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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Faction: Pit Fighter
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Dayto 5月22日下午5:04 
@MohakPheonix do you have open world wind helm Due to the start of this mod being in Windhelm, Open Cities Windhelm will not let you access this mods main features (the faction)
MohakPheonix 5月14日下午11:53 
I can SE the fights happening and bet on it.. but the pitfighter DOOR , by the side of the shop in Windhelm, isn't spawning
Achillese 5月14日上午8:35 
there is one for each champion fight
roycozine 5月13日上午8:57 
is the unique weapons only from the fights in diffrernt provinces or is thereone for each fight
Proletariat #4 5月13日上午1:15 
The area loads up and I can join the faction but when I try and click on the option to start a fight it won't advance. Nothing happens I am unable to say it to the NPC
Proletariat #4 5月13日上午1:14 
So I can't click on any of the dialog in the game
Duxio Aven 4月30日下午12:57 
So I just started the mod, I had done the first fight in the Windhelm pit, against the animals, so I selected the next one, the riften rat ways. It loaded, and I was there for about 2 seconds, then it CTD. Any clue why that is?
Achillese 4月29日上午2:30 
The most fun I can have on skyrim is with this its add on dance of death and quick reflexes perk
Achillese 4月29日上午2:29 
Amazing mod
Gavinderjeet 4月19日上午8:08 
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Rees 4月14日下午10:15 
Really good. But when I grab the Adamantium Blade, it doesn't go into my inventory?
dormdude 4月13日下午9:33 
Seemed like such a profesionally made mod it's a shame it does not work. I tried 3 different fights all of them borken. 2 of the fights i didn't even have an opponet i went into no clip to see if maybe he had glitched through the floor or something but there was no opponent anywhere in the map. Another I was supposed to be fighting a team but when i got into the arena there was only 1 enemy and when i killed him nothing happened. I looked armohnd and was unable to interact with anything so i assume that one is broken as well.
Math 4月12日下午1:27 
just dialog-fight-dialog-fight.. fun for 15 minutes... but yea it was not so bad.
Abustarex 4月10日下午4:03 
Tʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜɪs ᴍᴏᴅɪꜰɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇᴅ ✔
✯ToBi✯ 4月2日上午2:51 
Really boring mod just reapet fight 24/7 ,

2/10 Dont bother download.
Vinniekliennie 3月22日上午7:47 
any chance you gong to port your mods over to sksse?
Grumple Stilskin 3月19日上午8:06 
There's a spanish version of your mod on Nexus by some guy named Jalmpitt. Dunno if that's allowed or not.
DovahCat375 3月10日下午1:13 
do yu dislike the nexus or something? just wondering. im not asking for it, i dont use nexus anyways.
[MNI] McSkeeto 3月5日上午10:03 
Can you please make it so whenever you want to take a trophy item the others stay in their place. I really want some of the items but can't take them.
_retro 3月4日下午12:25 
What's the ENB in the screenshots? Looks really nice and doesn't look like it darkens interiors to the point where it's unplayable either.
kitten666 2月25日上午4:06 
awww dis is crashing my game
gamesglitchesandguides 2月21日下午7:55 
kinda wondering why you wont put it on nexus, not that i have a problem with that (way easier to instal here) just a personal preferance? and are you aware somebody uploaded a spanish version of the same mod on nexus?
lucas 2月13日上午10:53 
i cant get into the arena because the doorman wont let me in.
Potato Crusher 2月10日下午9:59 
Really Awesome
Zyntheos 1月24日上午9:41 
Hey ThirteenOranges see once I've Ironed out any issues with Converted/Adapted & Open Cities version do you mind if I uplaed it and give you he Credits and Link them to this Page.
Zyntheos 1月23日上午10:27 
Hey ThirteenOranges I adapted your MOD for my personal use for SkyrimSE even created an Merged Plugin for your Main & DLC & Open Cities Version was wondering if you wanted a copy to testout and help see if theres any bugs and if it meets your standard?
Genocidal 1月17日下午7:14 
Is this available for the SE version?
Something Fierce 1月16日下午3:43 
they feel a little underdeveloped you say... well, it for sure feels like a vanilla faction. Great mod btw
Pokemon98125 1月13日下午9:57 
It feels a lot like a vanilla faction. The characters felt a little underdeveloped, but other than that it extremely well made. I particularly enjoyed all of foreign arenas 8.5/10. Thank you vary much for making it.
Cleareranimal81 1月3日下午2:27 
You should seriously consider putting this on the xbox one and ps4 if possible. I personally love the mod and would love to have it on my console. Keep up the good work though.
The Running Man 2016年12月30日下午3:06 
Andy 2016年12月15日下午12:57 
Can you add this to nexus skyrim special edition
SoundPulse 2016年12月12日下午5:46 
Since apparently theres ZERO hints as to where this actual mod is specificly at in windhelm, where is it? (Not the Dock district Doorman)
qHo3q79 2016年12月7日下午12:12 
There some missing charaters in the hall training room, I've seen a couple of videos about this mod and there're supposed to be several of them, but the only ones that I are actually there are the guy that brings you to the arenas and the chief. By the way, there some places missing, I mean the arenas, not all of them, but a couple.
If anyone got any idea about this, please tell me.
ben.biaesch 2016年12月5日下午11:22 
The entrance is not in windhelm. Ran around for half an our, reinstalled the mod but its is not there. in the gnisis cornerclub there is an elf talking about the pit fighters, but i cant join. bullshit
FR [IronWolf] 2016年12月4日上午7:08 
Hi :)

After my first fight, Gerich keeps telling me no fights are scheduled. I tried waiting 4/5 ingame days, but still nothing. Do I have to lvl up or something ?
Hawkclaw 2016年12月3日下午10:51 
So I just wanted to say this is my first time playing with this mod, and I was dumbfounded and awestruck by the voice acting. It's just as good, if not better, than vanilla Skyrim. I was expecting the normal slightly-low-quality stuff, like in Wyrmstooth. I was not expecting professional-quality voice acting. Well done.
ldwhitt 2016年12月1日上午9:59 
When is this coming to Skyrim Special Edition?
The Blitzkrieg (G.E.W.H) 2016年11月30日下午5:38 
my issue is this, after a few or so fights the pit fighters decide they cant find any more fights to put me in so im stuck waiting forever to be put in more fights. how can i speed up the process?
Eye of Agamotto 2016年11月21日下午8:24 
where exactlyon the right? with the doorman?
Sifu- Al maharib محارب 2016年11月20日下午12:26 
To start the mod u need to go Windhelm, and there should be entrence somwhere on the right.
Sabin07 2016年11月19日上午2:17 
When is this going to be available on the Nexus?
ASSASSIN 2016年11月18日下午1:29 
i cant see an arena
[C]rownie 2016年11月13日上午6:26 
How do you start this mod?
Nevexine 2016年11月12日下午11:46 
Uuuuh I took the chest that said "Do Not Delete" what does it do?
Harmless Kitten 2016年11月7日下午7:11 
Nexus mod manger says it requires dawnguard. why is this?
ChaoticJestrick 2016年11月7日上午1:50 
Can anyone give me a list of all creatures that fight in the arena.
4:20 pm 2016年10月23日上午3:21 
Absolutely incredible mod aswell as the expansion. I tip my hat to you sir.
=DRK= Forgetti 2016年10月17日下午5:23 
edit: they say you gave them permission but just checking with you to see if you actually did.
=DRK= Forgetti 2016年10月17日下午5:21 
someone potentally stole your mod and put it on the nexus:

they pretty much copied the file description

but yeah. just bringing this to your attention.