The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Faction: Pit Fighter
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Icarus 29 Ago às 8:57 
sorry to be an annoyance but where did you learn to create the sigil and banners for your mod, personally I'm having some trouble getting my textures to work properly
Fried Lemon 29 Ago às 3:47 
I have no mod installed that changes Windhelm (no open cities, no towns and villages enhanced,...) but anyhow the pit is simply not there? I even watched 2 videos on youtube to be sure but the entrance is simply not where it should be (grey quarter)...
Eternalplague96 28 Ago às 22:07 
yep also just deleted the mod and it still wont try to start it. so if i were you dont take a chance with this mod cause you will loose your game
Eternalplague96 28 Ago às 22:02 
well it crashed my skyrim and i cant get back into it
Omega 28 Ago às 6:46 
i cant find the entrance in Windhelm
Perseus 27 Ago às 15:21 
V he was banned
[FFG]canito471(Anttron) 26 Ago às 19:11 
What is wrong with this mod being on the Nexus?
Imaminah 24 Ago às 16:58 
So far, this is a great mod. My only issue is that the dialogue is sort of... Janky. The NPCs leave a second or two at almost every comma or period, and it's rather annoying. Otherwise it's good, although the "Guild Hall" is a bit dark.
elcamaron [ImOffCSGO] 18 Ago às 16:48 
It doesn't work anymore,the fighters don't spawn,and the man who u are supposed to collect the payment from doesn't spawn neither... :'( Please fix this,it was so great!!!
Serimner1 15 Ago às 20:18 
There is no doorman or any other npc that let me join, only a bunch of team members
mattmaldonado51 8 Ago às 23:25 
almost at legend and i havent gotten any more champion matches after 5
XTorraytor 7 Ago às 21:51 
gg Haunter nice scam

sub 4 hontor
baroesja 7 Ago às 6:15 
only did one fight, but i really like this mod
Skullcrusher 6 Ago às 9:05 
Can anyone give me ids for the npcs
Haunter 5 Ago às 2:45 
Why would you kill a mod NPC essential for 1 of the mods features you fucking retard
Landeyx 4 Ago às 10:25 
Mister creator, there are super much comments, CAN YOU FUCKING REACT TO THEM AND GIVE SOLUTIONS YOU RUINED MY SKYRIM!
Landeyx 4 Ago às 10:19 
Landeyx 4 Ago às 9:42 
before i have read the notes i foudn the doorman...
i kiled him... is that a problem?
MaximusPayne 2 Ago às 19:43 
Awesome mod! I had missed the arena battles of Oblivion. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I do have a few critiques though...

The matches are way too quiet. Where is the cheering? Where is the glory? I've seen audience members just staring at each other silently as if they intend to insult me by not watching.

Its cool being able to see the warm-up rooms before each arena, but there is nothing to do in the warm-up rooms, and the converstions with Gerich and Sirrolus get very reptitive. I kind of wish after the battle it would just take me straight back home instead of going back to the warm-up room. Maybe if some of the other teammates offered words of encouragement or cheer after you win...or if they have a little bit of storyline themselves. It seems like this whole arena team is just waiting for me to pick where to go, for me to battle, and for me to be ready to go home.

I thank you for your great work on this entertaining mod and hope to see more in the future.
Ike Ronoa 30 Jul às 16:13 
@Wolfie If you hate it then why comment?
DTBWolfie 29 Jul às 8:04 
Jesus, Steam mods for Skyrim suck. This is my first one and it doesn't work. Seriously, this is fucking stupid.
col.minecraft 27 Jul às 20:24 
Got it now. Srsly needing that much of a speechcraft skill ? well the fights are a bit unbalanced i think. creatures won 20 out of 20 fights .-. well im rich now x)
col.minecraft 27 Jul às 20:14 
The "Doorman" dont want to let me in. what should i do ?
Imperfect Storm 24 Jul às 12:23 
I totally forgot this was a mod. I've been playing this so long I thought it was just part of the vanilla game. Really well done.
MarboNL 24 Jul às 5:56 
wtf i cant find the bloody dowload
Oberst Max Radl 22 Jul às 17:25 
the doorman is not letting me in ! i am legendary in the ranks but i cant seem to bet
ZippyTacticus 14 Jul às 19:56 
Awesome mod, makes up for the loss of the Oblivion style arena ten-fold
Jeb Bush 2016 13 Jul às 16:44 
too bad this mod causes my game to sit in a endless loading screen upon entering Windhelm, then when I uninstall the mod, my game just crashes. DO NOT get this mod, I've already had to reinstall Skyrim twice.
Godfather of Illumanati 11 Jul às 6:11 
Just WOW
HarryHeadshot 11 Jul às 2:59 
so when it says "This mod is Compatible with all DLC. No Prerequisites", does that mean that you have to have all of the mods to run it?
Def!led 10 Jul às 10:34 
"Bet on (and spectate) fights in Windhelm's Old Arena." Too bad there's no such option, really sucked me in. Unsubbed.
Eruntien 5 Jul às 17:34 
Does this have compatibility issues with mods like Jk's windhelm and dawn of windhelm?
Klodziak 4 Jul às 9:38 
I have a problem. I can't download the file so it don't work in the game. I downloaded the DLC and it can download, but the main mod not. Launcher is skipping it.
cypx 3 Jul às 11:40 
Ah okay. Thank you :-)
Twinbot2 3 Jul às 7:08 
you need to collect your pay from the teams owner
A_Name 1 Jul às 16:05 
Holy #%$% Good Job on the mod. It... it's a quest mod that's an ACTUAL quest mod. Most quest mods out there go overboard and then it ruins them. This mod NOPE it stays on the main point and makes this a great mod. May I suggest getting the traveler edition as well for even MORE fun!?!?
emersonsand3 29 Jun às 21:11 
iS there a testing cell for this mod
Soviet Jimbles 28 Jun às 10:24 
Yeah, I think you know about this but before the fights, you can kill everyone and nobody gives a fuck.
Kazmikoze 22 Jun às 8:58 
I just want to be absolutely clear.... I have Hearthfire and no other DLC, does it require any dlc or does it need any dlc? also im hoping to get dragonborn dlc will that effect it?
Kateko_of_Tokyo 18 Jun às 9:35 
So when I subscribe to this and try to install it through my launcher, nothing happens. It skips straight from 'Checking subscribed mod 1 of 10...' to 'Finished synchronizing subscribed mods!' I've looked around for a solution but can't find anything. Anybody know something that can help? If it's important at all, I don't have any trouble downloading non Steam files.
Gutlard 16 Jun às 19:02 
13O's, ty for all the hard work to extend my time in a great game!
ChristWolf 16 Jun às 1:52 
MXR sounds soooo younger in this vid i forgot about this
wiredangel76 11 Jun às 12:13 
so windhelm?

ThereIsNoGoodName 5 Jun às 13:41 
@ToxIC TodDLEr No, but the DLC Pitfighter ones DO. (Obviously)
Ryan 25 Mai às 8:06 
wasnt this in the original games beta but was removed?
CYANESKIMO69 10 Mai às 10:56 
does this require dlc
Textures (I think from this mod) for weapons aren't working :/
Clownie 8 Mai às 14:12 
I can't find the person you get paid by. I can't start another fight without getting paid please help
Gryffix 7 Mai às 18:21 
The mod used to work for me, but all of the sudden it doesn´t anymore? I went to Windhelm and the building simply wasn't there. I checked my mods, and I have no OCS or anything related to that. Does anyone know what to do?
seanee_boy 29 Abr às 1:24 
Every time i start a fight no combatant spawns, anybody have a solution to this?