Faction: Pit Fighter
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One day sollius was naked (o.O) and the next he was gone. help?
channelmilo 15 okt @ 3:24pm 
So I have some ideas for new arenas:
Solstheim- Reavers and Werebears
Blackreach- Falmer, Chaurus and Automatons
Forgotten Vale- Frost Giants, Vampires
Tbros 13 okt @ 8:15am 
is this compatible with Windhelm:Bigger and Bolder?
JebuNagazi 13 okt @ 3:45am 
This looks like a really cool mod:) But dont know if i dare to download it...
I got big memory problems at it is right now in Windhelm & 50/50 chance of crashing every time i go there so this mod will prolly fry my PC, hehe!

But if i get a better Graficard i defenently will download this one:D
The Devil's Advocate 12 okt @ 8:58pm 
Cool mod, shame it's not on the Nexus.
Jak Balmont 11 okt @ 11:27pm 
were is the pit
codey.swann 10 okt @ 12:55pm 
The Pit training center is not there for me i tried to figure out what was wrong but i couldnt figure it out
atlanticblue 10 okt @ 4:21am 
JustShawn 9 okt @ 5:34pm 
how do i download from workshop?
Mael Sholjhaes 6 okt @ 6:36pm 
Anyone know the item code for the Adamantium Blade? I really like Dual Wielding...
vkizzle 4 okt @ 8:22am 
vkizzle 4 okt @ 8:21am 
could you please add some sound for the arenas? like screaming people and cheering fans and so on. that would bring so much immersion and an awesome feeling with such a little addition
trololol 30 sep @ 10:26pm 
Every time I enable this mod it crashes at the bethesda logo. Any advice?
The Slender Man 27 sep @ 4:42pm 
lol@ Where is the grey quarter in Windhelm.. Really guys? like.. Really?
furi3gam1ng 26 sep @ 2:53am 
i also killed the doorman...
furi3gam1ng 26 sep @ 2:51am 
i talk to the door man but nothing happens, he just tells me to go away
Renegade 20:16 25 sep @ 3:23pm 
i cant talk to faldan
HARBINGER 25 sep @ 10:00am 
garrettKLG 21 sep @ 7:45am 
where is the grey quarter in windhelm
T600INFILTRATOR 16 sep @ 9:18pm 
Oh thank god! I restarted my game and reloaded the mods at the start. Don't know why it fixed.
T600INFILTRATOR 16 sep @ 9:08pm 
Has anybody found a fix for Sirollus Carbo or is in contact with thirteen oranges? He dissapeared and I'm getting really pissed off that I can't finish. But this is one of the best mods I've ever played.
ScoffSlaphead72 16 sep @ 11:58am 
is this compatible with dawn of windhelm and jk windhelm ( I have them both installed together)
The Jewish Squid, Charles. 15 sep @ 5:08pm 
I downloaded the mod, and had fun for 1-2 fights, but I was wondering, is there a story of some sort? Like, I just fight in an arena over and over and that's it? Just seemed a little disappointing.
Bigush 14 sep @ 12:16am 
cant talk to anyone what happened?
Passeris 13 sep @ 10:32pm 
Is this mod compatable with Open Cities?
Metalcrusher 258 13 sep @ 1:35pm 
does this require SKSE?
eslagle7 9 sep @ 3:53pm 
does anyone know how to make it so that the NPCs are in the training hall? after the 1st pit fight, they disappeared
captainsharkies 7 sep @ 5:06pm 
There is know one in the pits any help?
bigbaddog9 6 sep @ 4:33pm 
i cant talk to anybody please help
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR 2 sep @ 11:39pm 
This is an awesome mod, you should add it to the Skyrim Mod's Wiki. http://tes-mods.wikia.com/wiki/Skyrim_Mods
willywheeler1 1 sep @ 10:20am 
is it compatible with requiem?
Fearful Snake 29 aug @ 5:43pm 
So, I noticed I can visit The Pit in Windhelm, but what about the others pits you fight in, like the Ratway one, or the Fort/Orc-Stronghold one. Are we able to visit those, aswell as the training rooms?
***Damn Good Cop*** 28 aug @ 1:44pm 
Where is the download link for this mod please?
[CK] Dimie 27 aug @ 1:01am 
is this a fixed/work around version of the pit fighter area files that where already in the game?
Wizzard 26 aug @ 10:31pm 
This mod has a "no fights scheduled" issue that MANY of these comments complain about. However, there seems to be nobody responding with a working fix.
Molag Bal 22 aug @ 7:16am 
I truly believe Gaiden Shinji would be honored by this.
chandlerlemons59 21 aug @ 3:02pm 
I'm having problems starting this quest line, is there a specific level requirement or anything? I can't find Gerich, Sirollus or Falden. Any advice/input appreciated.
Thorin Oakenshield 21 aug @ 1:04am 
uhm is there any mod that gives me that strong warm colour to the game like in the 1st two pictures of the mod? it would help if it were on steam, thanks :P
[P-K Admin] Freezer Burn 19 aug @ 1:42pm 
i love the immersion and lore friendlyness and is a great mod its running smoothly no crashes and no lag, my only complaint though is that you get to the tournament and you fight only once, i mean you go to the arena you bring all these fighters, but you only fight once, which wouldnt be a problem if the dialog Gerich gave you was skippable, not that it sounds bad or anything, but it does get annoying to hear every time. to make this mod more arena or tournament like, you would have to make tiered (is that the right spelling?) so you fight prisoners, then when you win you go onto fight animals, then warriors or gladiators, and then finally you fight the champion. thanks for fully reading this- if you did- and please consider these.
™prince™ 19 aug @ 1:47am 
how can i download this ????
austinjblades 18 aug @ 8:12am 
StuntCock 14 aug @ 2:48am 
i agree hassel does not talk =(
supercatviii 11 aug @ 12:35pm 
great mod is fun to play and i like that npc's give side quests, ty for making really well done
Pedobeer 9 aug @ 6:07pm 
Hassel doesn't talk! can you fix it?
angeloma000 9 aug @ 3:43pm 
can you put this on the nexus there is only spanish one there if not il just get it here
awhelansmall88 9 aug @ 6:18am 
when i go to the gray quarter where the training hall should be there is a pillar can anyone tell me why this might be happening
mshithead 8 aug @ 4:56am 
This mod was very good. However i still miss that epic voice from oblivion. That was just plain awesome. Since then i am looking for a mod that does just the same but they are often too script intensive or just not complete. So this is the golden middle road. Not too much scripting and above all safe/stable.
An Faolchú Games 6 aug @ 8:20pm 
I wish the enemies were harder. So I can fight hard and maybe just maybe die hard.
An Faolchú Games 6 aug @ 8:20pm 
@BLAZE you go to the gray quarter and by the stolen goods place you can enter the training hall.
BLAZE_ 6 aug @ 8:19pm 
how do i start this?