find it?
GTE00 6月29日 21時53分 
Really cool!
Zeltar 6月23日 11時18分 
@along in the original release it was a minecraft texture. it has always been a minecraft reference.
HN_s4mur41 6月18日 9時07分 
@along727 That a suggested hypothesis to it. The British Expedition indeed almost reached the summit, but what was left behind was an ice-axe, not a pickaxe. Also, the Notched part kinda gives it away. Why not "dented", or "marked" pickaxe, if they wanted to refer to the mountaineers? Evidence suggests it's indeed a reference to Minecraft.
along727 4月28日 23時27分 
um......this has nothing to do with minecraft. It is about a hiker that went missing on mount everest and the only thing they found was a notched pickaxe
dexyuing 3月28日 4時21分 
adipinto297 3月23日 19時19分 
so fricken funny
Chad 3月8日 20時43分 
I am pleased.
Gorillabot3000 2月22日 15時40分 
It looks like a normal pickaxe to me...
aimeegneiting 2月18日 8時22分 
*creator lol typo
aimeegneiting 2月18日 8時22分 
hehe how can the notched pickaxe NOT be a referene to that excellent game, Minecraft? The creter of Minecraft is a man who's nickname is Notch, and one of the main tools is the pickaxe!

This, sir, is definitely a really awesome mod!!!
xINFECTAx 1月7日 12時12分 
Lemon Yes. it is
Lemon 1月4日 23時05分 
Its not a reference to minecraft
Wicked Risk 2013年12月31日 19時45分 
Why can't they just implement THIS into the game by default? I mean, if they were going to reference it, they might as well just add the actual pickaxe.
Well done!
Raptor 2013年12月3日 4時25分 
@[COTC]midgamer Yeah, there is, but it 'replaces' that with this version
Mr. spy 2013年11月21日 16時20分 
there already is a Notch's pickaxe in skyrim, at the top of the tallest mountain ther is a minecraft wooden pickaxe called "Notches pickaxe"
***Shadow4232*** 2013年11月17日 6時19分 
i think bethesda should choose the minecraft pickaxe instead than the defalt pickaxe
CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot 2013年9月16日 9時27分 
I love how everyone ruins everyone elses time saying the Notched Pickaxe isn't an easter egg just to ruin their time :)
Your Mom's Princess 2013年9月11日 19時24分 
Yea none of you know a thing besides Wageyuuri. It was placed there after a law suit that they had agasn't notch because of his mining or some bull, do your research before posting crap.
HaloBoyvsMinecraft 2013年9月6日 0時42分 
HaloBoyvsMinecraft 2013年9月6日 0時42分 
now a pick
ermahgerd 2013年8月14日 22時56分 
I just want a pickaxe for faster mining time :(
WagaYuuri 2013年8月12日 2時21分 
Minecraft as released one week after Skyrim. And I don't think they patched it into the game in the first week. Most people also think, they brought it to Skyrim because Bethesda or ZeniMaxx or who ever tried to sue Mojang because of their new game, Scrolls, and the developers didn't support that so they made the pickaxe.
Mr_Doss ︻芫══----- (^_^) \(O_O)/ 2013年7月29日 11時01分 
what is the code to spawn this
Liam17 2013年7月19日 12時51分 
Not entirely true, minecraft had a good 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 players at the time
xhunterkillerxd 2013年7月17日 8時45分 
I love how everyone says that the Notched Pickaxe is "A Minecraft Easter Egg" when it was put in before minecraft was very famous.
PeePeeJenkins 2013年6月29日 22時10分 
someone should make a diamond axe mod too
PokemonGutt 2013年6月29日 15時44分 
Dood, you shuld make it so you can mine with it, and maby give it its propper name "Notched Pickaxe" since you changed the notched pickaxe with notch's pickaxe? Idk, just sugesting.
McKaz 2013年6月21日 10時09分 
Wish you could actually use it to mine. Its only classified as a 'War Axe' in game.
lewisk 2013年6月15日 6時35分 
@ BELOW no it was a refrence to the climber's but as not a lot or people knew about then they thought minecraft
Kaosma [FIN] 2013年6月10日 6時44分 
@ Below IT IS A REFRENCE TO NOTCH! dumbass
Chopsueye 2013年5月16日 9時04分 
You do realize that the notched pickaxe was not a reference to minecraft, right? it was a reference to the notched pickaxe left behind by climbers of mount everest.
meow52 2013年5月6日 22時29分 
When you have the 'Notch's Pickaxe' mod on, have you found the real notched pickaxe and Notches pickaxe? I found it when i was climbing the throat of the world and it was in a rock, at first I thought it was a merchant chest. I can't really remember which rock but, it was there. All this mod does is puts 'Notch's pickaxe' over the notched pickaxe and the notched pickaxe flies off into a rock.
Jon Snow 2013年5月4日 7時01分 
@!EPIC CAT®: Yes, it's at the top of the Throat of the World (Highest point in Skyrim).
meow52 2013年4月30日 1時43分 
meow52 2013年4月30日 0時46分 
Has anyone found the actual notched pickxe yet?
ScorpyX 2013年4月18日 20時27分 
too sharp
ROSIU200 2013年4月6日 8時54分 
Foxman 2013年3月30日 11時55分 
can you make it an ancient nordic pickaxe?
|Connor| - |Civil Protection| 2013年3月7日 17時19分 
I think it is :P
PocketPotatoes (ultislasher1) 2013年2月17日 10時37分 
BATMAN THA TIEMLORD 2013年2月1日 14時37分 
This mod is screwing up my Mining, I was hitting clay like in minecraft, any reason why this is happening?
I can't get Iron even...
GibbSaw 2013年1月25日 19時21分 
I thought the notched pickaxe was named after the first men who climbed Mt. Everest???
Trouble 2013年1月4日 7時50分 
Sorry, it's a vry fun mod, but it's not working in my game. I have the item, without the skin of minecraft pick axe :(
What Joo Be Talkin' Bout 2013年1月2日 13時25分 
Drakorn, KaMiKaZe is right and wrong. It refers to both. Its right there in the trivia section of the wiki: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Notched_Pickaxe
PUNISHINGJoKeR 2013年1月2日 11時30分 
Now all we need is building stuff minecraft style
LittleMikey 2012年10月27日 1時42分 
Hey there! I downloaded this mod a while ago, but it's taken me a while to get up to the Throat of the World since I've been doing absolutely everything but the main story quest XD

Anyway, I just got there, and picked up the Pickaxe. It looks great, but it is not replacing my standard mining pick animation. I have made sure to drop my old pickaxe, but I still get the regular animation when mining. I have notched.esp right at the end of my load order to make sure no other mod is adding a new animation but it still does not show up.

I don't have any other mods that change animations that I'm aware of. I'm running the unofficial skyrim patch but that loads first so any animation changes should be replaced with your mod.

Or does this mod not actually changing any animations and I'm being an idiot >_<;

Whispering Eye 2012年10月25日 5時45分 
KaMiKaZe you're lying stop it. Bethesda Sics Lawyers on Minecraft Makers Over Scrolls Name, Skyrim Confusion One game is called Scrolls. One game is called Skyrim, though, more formally, you'd call it The Elder Scrolls V. Confusing? Those names are too close, according to lawyers from Bethesda Softworks, the company behind Skyrim and authors of 15-page letter to Minecraft maker Markus "Notch" Persson and his studio Mojang, complaining that Scrolls is running afoul of the Elder Scrolls trademark. And so Bethesda said Notch is a okay and cool dude and made the pickaxe you idiot. (how stupid can someone be)
KaMiKaZi NiNjA 2012年10月20日 21時42分 
Just to spoil everyones dreams, the pickaxe is not a reference to minecraft, but to an explorer(Andrew "Sandy" Irvine) and his team lost on Mount Everest. In 75 years of searching the only thing they managed to find was his pickaxe, which had a notch in it, because he liked to mark his equipment. Would make more sense than a minecraft reference, since the teams goal was to reach the top of Mount Everest, and this can be found at the top of the tallest mountain in Tamriel.
Heart Of Ice 2012年10月20日 14時32分 
\/ \/ Raptor Jesus disapproves.