Faction: Pit Fighter
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Night Owl 28 de Ene a las 6:29 
I'm having an issue with actually going to the pit fights. I'll talk to Gerich and ask to go somewhere, and he'll say his line, but then I'm never transported to the arena. Any ideas how I can fix this?
regnagelppod 27 de Ene a las 16:31 
Was fun. I like this mod and think it could be really good with some polish.
ONE NOTED BUG - Sirollus Carbo would never lay in his bed, would "lay" in it but at a 45 degree angle to the bed.

Things I'd Like to see:
1. Would like to see two manaquines in the trophy room instead of boxes.
2. Would LOVE to see a scripting for OTHER pit fighters to challege you sometimes since you can challenge them.
3. Also maybe make a bigger area for the pit fights, like a ren fair type thing, at least for the tournament. It would be cool to talk to other fighters before matchs and buy and sell things from vendors around the world.
4. And, don't know how hard it would be but npcs talk about fighting other pit fighters and living but you have to kill to win and you die if you lose.
5. Thought of this while typing. GAMBLING, you should be able to bet on matchs!
cstpierre 25 de Ene a las 15:06 
Quite possibly the coolest questline mod I've ever seen, especially with the travels add on. Travelling all over tamriel to slaughter some random things and get payed for it? Not sure what more I could ask for!
I wish it was a little less crashy, but other than that, I think it might very well be about the awesomest mod ever!
Homakee 25 de Ene a las 8:04 
all i hear is bad reviews and you wont even put it on nexus. i guess its a good thing that i cant download it
The Friendly Heavy c: 25 de Ene a las 3:40 
@Nejerkka Whenever you go up to a new rank one of the members might ask you to do something for them. These quests are pretty short, but some of them tell a bit of the backstory behind some of the members. Whenever you have reached a new rank, try talking to some of the members and see if they want something.
bloodshare8 24 de Ene a las 13:55 
Its cool you got on youtube with that guy so cool
dragonwolf1001 24 de Ene a las 13:22 
the pit fighter training area isnt there
Nejerkka 19 de Ene a las 9:29 
The character say the exact same words all the time.
There is no other point than killing, which is possible in just any place you want in the base game.
Isn't there some way to make it look like a guild, such as giving some quests, giving some background to the characters ?
Because for all that I saw, and I finished this quest, I found it boring, sorry.
KaiserofIreland 17 de Ene a las 19:21 
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scionihil 14 de Ene a las 18:02 
sooooo i go to doorman and try to get in (in windhelm) started a new nord for kicks.. i cant persuade him.. lvl 8. just circles from trying to persuade him to '...' then persuade and get rejected again. i didnt go to the bar to play this and now i have the same thing happening here. any advise?
God Himself 12 de Ene a las 13:18 
When I subscribe, it won't go into Data Files.
nikolaimarz 11 de Ene a las 17:25 
I did the first fight but now whenever I schedule a fight I enter the arena to find no opponent. Help???
pheonixflight23 11 de Ene a las 16:46 
not to sound dumb or anything....but i can't find where to join?
CrackBackCody 9 de Ene a las 21:43 
when i show up at the pit fighter base only one person is there
LORENZZO MACONKELLA 7 de Ene a las 12:33 
hey im trying to spectate fights but the doorman wont let me in =(
S.T.A.N.K.O. 6 de Ene a las 10:07 
Pretty much what Jacksin said. It's a shame dude.
David Anarchy 4 de Ene a las 1:53 
I saw nothing bad about this mod. The closest you'll to the oblivion arena system.
¿ 3 de Ene a las 20:18 
i ran this fine no problems threw steam. i had issue's witht his mod crashing my game it took me a while to figure out i use a lot of your other mods but this one is buggy .
jacksin125 3 de Ene a las 19:27 
I'm just going to let you know, your mods look great, but there are tons of people, including me, who will never download them because the steam workshop is completely incapable of installing mods for Skyrim without causing some sort of problem. You should really have an alternative place for people to download your stuff.
supermelon928 2 de Ene a las 21:42 
so i feel like it's been several in-game days since my first fight, and i can't start a second one. he says a fight isn't scheduled right now. is this normal?
POMATOES 31 de Dic, 2014 a las 1:14 
Well , I found it . But the door is gone . Maybe is the download problem ?
Kanin 30 de Dic, 2014 a las 13:21 
great mod! one of my favorites really! However I recently traded up to a newer computer and when I went to load my saves with my favorite character my unique weapons which I got from this mod where gone. The mod loads fine otherwise but I really miss that unique axe the half-troll dropped is there any way to get it back? console id?
ollyh1202 30 de Dic, 2014 a las 11:39 
I cant go to the new locations in the add on help please?
FireShadow 29 de Dic, 2014 a las 11:21 
so it said in the description that this is not entirely compatable with mods that make the cities open to the rest of the world, but do you know if it would work for a mod that just adds additional exits?
cmason8856 23 de Dic, 2014 a las 19:46 
@ PH1LBRO: Hit the subscribe button.
@ xvxM4X1MU5xvx: The Grey Quarter is the entire area to the right of Windhelm's main entrance.
@Rawrplaque: It's beside the New Gnesis club.
PH1LBR0 22 de Dic, 2014 a las 20:48 
xvxM4X1MU5xvx 20 de Dic, 2014 a las 22:20 
where in the world is the 'grey quarters?' plus i have a building in winterhold (or windhelm?) (the one without ulfric) but it just says 'open wooden door' and it opens like a building door (just a crack) but doesnt put me in it. help?
Lavius888 19 de Dic, 2014 a las 17:38 
how to download it?
Rawrplague 19 de Dic, 2014 a las 16:02 
where exactly is the fighter pit door in windhelm next to ? like I am having difficulty finding it lol
Oorslavich 14 de Dic, 2014 a las 23:01 
For some dumb ass reason it won't initiate the download when I subscribe...
My brother has it and it seems really good, but I can't install it :(

* As a side note I seem totally incapable of installing anything atm... F*cking bullshit.
Dalamite 14 de Dic, 2014 a las 3:07 
Is this compatible with Bigger and Bolder: Windhelm? The mod doesn't really do much to the gray quarter besides adding some more houses, but it DOES add a locked door that can't be opened, presumably where the pit would be.
Fishywish 9 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:35 
Aside from the other comments that I've seen, my experience is purely positive and I love this mod! Keep up the good work.
Dirty_Jackal 6 de Dic, 2014 a las 21:22 
can i get names of all the weapons and armors thair are? i got 2 of the shields the blades from the tree elfs and the hammer from the paladins place am i missing anything or how do i get the others if i have missed them
Stilgar 5 de Dic, 2014 a las 16:23 
looks good
Модный кактус 5 de Dic, 2014 a las 4:31 
When i travel to other province guys from this mod attack me(Paladins)
Twitchy 30 de Nov, 2014 a las 16:43 
@arsenyt You have to collect your payment from Sirollus before you can start a new fight.
Manus812 27 de Nov, 2014 a las 11:25 
All the NPC's in the Training Hall have gone missing
arsenyt 24 de Nov, 2014 a las 9:33 
so, after I've finished the quest and I want to pick a fight, the Fight Announcer says that no fights are scheudled at the moment. He said it multiple times. What do I do?
Pvprod 21 de Nov, 2014 a las 9:54 
Ok so Gerish doesn't seem to be in the trainning place?
Pvprod 21 de Nov, 2014 a las 9:50 
Been the the area... 3 people in training place... nothing else i could find in that quater... how do i start this...
Rikon3 16 de Nov, 2014 a las 17:00 
Ok so whenever i talk to one of the characters in this mod(Mainly the one who gies you the fights) i click on the option for what i want to say and nothing happens. the dialouge choice doesnt dissapear and i still cant choose what i want to say someone please help me i really wanna try this mod
Super Average 16 de Nov, 2014 a las 14:06 
Critical Actors keep disappearing! I lost an elf from the trio, couldnt finish the fight and was stuck in the pit. Now Gerrick doesnt show up when we travel to the arena so i cant start the fight.
j.ian38 13 de Nov, 2014 a las 23:16 
Do the fights not allow you to carry anything? I'm nowhere near being over encumbered yet it says I can't leave for my fight cause I'm encumbered
awsome_name_here 9 de Nov, 2014 a las 15:54 
i cant marry irish chick :(
AdrenalineX 8 de Nov, 2014 a las 10:08 
Really curious why you wouldn't put this on Nexus, it will do well...
the Fox leader of (SOTF) 4 de Nov, 2014 a las 11:16 
and its not there
the Fox leader of (SOTF) 4 de Nov, 2014 a las 11:15 
the place is gone help i went to the grey quarters in windhelm :(
Urinatix 3 de Nov, 2014 a las 22:20 
it seems i am not the only one having a issue with Sirollus dissapearing, or there being no fights scedualed for weeks....
divinedesign09 3 de Nov, 2014 a las 17:00 
this is my favorite mod but it hardly works anymore the other team never spawns and then your just screwwed i wish there was at least a timer so i am not trapped in the arena every time i try to fight
jonfortunately 3 de Nov, 2014 a las 15:38 
I gained several titles and have been enjoying this mod, but now I can't seem to level it up anymore and if I select the only fight I've not done (fight champion from other areas), I show up and all of my fellow fighters attack me before the match. Anyone have any clue how to correct this?