Dieses Spiel ist jetzt auf Steam erhältlich!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, dieses Spiel zum Vertrieb über Steam zu nominieren. Weitere Informationen und einen Link zur Shopseite finden Sie unten.

Greenlight wird eingestellt. Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichungen von Spielen auf Steam finden Sie in diesem Blogeintrag.
Constant C
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TamTar0508PL 10. Juli 2015 um 8:52 Uhr 
Constant C  [Autor] 18. März 2014 um 19:56 Uhr 
We've already sent out key for groupees. most of people already got it. you might want to contact groupees's support.
Antarael Dulacré 18. März 2014 um 6:26 Uhr 
Still waiting for a Steam Key in my Groupees Bundle, anyway I'm glad the game made it to Steam and even the 360 =) Voted for it too!
Constant C  [Autor] 12. März 2014 um 1:31 Uhr 
Yes you will
[LUE] SwiftCrack 12. März 2014 um 0:29 Uhr 
Will we still get Groupees keys?
Constant C  [Autor] 11. März 2014 um 19:30 Uhr 
Our game have been released! Thanks for your patient. It will be 10% discount during the first week. Grab it while you can. :D
Constant C  [Autor] 11. März 2014 um 18:28 Uhr 
Sorry guys. We encountered some problem with our steam store page. We already contacted our AM at Valve. Hope we will get this problem sort out very soon
Plaid 11. März 2014 um 8:04 Uhr 
should be released on the 12th of this month, so, tomorrow.
[LUE] SwiftCrack 11. März 2014 um 3:44 Uhr 
It has been 07/03... still no release?
Yelora 9. März 2014 um 0:17 Uhr 
Twitch: KouenHasuki 7. März 2014 um 6:02 Uhr 
Is this ever coming out?
arnold (陶瓷刀) 6. März 2014 um 18:53 Uhr 
arnold (陶瓷刀) 27. Feb. 2014 um 3:59 Uhr 
Earl 14. Feb. 2014 um 15:56 Uhr 
This is good news that it is coming soon. I was late to wote but well it looks cool enough that no wonder it got approved without my support :)
LadySky89 26. Jan. 2014 um 19:44 Uhr 
great news :D
Constant C  [Autor] 26. Jan. 2014 um 19:24 Uhr 
We will release the game by end of February this year
melonbeton 23. Jan. 2014 um 11:55 Uhr 
Greenlit? Still not available?!
sanren 15. Jan. 2014 um 10:13 Uhr 
LadySky89 11. Jan. 2014 um 8:19 Uhr 
can't wait to finally activate this.^^
Qinba 31. Dez. 2013 um 5:31 Uhr 
psy^ 10. Dez. 2013 um 9:54 Uhr 
so glad to see this get greelit! I bought it in the greenlight bundle ages ago and it's still pretty much the only reason i load Desura Such as awesome puzzle platformer
Ice Cream 8. Dez. 2013 um 4:59 Uhr 
par2 24. Nov. 2013 um 13:17 Uhr 
加油 ... 0.0+
Chinaball 8. Nov. 2013 um 3:21 Uhr 
Kunopera 30. Okt. 2013 um 23:30 Uhr 
Constant C  [Autor] 10. Okt. 2013 um 18:54 Uhr 
Yes you will
Wynnda, Miko of the Gusta 9. Okt. 2013 um 16:22 Uhr 
will we get a key from groupees?
WriterPark 6. Sep. 2013 um 10:24 Uhr 
Wow! Korean support!
matiasm15 4. Sep. 2013 um 23:16 Uhr 
Felicitaciones, lo tengo en Desura!
Danaroth 2. Sep. 2013 um 9:08 Uhr 
Congratulations, guys; one of my favourite bundle surprises and a definite solid entry in steam library.
bluman 2. Sep. 2013 um 6:42 Uhr 
好休息~~哇咔咔 虽然没有购买 仍然要支持下~ 振奋人心啊~
Fugui Li 2. Sep. 2013 um 1:48 Uhr 
classicalfox 1. Sep. 2013 um 5:49 Uhr 
GJ~~~My bro!!!!!!!!!
许VAN强 29. Aug. 2013 um 6:50 Uhr 
Congratulations and i hope it'll come out soon
proXy 28. Aug. 2013 um 16:00 Uhr 
Congratulations for the greenlight. ^^
kalirion 28. Aug. 2013 um 10:57 Uhr 
Congrats, well deserved! Please fix the crash bugs before launching on steam :)
Sure they've only happened to me in the level selection screens inside the teleporters, and autosave made sure no progress was lost, but still annoying.
Keithster™ 28. Aug. 2013 um 10:57 Uhr 
congrats :)
bl33ding_silence 28. Aug. 2013 um 10:54 Uhr 
Congrats! Please don't forget about the Linux version!
Darth LisandreL 28. Aug. 2013 um 10:10 Uhr 
I congratulaye you with greenlit!
horrorshow 28. Aug. 2013 um 8:59 Uhr 
finally :D
arch.jslin 28. Aug. 2013 um 8:26 Uhr 
Congs on greenlit!
RoYaL_BEAR 27. Aug. 2013 um 19:20 Uhr 
sooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood
AerEE 22. Aug. 2013 um 6:43 Uhr 
Its looks like a nice game, sort of in the 2d style of limbo, i like it :)
juS 20. Aug. 2013 um 8:38 Uhr 
vote pls...let your friends and family vote for this game pls
DoktorAimless 19. Aug. 2013 um 23:59 Uhr 
Seems cool :D
Daniel Seven 18. Aug. 2013 um 12:52 Uhr 
That's such a cool game, would be nice to see it on Steam!
DimShadow7 18. Aug. 2013 um 11:39 Uhr 
This looks like a great game, I'm absolutely thrilled with the time and gravity mechanisms. I look forward to seeing what you guys do with this idea!
UniUniverse 17. Aug. 2013 um 16:30 Uhr 
Looks like fun!
Ximatsu 17. Aug. 2013 um 3:34 Uhr 
I like the idea of manipulating Time and Gravity. I hope I can play it someday ^^
|☆B3l! ✞ 16. Aug. 2013 um 11:20 Uhr 
Nice !!