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xvxM4X1MU5xvx 20 Gru - 22:20 
where in the world is the 'grey quarters?' plus i have a building in winterhold (or windhelm?) (the one without ulfric) but it just says 'open wooden door' and it opens like a building door (just a crack) but doesnt put me in it. help?
Lavius888 19 Gru - 17:38 
how to download it?
Rawrplague 19 Gru - 16:02 
where exactly is the fighter pit door in windhelm next to ? like I am having difficulty finding it lol
Blueredstoneguy 14 Gru - 23:01 
For some dumb ass reason it won't initiate the download when I subscribe...
My brother has it and it seems really good, but I can't install it :(

* As a side note I seem totally incapable of installing anything atm... F*cking bullshit.
Dalamite 14 Gru - 3:07 
Is this compatible with Bigger and Bolder: Windhelm? The mod doesn't really do much to the gray quarter besides adding some more houses, but it DOES add a locked door that can't be opened, presumably where the pit would be.
Fishywish 9 Gru - 15:35 
Aside from the other comments that I've seen, my experience is purely positive and I love this mod! Keep up the good work.
Dirty_Jackal 6 Gru - 21:22 
can i get names of all the weapons and armors thair are? i got 2 of the shields the blades from the tree elfs and the hammer from the paladins place am i missing anything or how do i get the others if i have missed them
Stilgar 5 Gru - 16:23 
looks good
Iraq_lobster 5 Gru - 4:31 
When i travel to other province guys from this mod attack me(Paladins)
Twitchy 30 Lis - 16:43 
@arsenyt You have to collect your payment from Sirollus before you can start a new fight.
Manus812 27 Lis - 11:25 
All the NPC's in the Training Hall have gone missing
arsenyt 24 Lis - 9:33 
so, after I've finished the quest and I want to pick a fight, the Fight Announcer says that no fights are scheudled at the moment. He said it multiple times. What do I do?
Pvprod 21 Lis - 9:54 
Ok so Gerish doesn't seem to be in the trainning place?
Pvprod 21 Lis - 9:50 
Been the the area... 3 people in training place... nothing else i could find in that quater... how do i start this...
Rikon3 16 Lis - 17:00 
Ok so whenever i talk to one of the characters in this mod(Mainly the one who gies you the fights) i click on the option for what i want to say and nothing happens. the dialouge choice doesnt dissapear and i still cant choose what i want to say someone please help me i really wanna try this mod
Super Average 16 Lis - 14:06 
Critical Actors keep disappearing! I lost an elf from the trio, couldnt finish the fight and was stuck in the pit. Now Gerrick doesnt show up when we travel to the arena so i cant start the fight.
j.ian38 13 Lis - 23:16 
Do the fights not allow you to carry anything? I'm nowhere near being over encumbered yet it says I can't leave for my fight cause I'm encumbered
awsome_name_here 9 Lis - 15:54 
i cant marry irish chick :(
Adrenoline 8 Lis - 10:08 
Really curious why you wouldn't put this on Nexus, it will do well...
the Fox 4 Lis - 11:16 
and its not there
the Fox 4 Lis - 11:15 
the place is gone help i went to the grey quarters in windhelm :(
Urinatix 3 Lis - 22:20 
it seems i am not the only one having a issue with Sirollus dissapearing, or there being no fights scedualed for weeks....
divinedesign09 3 Lis - 17:00 
this is my favorite mod but it hardly works anymore the other team never spawns and then your just screwwed i wish there was at least a timer so i am not trapped in the arena every time i try to fight
jonfortunately 3 Lis - 15:38 
I gained several titles and have been enjoying this mod, but now I can't seem to level it up anymore and if I select the only fight I've not done (fight champion from other areas), I show up and all of my fellow fighters attack me before the match. Anyone have any clue how to correct this?
FunnyMcBunny 29 Paź - 12:51 
He just keeps telling me theres no fights scedueled at the moment!!!
Flutterborn 18 Paź - 1:15 
One day sollius was naked (o.O) and the next he was gone. help?
channelmilo 15 Paź - 15:24 
So I have some ideas for new arenas:
Solstheim- Reavers and Werebears
Blackreach- Falmer, Chaurus and Automatons
Forgotten Vale- Frost Giants, Vampires
Tbros 13 Paź - 8:15 
is this compatible with Windhelm:Bigger and Bolder?
JebuNagazi 13 Paź - 3:45 
This looks like a really cool mod:) But dont know if i dare to download it...
I got big memory problems at it is right now in Windhelm & 50/50 chance of crashing every time i go there so this mod will prolly fry my PC, hehe!

But if i get a better Graficard i defenently will download this one:D
The Devil's Advocate 12 Paź - 20:58 
Cool mod, shame it's not on the Nexus.
Jak Balmont 11 Paź - 23:27 
were is the pit
codey.swann 10 Paź - 12:55 
The Pit training center is not there for me i tried to figure out what was wrong but i couldnt figure it out
atlanticblue 10 Paź - 4:21 
JustShawn 9 Paź - 17:34 
how do i download from workshop?
[IKE] Cylys Sholjhaes 6 Paź - 18:36 
Anyone know the item code for the Adamantium Blade? I really like Dual Wielding...
vkizzle 4 Paź - 8:22 
vkizzle 4 Paź - 8:21 
could you please add some sound for the arenas? like screaming people and cheering fans and so on. that would bring so much immersion and an awesome feeling with such a little addition
trololol 30 Wrz - 22:26 
Every time I enable this mod it crashes at the bethesda logo. Any advice?
The Slender Man 27 Wrz - 16:42 
lol@ Where is the grey quarter in Windhelm.. Really guys? like.. Really?
furi3gam1ng 26 Wrz - 2:53 
i also killed the doorman...
furi3gam1ng 26 Wrz - 2:51 
i talk to the door man but nothing happens, he just tells me to go away
Renegade 20:16 25 Wrz - 15:23 
i cant talk to faldan
HARBINGER 25 Wrz - 10:00 
garrettKLG 21 Wrz - 7:45 
where is the grey quarter in windhelm
T600INFILTRATOR 16 Wrz - 21:18 
Oh thank god! I restarted my game and reloaded the mods at the start. Don't know why it fixed.
T600INFILTRATOR 16 Wrz - 21:08 
Has anybody found a fix for Sirollus Carbo or is in contact with thirteen oranges? He dissapeared and I'm getting really pissed off that I can't finish. But this is one of the best mods I've ever played.
ScoffSlaphead72 16 Wrz - 11:58 
is this compatible with dawn of windhelm and jk windhelm ( I have them both installed together)
The Jewish Squid, Charles. 15 Wrz - 17:08 
I downloaded the mod, and had fun for 1-2 fights, but I was wondering, is there a story of some sort? Like, I just fight in an arena over and over and that's it? Just seemed a little disappointing.
Bigush 14 Wrz - 0:16 
cant talk to anyone what happened?
Passeris 13 Wrz - 22:32 
Is this mod compatable with Open Cities?