Portal 2
THE CORE: RELOADED 5 - Euthanization Vault
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CosmicD  [作成者] 2015年10月31日 4時47分 
in my case he's called the "youtube poop" core :)
Mine_Man6 2015年10月31日 2時41分 
I found the adventure core
BUG 2014年7月11日 14時24分 
Nice ,thanks.
Petutski 2014年5月26日 20時06分 
Very interesting! Thanks!
CosmicD  [作成者] 2014年4月26日 1時30分 
Lol you must be the first to even take interest or find it. It was trying to be a news information core who is also keen on youtube poop (well it's me ported over to a core actually) There's 11 possible bits that he gives bullshit information like:

Only Link can activate the aperture science vacuum transportation system, or else you will die. If you are a science officer masquerading as link, plese show your credentials such as : a piece of the triforce, your mirror shield and your sword.

Well, you get it i think. It's pure bullshit but it was nice to do.
p0rtalthumper 2014年4月25日 23時47分 
I've come back to reminisce the most interesting pieces of this series. What I find interesting about this test is its Easter egg: the "news/information" core...how many news items are there (I'm guessing somewhere around 8)? .
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年10月19日 2時06分 
normally you should be able to shoot a protal trough the grated material and on the ground so you can escape that chamber :) For that reason there's a portal surface just behind the button in the level
p0rtalthumper 2013年10月18日 21時09分 
Excellent...and seemingly difficult (a tad confusing, really)! One small complaint is that the player can get trapped with the deadly laser and have to manually kill themself, which kinda ruins the natural, progressive feel that you worked hard to preserve.
Metzger Ben | GER 2013年8月21日 10時59分 
diff 2013年5月21日 7時49分 
awesome puzzle!:)
mikemoody 2013年3月23日 21時47分 
Again great work, everything was going real smooth till I got to the end, then I had a brain freeze. After a beer break it all came to me.. Thanks for a well made map.
Voluntes 2013年3月3日 19時03分 
i found it a bit....boring. to simple i guess. good design though i just found the over all puzzle not very interesting
Pilchardo 2013年2月23日 16時18分 
As ever, I loved the design of this chamber. A relatively small space but so visually interesting. The puzzle worked well too. Love it!
Alchemist's Fire 2013年2月3日 0時07分 
Oh really? Awesome, I'll have to keep my eye open for it. I wanna vacuum up turrets xD I watched the Portal2 preview vids again the other day, and I want the Pneumatic Diversity Vent so bad
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月27日 21時49分 
the finale map will make heavy use of it. It was a proof of concept and an answer to valve who said diversity vents were kinda useless ingame :)
Alchemist's Fire 2013年1月27日 15時18分 
This was awesome! It was so nice to see the Pneumatic Diversity Vent. Great chamber!
DrFauli 2013年1月18日 9時29分 
very nice map-pack - good fun to play.
Nice puzzles with good use of the game elements.
Great work! Thanks for mapping! =)
daloboy 2013年1月18日 9時04分 
Great looks! Nice puzzle to get the door open!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
TriffidKid 2013年1月15日 23時35分 
Brilliant! One of the best I've played!
Porkchop Sandwiches🍞 2013年1月15日 22時24分 
very fun
BlindIsaac229833 2013年1月15日 16時43分 
He used Valve hammer editor

-turretinator, fan of portal 2
Chiscringle 2013年1月15日 14時17分 
Rick said something to me but I didn't understand any of it.
Svallo 2013年1月15日 13時33分 
Good Test Chamber, how did you do the walls and other particular things that seems to not appear in the creation module...?

Could you guys try mine...? Here they are:
MR_R3TR0MAN 2013年1月15日 2時14分 
Afterbirth 2013年1月15日 0時07分 
now that was awesome.. thanks
Redcow 2013年1月14日 19時24分 
that was awesome. It took me forever to figure out I needed to get rid of my portals to get that ball up to the top though.
weshST51 2013年1月14日 12時31分 
haha, cool map.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
Please euthanise your weighted storage ball^^
HanDenDärDuVet 2013年1月14日 10時18分 
I cannot find any levels / puzzles anymore.

It just says "no items found under your criteria" How the hell doI do? I haven't even typed in anything in the search bar, and no level appear even if I press most recent, and top rated or anything! HELP PLZ!
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月14日 0時07分 
That cube is supposed to be an easter egg, hes supposed to say something to the players if you look directly at him but I have to do another version of the map to fix this.
BabyCharmander 2013年1月13日 19時18分 
This was a really fun one! Not too hard or frustrating but still made me think. Also, what's Rick doing there...? Just an Easter egg?
Sdather 2013年1月13日 13時34分 
CosmicD, I really enjoy this map. Also I made a blind run video on my YouTube channel if you desire to add it in this page. Feel free to ask if you want to and keep up the great work. ;)
sudoreboot 2013年1月13日 13時22分 
Took me a while to see what triggered what. Had fun!
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月13日 12時23分 
thats funny, It's not intended that you can pick up that core though. I should redo some of the brushwork there to make that impossible :) (changing the exit trigger from !activator to the specific name of the core would be a bit cheap and confuse players who would use that "exploit" anyway. I will fix that soon.
Syy 2013年1月13日 11時33分 
Hey I'm fairly certain this isn't the way you inteded the chamber to be beaten by, so I figured I'd post about how I solved it.

After trying to think about ways to get my shpere past the emancipation grid near the exit, I saw Rick the adventure sphere in the wall where you bounce up to the exit. I manuvered my way over to him, and found that you could pick him up through the glass, and take him with you. At which point, a niggling little suspicion appeared. You never once emancipate a Personality Sphere in the game, so maybe Valve didn't make Personality Sphere's emancipateible. Sure enough, you can take him right on through, and use him instead of the sphere cube to open the door.

Figured you might want to fix that. Thanks for the awesome puzzles! :D
Mr Fraggle (UK) 2013年1月13日 4時59分 
This i did like.Well done.
AdxAdrenix 2013年1月13日 1時56分 
Nice map, I liked it. Not too terribly challenging, but a good map none the less
Canadian Yeti 2013年1月12日 17時09分 
ZAEROS 2013年1月11日 3時52分 
Dont know how I turned off the top screen but once I did could see the answer.Found this hard but a lot of fun Thank you.
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月11日 1時33分 
Yes, that was a constant thing on my mind when I finished the design. But i figured i'd place a light source there. And because the map is so small I thought it wouldn't be such a problem.

However I was thinking, It might be cool that I place a glass wall there so that you can see the portal surface from further away.
Bowsakirby 2013年1月10日 20時25分 
I had a small issue locating the portal surface by the final exit door but, once i ruled out all possibilities and investigated a little, I found it ^-^
'Cyberization' 2013年1月10日 16時41分 
Oh. Crap. Thanks.
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月10日 12時45分 
updated graphic mistake and some other stuff
CosmicD  [作成者] 2013年1月9日 22時54分 
This is a map that's not made with the puzzle editor but handmade in hammer. (the source editor). It's made to work with the workshop by also manually including the needed component and the publishing tool allows us to include any screenshot we want.

With the puzzle editor that happens automaticly and always the blueprint is being added.
'Cyberization' 2013年1月9日 17時24分 
How do you post the screenshot in-game like that and not one of those blueprints?
h4r4ld 2013年1月9日 9時17分 
Awsome, as the last tests, can't wait for more :D