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Komentarzy: 125
Amir Tocha 31 października 2014 o 7:23 
vakit öldürmek için ideal
JAMK 28 lipca 2014 o 22:13 
I won't be happy 'til I try this.
Winterwing 19 lipca 2014 o 17:14 
Интересный дизайн
Verga Larga 8 lipca 2014 o 18:54 
Quisiera probarlo :)
frostie 4 lipca 2014 o 20:29 
i want to try this game xD
Vague 1 lipca 2014 o 6:01 
Would def play this game!
Tootstat 11 czerwca 2014 o 4:13 
Its got some good ideas to back this game up, maybe some uprgrades and other things would make this game a little better.
this game is very good looking fromy what ive seen, very nice. :D
Hidoldin 7 czerwca 2014 o 4:33 
So interesting
Юичи 28 maja 2014 o 17:52 
c'è il leone 27 kwietnia 2014 o 21:46 
good idea
[FF]Stasya♥Ra 20 lutego 2014 o 13:28 
Довольно интересная логическая игра
the machine 17 stycznia 2014 o 0:51 
дота пизже
The Deadman 695 8 stycznia 2014 o 0:09 
Looks good! Maybe a difficulty hike and upgradeable gear would make it a bit more interesting. Using some money to delay the gate timer or increase the range of the knife would change it up a bit.
Nasvay 4 stycznia 2014 o 3:33 
дота лучше
Lil YRQK 3 stycznia 2014 o 15:49 
Lil YRQK 3 stycznia 2014 o 15:49 
Fofozombie 2 stycznia 2014 o 16:02 
looks interesting
KEkO 23 grudnia 2013 o 6:15 
Gabriel 17 grudnia 2013 o 7:54 
Pretty sure it's $100, not $10 lol
Game Pixel 2 grudnia 2013 o 17:40 
Add a story and cartoony graphics with a decent atmosphere and a good score and I'd definitley buy it for $10 (multiplayer pls)
Ari alias Delecras 26 listopada 2013 o 4:13 
not realy.
warriors72 24 listopada 2013 o 17:27 
Doesn't look interesting enough to me to play.
papertazer 18 listopada 2013 o 12:57 
I'd play it for sure
lavaw 25 października 2013 o 7:52 
Dane [TT] 28 lipca 2013 o 6:50 
Duke Nootem 21 lipca 2013 o 9:21 
that looks pretty confusing...
soup-spoon 21 lipca 2013 o 3:38 
Makes me feel dizzy.
polZerg 20 lipca 2013 o 17:20 
hmm. i'll wait to see more
Moist Koalas 17 lipca 2013 o 21:26 
interesting idea
GREGZILLA 7 lipca 2013 o 14:40 
i don't like how the game looks im not saying i could do beter but its just not interesting to me. There is no story id really like to see different backgrounds like a beach background maybe even a level with bee's hell even a snow level with abonimal snow men. i think that would make it interesting and on the beach level you could even make half of the game flood and what about power ups. that you could use at certain times.
daiyousei 5 lipca 2013 o 5:23 
daiyousei 5 lipca 2013 o 5:23 
you click on a sqare and you sqare that your standing on gits whiched whith the one you clicked on
daiyousei 5 lipca 2013 o 5:23 
the way it works is that the screen shuffles every 20 seconds
daiyousei 5 lipca 2013 o 5:22 
nice style of gameplay its realy uneqe i hope anyone elce can see it in this way
Spice must flow 2 lipca 2013 o 22:00 
Reaper 4 czerwca 2013 o 23:18 
RC Cola Man 28 maja 2013 o 1:03 
Just to remind the author you payed ten bucks to put this up, I mean you could of used that for gas, or to pay someone for a better idea for a game. Just saying....
MasterNoda 7 maja 2013 o 13:24 
God this game looks boring beyond belief. Not even original. I could play this on any flash game site.
Izi 6 kwietnia 2013 o 3:01 
interested in
Jørgen Oktober Storm 5 kwietnia 2013 o 4:31 
To be honest I'm not that into casual games, but I think this has something going for it so I had to vote yes.
Birne 3 kwietnia 2013 o 2:14 
since its free-to-play i would buy it :D
Elcu<Nya~> 3 marca 2013 o 16:24 
uh... another game that you can potentially get the same experience for free online as a flash game? NO
Official Windows 10 Dirk 23 lutego 2013 o 20:00 
The XOR gates as a primary mechanic is interesting. I think a game based around that has potential to work, but it needs either more theme behind it (plus plot/story) to make an immersive experience for the players, or it needs no theme and should then probably be a faster-paced arcade version of this game. In any case, good luck.
DeathClaw 17 lutego 2013 o 13:11 
What is this? No not for Steam.
Zolkia Prostif 2 lutego 2013 o 14:40 
I might buy this but it would be better if you'd explain a lot of stuff.
Shlayer 1 lutego 2013 o 15:59 
I couldn't even watch the whole demo video. This game looks uninspired and boring. The visuals are not pleasant.
Hard Reboot 26 stycznia 2013 o 10:58 
Looks extremely boring
horrid74 25 stycznia 2013 o 19:22 
The monochrome presentation makes this look even less interesting than gameplay might suggest. Rhymes with bit and looks like it.
JohnnyArcade 25 stycznia 2013 o 9:20 
Why the spiders are dying? What is the objective of the game? Why are you there? Why are you so small? Why is so random? Why? Why? Why?
Njmat 24 stycznia 2013 o 21:41 
So, I don't understand how this is supposed to be a puzzle game if it's random. Also, it seems really boring.