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209 commenti
Xov Sumina 7 dic 2015, ore 18:38 
looks like some low budget eve online
zombie 14 mag 2015, ore 3:49 
i thought this was a god dam free game i went to the store page and it was 8 dollars OMG
Orivon 12 lug 2014, ore 0:48 
this should go on stem it looks awesome i'm trying it out now since i found it again
Pickle Rick 19 mag 2014, ore 12:25 
Lime Dog 16 mag 2014, ore 20:53 
warlock, the moment I can, I will!
Nebulon 15 mag 2014, ore 12:51 
Well then im certaintly getting it! thanks for the clarification warlock
warlock[ads]  [autore] 15 mag 2014, ore 9:42 
Lime Dog, Hope you enjoy it. If not, let me know, It all helps.
warlock[ads]  [autore] 15 mag 2014, ore 9:42 
traknet, You have full ship customization ( If I understand you correclty) You can change your warp driver,Hyper driver, Weapon points, Add tech units to improve various aspects of your ship.
You can configure ships better accustomed to mining a star or fighting space stations.
You cant however draw/design your ship graphicaly. Fairspace is continuing to be developed however Im not doing this from a comercial aspect, rather just to help me to learn something new.
Lime Dog 15 mag 2014, ore 8:59 
My God, I've been waiting for something new and space-based to come out, and I can afford free games!
Nebulon 14 mag 2014, ore 17:36 
While the game looks great, a little more description would be nice. I'm assuming that there is no ship customization, and it does looks slightly underdeveloped. Other concerns I have are if the entire area is PvP or nor. I would suggest, if I so could, making about half of the universe PvE, and the other half PvP. But, its your game, not mine, and it certaintly looks great.
Lord Ostaroot 9 mag 2014, ore 15:18 
looks very interesting
Smaragddrache 2 mag 2014, ore 6:59 
It can be becomme an real good game, but it is a hard way to becomme it
Belka 27 apr 2014, ore 0:56 
Когда будет.
xkavaator 25 apr 2014, ore 11:00 
Reminds me of the best side of EVE online , PVP . I like this.
Yeffal 21 apr 2014, ore 5:15 
I see
warlock[ads]  [autore] 21 apr 2014, ore 2:06 
Yeffal, Micro transactions are build into the engine but are not enabled. This project is just me learning how to write a space MMORPG and understand all the different techs that bring it together, This isnt a business but an expensive hobby.
Yeffal 20 apr 2014, ore 20:06 
The combat looks interesting, slightly worried about it being free to play though. There aren't many things I hate more than micro-transactions and if it's free to play it will probably be full of them.
ionutudor2012 19 apr 2014, ore 17:13 
-(SSC_=ReZZoRIX 14 apr 2014, ore 14:15 
Airianna 26 mar 2014, ore 0:45 
Cool looking ships, but I am not into combat...
Exile 16 mar 2014, ore 19:31 
hmm, seems interesting
RaathTuxicator 25 feb 2014, ore 1:23 
@tommyfreelance you mean like steamOS.......
tommyfreelance 18 feb 2014, ore 7:44 
Oooo, no Linux suport? What are you going to do? OH I KNOW instal a second gaming OS you have geared for gaming!
sparrowhawk 21 gen 2014, ore 3:15 
a mmorpg flight sim! nice! i love flight sims! i've played x-wing n freespace n love them.
ShizZ 19 gen 2014, ore 7:07 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
fludderlumpagoose 15 gen 2014, ore 16:14 
Inspector 8 gen 2014, ore 3:38 
Looks like Freelancer
ElvisonCrack 2 gen 2014, ore 18:15 
looks like freespace.
LordQuikhaxPL 30 dic 2013, ore 14:33 
Sounds a little like EvE, but actually fun to play and not boring! Looking forward to this!
Thor 29 dic 2013, ore 13:15 
Looks interesting.
hop hey la la ley 29 dic 2013, ore 4:26 
Твой отец 24 dic 2013, ore 8:02 
22 dic 2013, ore 20:48 
nice concept :)
AlphaJuliet 13 dic 2013, ore 3:46 
This game looks really interesting I'd like to try it on steam!
i don't have a qt korean gf 8 dic 2013, ore 11:48 
UI doesn't look that good, but these types of games aren't common. Why not give it a try?
pLg 5 dic 2013, ore 15:58 
Parece interessante
yoreel77 1 dic 2013, ore 20:04 
I like space combat games. This one seems interesting. I wouldn't mind trying it.
<<Ghost38rus>> 29 nov 2013, ore 23:13 
это космос
Doom_ak 19 nov 2013, ore 8:47 
intresting conseption. mb will buy
ElaiA 17 nov 2013, ore 12:47 
BoXbY 18 ott 2013, ore 4:37 
Spoon Boy 6 ott 2013, ore 10:07 
Seems interesting. EVE always seemed a bit standoffish and I never played it... This seems less "data on the screen" and "people take this life or death seriously".
Skeeter 30 set 2013, ore 3:26 
not to sure how i feel about the status ui
neblin007 28 set 2013, ore 18:30 
I just like the idea of thousands of targets out there for me to destroy! ;)
Xena Warrior Woman 15 set 2013, ore 6:13 
Already love this game - it would be great to have it added to Steam. It needs more exposure.This is one of the best of its kind out there.
HoloPJ 7 set 2013, ore 10:18 
El Geo 29 ago 2013, ore 6:30 
just downloaded this game yesterday, have been getting bored of eve online and looking for an alternative. At first i saw the graphics and thought urgh but after about an hour i just started thinking i really like the openess of the game and the freedom of movement it gives you.
In a world where graphics seem to matter more to your average idiot this game seems to be quite the opposite and should carve its own little niche due to its gameplay, even if i dislike having to level up...
9 out of 10
57mario3 28 ago 2013, ore 19:44 
If you dont already have it, You should add ship custimisation
Hairy Fairy 10 ago 2013, ore 5:50 
like starfox with exploration. It's a great idea and i'd love to give it a go. Question is, what will keep people playing it 2 months after launch?
Dangerous Dan, Pizza Man 1 ago 2013, ore 14:26 
All I can say is that it looks good.