The Urge Detector
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akaHighway 16 jan 2013 à 13h42 
when it mini crits it should cause crits for 4seconds
TopHatMonster 15 jan 2013 à 17h47 
if wasnt a misn yes
Yuuya Sakazaki 14 jan 2013 à 23h04 
I agree with ubercat, there's already too much stuff for the engi's pouch.
ubercat 13 jan 2013 à 6h44 
to much stuff in engis pockets
ST£AM_0:1:6969PENIS69 12 jan 2013 à 12h31 
Interesting. I'm nuetral on this.
DaLivelyGhost 11 jan 2013 à 15h23 
Nice name XD
Da Wrong Way 11 jan 2013 à 9h56 
More shit for engineer's pockets... *sigh*
Jingle Jangle 10 jan 2013 à 2h20 
It plugs in well with him.
Tooth 9 jan 2013 à 15h22 
I like this, fits the Engie very well.
sG | Kung 9 jan 2013 à 14h58 
I thought this was a urine detector...
Dick TugNuts 9 jan 2013 à 10h39 
Really awesome!
tristanlorius 9 jan 2013 à 3h01 
DatGmann  [créateur] 9 jan 2013 à 1h17 
Yeah, thanks a bunch c:
[FAUCeT] Psychopath 8 jan 2013 à 15h52 
Huzzah, you used my name/desc :v
The Great Flying Catfish 8 jan 2013 à 15h46 
"Charge me."
Captain Toast 8 jan 2013 à 15h23 
Thank you sir, now it looks freaking amazing :D
DatGmann  [créateur] 8 jan 2013 à 15h16 
More images incoming.
Professional Spycrab Hunter 8 jan 2013 à 15h16 
Captain Toast 8 jan 2013 à 15h03 
In-game shots?