Adopt Beast Kids
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minikane  [author] 18 hours ago 
@GingerAce make sure the mod is installed and listed on ur mod list ( make sure u also have the needed DLC and have completeed 1st dark brotherhood mission) :)
GingerAce 20 hours ago 
mine arnt in the orphanage and i have all the requirements
San666 Jul 7 @ 9:13am 
@minikane Yeah, I watched 'em a while. They indeed did shrink again. :D Really awesome! Love my little khajiit-child! :3
minikane  [author] Jul 7 @ 8:51am 
@San666 if the child has grew in size they normaly return to the child size soon after :) (i cant confirm this thou as it can be effected by other mods and all PCs are diferent)
San666 Jul 6 @ 10:54am 
Really awesome. :) but is there a way that they'll get child-size again? o.o
TheDodgyUkrainian Jul 2 @ 3:43pm 
i waited a few hours and Jzara didnt shrink down.Also when they sleep in lakeview on double bed they sink into it snd their bodies seemed melded into the mattress
TheDodgyUkrainian Jul 2 @ 3:39pm 
yeah i encountered the child getting big glitch
minikane  [author] Jul 1 @ 2:09am 
@TheDodgyUkrainian no prob :) enjoy :D
TheDodgyUkrainian Jun 30 @ 2:05pm 
Awesome thanks Minikane:)
minikane  [author] Jun 30 @ 12:30pm 
@TheDodgyUkrainian if you use a multiple adoption mod you can adopt more than 2 :)
TheDodgyUkrainian Jun 30 @ 12:04pm 
what if you use multiple adoption mods?Great mod btw:)Thank you
minikane  [author] Jun 30 @ 7:39am 
@TheDodgyUkrainian yes (remember thou, u can only adopt 2 kids in the game)
TheDodgyUkrainian Jun 29 @ 8:41pm 
is this compatible with my little kitty mod ?
minikane  [author] Jun 28 @ 4:22pm 
@Whitesnowpaw " Do not give kids clothing as gifts! ( They can not ware child cloths) " i have said in the description :/ u have to load a older save to fix it :/
Whitesnowpaw Jun 28 @ 1:39pm 
They become naked when you give them clothes. Pleaqse fix that
minikane  [author] Jun 21 @ 8:27am 
@drakacc make sure the mod is installed (listed) and complete the 1st dark brotherhood mission ( you need DLC Hearthfire)
drakacc Jun 21 @ 2:00am 
i went to riften before the dark brother hood quest and their not there where are they?
Weasel Jun 12 @ 12:01am 
(Demo man) your so tiny
minikane  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:17pm 
@Skeleton King wait 24hours (ingame) should work (+ make sure they have a bed ready)
Skeleton King Jun 10 @ 1:01pm 
so I adopted two beast kids, and they went to my house, but they keep leaving when i get there. They keep saying "just let me get my things and say goodbye to everyone"
Wolfmaster May 30 @ 9:29pm 
i too have foofys glitch that needs to be fixed
jaderive May 29 @ 8:35pm 
if they cant wear teh in game kids clothes u can buy , because of the "change" is there clothes u can give them or pehaps maybe u might be able to craft clothes for then o.o ^^ , also their voices, are they human sounding voices or kajitt and argonian sounding, , im hoping top find something like this but keeping to game style in regards to voices
Foofy May 25 @ 6:31am 
It annoys me, there is a bug that makes the kids grow big when they do something. When they are done they shrink down to their normal size again. Also, you should remove the dialoge where the Khajiit male says "I was named after the sound the lion makes. Roooaaarrrr!" it doesn't fit. And also, a mistake EVERYONE seems to make, Khajiit females do NOT have apostrophes in their names. Males only. So the female Khajiit's name should be Jzara, NOT J'Zara. Please fix that.
minikane  [author] May 24 @ 3:47am 
@Vampire Queen ok :)
Vampire Lord May 23 @ 11:23am 
well i moved again and she's wearing shoes now :)
minikane  [author] May 23 @ 7:24am 
@Vampire Queen this mod has nothing to do with Sofie, what ever is happening is an errer on your end sorry :/ i can not fix this
Vampire Lord May 22 @ 12:37pm 
also i adopted a homeless girl sofie but when i give her clothes she never wears any shoes
Vampire Lord May 22 @ 8:16am 
i did but ive moved to proudspire manor and its fixed now :)
minikane  [author] May 22 @ 8:12am 
@Vampire Queen wait 24hours :) (in game)
Vampire Lord May 21 @ 5:35am 
ok so i have hearthfire now but ive adopted 2 khajiits girl and boy but the girl runs home and all she says is: im so exited, and so does boy, but the boy khajiit stays in the yard of honourhall orphange?!
Vampire Lord May 20 @ 7:25pm 
cant get it :(
minikane  [author] May 20 @ 12:46pm 
@boots.com86 u need Hearthfire DLC (Downloadable Content)
Vampire Lord May 19 @ 8:36pm 
ok so i download and skyrim just automatically shuts down
Chachi May 15 @ 6:23pm 
oh nvm found it
Chachi May 15 @ 6:22pm 
what dlc is this?
Penguin Gaming Apr 26 @ 12:23pm 
This is awesome I got a lizard son his so BA!
hotdogecat Apr 20 @ 4:34pm 
Hmm, I really wanted to just get this but I already have the my little kitty mod and I have no idea if it'll mess it up cause J'Zara is a cutie ;w;
minikane  [author] Apr 19 @ 4:35am 
@SkullCrusher180 It may be a idea to switch all mods off but this one and see if you still have the problem :) ? if so i have no idea what could be causing this :/
minikane  [author] Apr 18 @ 11:05am 
@SkullCrusher180 that mod should case no probelms ( unless they effect the kids in the orphanage) It may help to move the load order of the mods :)
SkullCrusher180 Apr 18 @ 4:22am 
@minikane I have no mods in riften at all, let alone the kids, i do have 1 children affecting mod, it makes kids killable, could that be it? id love to be able to have khajiit kids, if you check any of my skyrim screenshots you see im useually a khajiit ( a modded variation of it ) But i had that mod before this bug started to happen, i remember going to the orphaage and seeing the beast kids for awhile in that modded form, but still, im a khajiit fan, and id love to have khajiit kids under me and my khajiit wife ( i had her installed too before the bug, but after getting the mod.
minikane  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:47am 
@SkullCrusher180 this is an unknown bug to me, i will look into it :) (please make sure u have no mods that could be conflicting with the children in any way)
SkullCrusher180 Apr 17 @ 4:14pm 
@minikane im haveing a bug, that there still nords but there just adult size... they have there normal names to, so.. please patch this.
minikane  [author] Apr 10 @ 3:06pm 
@Farran the Poisoner nope, no limit, but i thoght with the limit of only 2 children being adopted there was no need to keep the old :P
Farran The Poisoner Apr 9 @ 1:58am 
Ah okay that's alright i guess. Is it because there is like a limit to how many kids can be in the orphanage or something?
minikane  [author] Apr 8 @ 11:40am 
@Farran the Poisoner only 3 kids are replaced. (one is left human) :)
Farran The Poisoner Apr 6 @ 8:03am 
Your warning says they replace the kids in the orphanage, but in your screenshots i can see one of the human kids. Just wondering, do the other kids disappear upon using this mod? Cause even though i won't adopt the human kids, i don't really want them to be removed.
Super Dude [DK] Apr 6 @ 5:21am 
Thanks! I was looking for some mod like this, but can you add some orcs too, that would be so Awesome!
SkyCraft Mar 29 @ 9:04am 
Yay! I've always been wanting a Khajiit kid!

Feral Kevin Mar 7 @ 4:46pm 
don't give them clothes and don't feed them after midnight! ;-)
minikane  [author] Mar 2 @ 2:22pm 
@CMC.Applebloom sadly no :( she is one of the non-adoptable children from my other mod