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Agradecemos a sua ajuda em selecionar este jogo para ser distribuído pelo Steam. Mais informações, incluindo um link para a página na loja Steam, podem ser encontradas abaixo.

O Greenlight está chegando ao fim. Para mais informações sobre a nova maneira de enviar jogos para o Steam, acesse este artigo no blog.
Constant C
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TamTar0508PL 10/jul/2015 às 8:52 
Constant C  [autor(a)] 18/mar/2014 às 19:56 
We've already sent out key for groupees. most of people already got it. you might want to contact groupees's support.
Antarael Dulacré 18/mar/2014 às 6:26 
Still waiting for a Steam Key in my Groupees Bundle, anyway I'm glad the game made it to Steam and even the 360 =) Voted for it too!
Constant C  [autor(a)] 12/mar/2014 às 1:31 
Yes you will
[LUE] SwiftCrack 12/mar/2014 às 0:29 
Will we still get Groupees keys?
Constant C  [autor(a)] 11/mar/2014 às 19:30 
Our game have been released! Thanks for your patient. It will be 10% discount during the first week. Grab it while you can. :D
Constant C  [autor(a)] 11/mar/2014 às 18:28 
Sorry guys. We encountered some problem with our steam store page. We already contacted our AM at Valve. Hope we will get this problem sort out very soon
Plaid 11/mar/2014 às 8:04 
should be released on the 12th of this month, so, tomorrow.
[LUE] SwiftCrack 11/mar/2014 às 3:44 
It has been 07/03... still no release?
Yelora 9/mar/2014 às 0:17 
Twitch: KouenHasuki 7/mar/2014 às 6:02 
Is this ever coming out?
arnold (陶瓷刀) 6/mar/2014 às 18:53 
arnold (陶瓷刀) 27/fev/2014 às 3:59 
Earl 14/fev/2014 às 15:56 
This is good news that it is coming soon. I was late to wote but well it looks cool enough that no wonder it got approved without my support :)
LadySky89 26/jan/2014 às 19:44 
great news :D
Constant C  [autor(a)] 26/jan/2014 às 19:24 
We will release the game by end of February this year
melonbeton 23/jan/2014 às 11:55 
Greenlit? Still not available?!
sanren 15/jan/2014 às 10:13 
LadySky89 11/jan/2014 às 8:19 
can't wait to finally activate this.^^
Qinba 31/dez/2013 às 5:31 
psy^ 10/dez/2013 às 9:54 
so glad to see this get greelit! I bought it in the greenlight bundle ages ago and it's still pretty much the only reason i load Desura Such as awesome puzzle platformer
Ice Cream 8/dez/2013 às 4:59 
par2 24/nov/2013 às 13:17 
加油 ... 0.0+
Chinaball 8/nov/2013 às 3:21 
Kunopera 30/out/2013 às 23:30 
Constant C  [autor(a)] 10/out/2013 às 18:54 
Yes you will
Wynnda, Miko of the Gusta 9/out/2013 às 16:22 
will we get a key from groupees?
WriterPark 6/set/2013 às 10:24 
Wow! Korean support!
matiasm15 4/set/2013 às 23:16 
Felicitaciones, lo tengo en Desura!
Danaroth 2/set/2013 às 9:08 
Congratulations, guys; one of my favourite bundle surprises and a definite solid entry in steam library.
bluman 2/set/2013 às 6:42 
好休息~~哇咔咔 虽然没有购买 仍然要支持下~ 振奋人心啊~
Fugui Li 2/set/2013 às 1:48 
classicalfox 1/set/2013 às 5:49 
GJ~~~My bro!!!!!!!!!
许VAN强 29/ago/2013 às 6:50 
Congratulations and i hope it'll come out soon
proXy 28/ago/2013 às 16:00 
Congratulations for the greenlight. ^^
kalirion 28/ago/2013 às 10:57 
Congrats, well deserved! Please fix the crash bugs before launching on steam :)
Sure they've only happened to me in the level selection screens inside the teleporters, and autosave made sure no progress was lost, but still annoying.
Keithster™ 28/ago/2013 às 10:57 
congrats :)
bl33ding_silence 28/ago/2013 às 10:54 
Congrats! Please don't forget about the Linux version!
Darth LisandreL 28/ago/2013 às 10:10 
I congratulaye you with greenlit!
horrorshow 28/ago/2013 às 8:59 
finally :D
arch.jslin 28/ago/2013 às 8:26 
Congs on greenlit!
RoYaL_BEAR 27/ago/2013 às 19:20 
sooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood
AerEE 22/ago/2013 às 6:43 
Its looks like a nice game, sort of in the 2d style of limbo, i like it :)
juS 20/ago/2013 às 8:38 
vote pls...let your friends and family vote for this game pls
DoktorAimless 19/ago/2013 às 23:59 
Seems cool :D
Daniel Seven 18/ago/2013 às 12:52 
That's such a cool game, would be nice to see it on Steam!
DimShadow7 18/ago/2013 às 11:39 
This looks like a great game, I'm absolutely thrilled with the time and gravity mechanisms. I look forward to seeing what you guys do with this idea!
UniUniverse 17/ago/2013 às 16:30 
Looks like fun!
Ximatsu 17/ago/2013 às 3:34 
I like the idea of manipulating Time and Gravity. I hope I can play it someday ^^
|☆B3l! ✞ 16/ago/2013 às 11:20 
Nice !!