Faction: Pit Fighter
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Dragon_CO™ před 9 hodinami 
hay author can you you put on nexus?
Dragon_CO™ před 9 hodinami 
by the docks
SkullCrusher180 před 19 hodinami 
ive looked around the grey quarter alot sir author, and i cannot find it, any tricks to find it within the grey quarter?
AJStormhawk 13. dub. v 4.08 dop. 
where in windhelm is the arena
dylansims24 11. dub. v 1.11 odp. 
where in windhelm is this? I cant find anywhere?
ThirteenOranges  [autor] 11. dub. v 10.46 dop. 
No, Bethesda's (presumably prototype) arena actors weren't "unused" (which emplies they existed as something that would function) they just don't exist in anything other than named entries. In one arena, this mod uses some of the unfinished environment models for some arena wall sections. Other than that the mod has connection at all to Bethesda's remaining "arena" tagged content.
jweller12 10. dub. v 9.56 odp. 
does this mod add the original unused npcs bethesda cut for the arena but left in the game?
Blackstar69 8. dub. v 9.41 dop. 
Jim Mega B@lls, have you tried resting before asking for a match
Nash 'N Mash 5. dub. v 9.48 dop. 
I thought the Pit fighter quests, including the Pit Fighter Travels, where great, but I have finished them all, and want more. Thank You!
oli.t678 4. dub. v 12.19 dop. 
Really great mod! I have a lot of fun with this!
Jim Mega B@lls 3. dub. v 4.01 odp. 
I'm having the same problem as Henford. I was able to complete the first fight but I can't seem to progress. I keep getting the "no fights scheduled" response when trying to start another match. I've waited several days now. Not sure what I need to do to move on.
crashtestpro830 1. dub. v 10.28 odp. 
For those of you who are having trouble with the door not appearing to start the quest, I was having the same problem. I went to the plugins tab of my nexus mod manager and found that the file quest_pitfighter.esp was unchecked. I simply checked it and it now works fine. God bless.
ZACManian Devil 31. bře. v 2.22 odp. 
It says im overencumbered so if this is not fixed i will never be able to play the mod please make an update
rougeladyrouge 24. bře. v 12.30 odp. 
I'm getting the same problem, I subscribed but it's not showing in my load list. Help!
Lillydwight 20. bře. v 6.10 odp. 
Welp me i installed it but cant find it!
Misrepresentation 19. bře. v 11.12 odp. 
I keep getting "No fights scheduled" I've waited a month ingame, nothing. Is it my level or something or is it borked?
Gleipnir101 18. bře. v 8.52 odp. 
Awesome mod man thank you for sharing it, can't wait to make a gladiator!
HorizonSnow 18. bře. v 4.54 odp. 
The voice acting on this was amazing it really felt like it was an actual part of the game and not a mod.
sgtwinkler 15. bře. v 5.33 odp. 
Really neat! Only thing I couldn't stand was all the in-between areas before fights - just meant a whole lot of loading screens.

Another suggestion is to have made battles progress linearly like in the Oblivion arena instead of choosing whatever location. That would have made matches feel a little more planned and meaningful than "Go wherever you want and kill stuffs" - but that's just me.

Otherwise it's great, added another hour or two onto gameplay. I appreciate the custom voicings too, much more immersive than generic dialogue or subtitles. Keep it up!
ⓁⒸⒹ|MattTheUprising 15. bře. v 4.00 dop. 
Why cant i go to the pits it always says you cannot leave while encumbured plz help me
Deathmask 9. bře. v 1.52 odp. 
Please add a sequal or another the travel addon. I have completed all of the great content, but my thirst for blood has not ended. Perhaps there are werebear fighting arenas in dragonborn dlc to contend with? Please?
metaldinner 8. bře. v 12.02 dop. 
I have a request to make this mod, and the travel add-on, a lot better. Could you edit all the unique weapons you win throughout your pit fighter career, to have their own unique enchantments? I like the designs of them, but they aren't that useful as they are.

Some suggestions I have. The daggers from Morrowind could be enchanted to be faster than regular daggers, but only when the two are dual wielded. Same with the Redguard weapons, but with a different effect (the dual wielding is the key). The axe from the troll slayer could maybe cause more damage to animals and beasts, seems fitting, right?

Things like that. Would make the weapons fun to use, and thereby improve the mod(s).
Hpycmprs 6. bře. v 1.46 odp. 
Won't work at all.... any idea's? I've created a new save like 3 or so times to try it out. Hasn't worked a single time. *As in the mod doesn't actually appear in the game". If you could help me out a bit that'd be great, thanks.
roycaleb39 4. bře. v 6.03 odp. 
this is hard to download
roycaleb39 4. bře. v 5.58 odp. 
how do i get it to download like it wont work right
Lightofthelord1942 1. bře. v 2.58 odp. 
Love this mod but is there any way you can make it work with open citys???
Suleku 27. úno. v 12.03 odp. 
Works fine only issue I've run into soo far with the arena team fights... I don't know if it's just me but sometimes even after killing the other team.. The match still goes on, leaving you stuck and it won't say your done for some reason
Firewind Longfists 26. úno. v 4.12 odp. 
Just wondering, would you like to upload your mods to TES Alliance? While I can download off of Steam, it's a bit of a chore to use Steam Workshop + mod management tools. Not going to ask to upload on the Nexus, as I know you won't, but will you upload to TES Alliance?
Reaper 25. úno. v 5.02 dop. 
The leader of the guild who gives you winnings just disappeared after i had a fight in vvardenfell, tried waiting a few days still no luck, the other guy, berich? Wont allow me to take part in any more fights.. Haven't even reached brawler and had only 2 fights, which were amazing btw but i cant progress any further :(
FallenKing29 23. úno. v 5.37 odp. 
Doornman will not let me in. same lines over and over. how do i pass this?
formcody1 22. úno. v 12.09 odp. 
same i dont want steam downloads, its on nexus but some moron only has it for spanish.
Asuel 22. úno. v 5.39 dop. 
Ehmm ... please i need help .. i have the mod downloaded and installed but there is no door where i should go close to sadri´s used wares .. please help ;-)

callumad 19. úno. v 3.36 odp. 
Does anyone know somewhere else I can download this? I refuse to break my game with the steam workshop.
jackazz2011 19. úno. v 1.28 odp. 
i cant start it just the doorman just repeats same dialogue over and over

Ukzzelitezz 19. úno. v 10.53 dop. 
The guy who gives you the reward is no where to be found. Is there a way to fix this?
Vytian 17. úno. v 5.39 odp. 
Nothing from the mod is appearing. Do I need to start a new game?
Etruzki 17. úno. v 11.49 dop. 
Can I get the code for the guy who gives you the rewards, because he is nowhere to be found in my save.
TuxedoMarty 17. úno. v 5.03 dop. 
Incredible fun mod, had no issues running it.
Some voice-overs are top-quality, I was suprised!
Some lines got a bit repetitive, thou.

Thanks for creating this mod!
1000 to you.
Vytian 16. úno. v 8.24 odp. 
I downloaded it and none of it is there. Why?
Colonel Meow 16. úno. v 3.26 odp. 
I am pretty confused... The door man and spectator arena are there. It evens works, because I've watched a fight before. The guy (Bosmer I think?) in the cornerclub told me to join, but the training hall isn't there. Unless the dialogue hasn't been updated and the training hall has been moved. But if that's not the case, it's not there.
Dave Johnson 15. úno. v 9.49 dop. 
comeon this is getting annoying the combatants never spawn the champions never spawn I cant do anything is thare any way to fix this?
wolfeshade01 13. úno. v 4.00 odp. 
For some reason the dialouge option for joining a fight won't activate, how do I deal with that?
Lizard dude 13. úno. v 2.19 odp. 
stupid question but how do i start i talked to the doorman but he just gives me the same repeated diolog
JasNrg 12. úno. v 8.00 dop. 
As all the mods from ThirteenOranges...another winner.
edog.demon 8. úno. v 10.25 odp. 
where is it'
ScienceKiller 8. úno. v 6.47 dop. 
when i uninstaled your mod skyrim wont launch.
Guardian120 4. úno. v 2.05 odp. 
how many champions are there
Dave Johnson 4. úno. v 1.22 odp. 
it looks like a really nice mod but the combatents just wont spawn when I go in a arena any way to fix this?
Pedigree-Addict 2. úno. v 6.23 odp. 
Yeah what super said, youre a lying ass about the spectating arena if you make the doorman a complete douchebag who you cant even convince (Having persuade perk on speech doesnt help either) to let you in.
jaywilson2001 2. úno. v 8.54 dop. 
where is it?