Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

Bounders and Cads
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Serjskiy 9. heinä 8.19 
iDisOrder 3. heinä 0.44 
you guys understand that when you 'jokingly' vote yes to greenlight these games, the devs actually waste money continuing these hoping enuf of u klowns will buy it?

this was a really cruel joke.
diegorodriguesravnos 21. kesä 21.31 
Parece bom para jogar com os amigos.
Dexter 21. kesä 13.47 
Seems like a good idea. I would like to see a more indepth look soon.
Undead 21. kesä 6.58 
Hozay 21. kesä 1.22 
Pint-Sized Slasher 20. kesä 23.52 
looks like it could be good, but needs to be expanded upon with maps and the such.
Liath 20. kesä 16.25 
The Wolf King 6. kesä 23.58 
Looks good but from what i saw its only one map and it didnt really go in depth on the different things you can do
Hillimann 6. kesä 12.14 
Nice game
Mixx 4. kesä 10.57 
Nice I like table game!
The Commissar 30. touko 14.30 
Agreed with Drakon, always loved a table top
ionutudor2012 24. touko 5.38 
Drakon 20. touko 10.52 
I've always loved table-like games. This have my vote.
launie 19. touko 21.49 
iTD_ 17. touko 8.50 
looks cool :)
MADL 16. touko 14.35 
hey_tabor 13. touko 21.52 
looks like a variation on "life", I would buy it if it were less than 3 dollars
ChaosFX 4. touko 13.57 
Looks good, I would probably pay a dollar or something for it
Smaragddrache 2. touko 7.05 
Nothing for me, it's looks like a mario party clon, with some changes
[S]higoO 28. huhti 6.53 
looks fun!
JuanRavL 19. huhti 7.40 
LOL, looks fun!
ɛҲҘ 13. huhti 7.15 
looks fun
SWEDENskaraNEPPOZ XZ 26. maalis 8.18 
|Unle4shed| 23. maalis 7.41 
i like the music :o
|O|Pzyc|H|oo|I|T| 19. maalis 7.39 
it looks very funny :D
† ©haøtikÐem † 9. maalis 1.07 
MrNinjaSquirrel 27. helmi 21.26 
Always up for more board games on Steam, but I have to say 1.) the trailer is rather poor quality at least in terms of showcasing the gameplay, and 2.) I think the title isn't particularly memorable or catchy, so I'd suggest perhaps changing it (although I have no great suggestion as to what to).

Anyway, upvote from me for sure, hope to see more of this.
[GOH] Master of Holland 19. helmi 11.41 
Jeff 8. helmi 22.28 
PRO IGROK2011 TOP RIKI 28. tammi 6.03 
Dead Mario 20. tammi 9.09 
HeisenDoge 28. joulu, 2013 5.31 
The core game looks good, but the trailer doesn't seem to be doing it justice. It plays like a board game which I get, but is there a way to see the more unique aspects of the game in it? Also, does local coop mean no online play? I feel like this game needs online multiplayer to thrive, especially on steam.
farinarsch 25. joulu, 2013 4.09 
Lf Sata 20. joulu, 2013 11.14 
not bad idea 4 game
hstwsr 16. joulu, 2013 12.26 
might be fun
bl_5ca 13. joulu, 2013 9.07 
Ignasi 24. marras, 2013 0.47 
Another trailer.
Jambon 16. marras, 2013 8.05 
Looks interesting but that trailer sucks - a video showing a little more than just pawns moving would be nice.
mescaline 9. marras, 2013 10.29 
Tomatos 3. marras, 2013 12.03 
я голосую только чтоб значок в стим получить) Хотя задумка интересня
Tillie™ 3. marras, 2013 3.37 
I'd only upvote this if it had online multiplayer.

For now, I'm not too convinced.
Maria Ushiromiya 21. loka, 2013 0.12 
SanrinSei 4. loka, 2013 7.20 
Монополия мне интересна исключительно как настольная игра, а не на PC
Sauce 2. loka, 2013 0.06 
Looks like a great game to play when taking a reak from other games
Swordmaster Jubei 11. syys, 2013 18.35 
It looks like a fun game to play for the reason of just plain goofiness.
Dunny600 29. elo, 2013 5.14 
Looks pretty cool!
Cazema 28. elo, 2013 15.36 
It looks fun!
SeGGA* 5. elo, 2013 11.01 
Color game is best
Lord Necro 22. heinä, 2013 20.41 
looks like a fun game to play on a rainy day