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WhiteThunderProductions® Dec 24 @ 12:11pm 
“My name is Alwyn, and I am the last eater of souls”
Live an adventure as never before. The choice is in your hands, but your soul is in his hands.

If you want take a look:
SantaClaraGames Dec 23 @ 2:09am 
Hey guys,

Can you have a look at "HassleHeart"? It's about a Robot which is running out of energy an in order to survive he'll have to rip out hearts from people walking around.
yu_nw Dec 19 @ 12:22am 
Hi everyone,
I've been recently developing the game.It's a 3rd person comical, action shooter and slash game.
It's for not only kids. It'not easy for skilled gamaers to play the hard-level of this game.

Please visit Steamcommunity page, vote and feel free to leave your comment!
Meghalsz ! Dec 4 @ 9:31am 
Hi there :)
Plugged seems to be nice game with interesting features. Can you take a look at it? Thank you.
Cylne Dec 2 @ 2:18am 
The 5th Annual Indie of the Year Awards, a celebration of the years finest IndieDb games chosen by IndieDb community and IndieDb, is open !
[FG]Gman758 Nov 24 @ 4:43pm 
May you great sexy people over at IndieDB (or whatever sexy person chooses these games) please put Resistance And Libertation up here? I love the game alond with a bunch of people in the steam groups we have. The game is fairly old, but fun. Me and my friends don't have the source files or the money to post it on greenlight by ourselves. You help in getting this game back on the map would be greatly appreciated. Hear is the link to the page it is on:
2DeeGameArt Nov 22 @ 2:52pm 
Hi! Please take a look at Sprite DLight - Instant normal maps for 2D graphics,
a tool for indie developers that generates normal maps from sprites in 1 click.
zRassasin Nov 20 @ 6:12pm 
bskgamesco Nov 13 @ 11:13am 
Hi there! Help us! Hop on our Anoxemia train here, pls add us! Weeeee
r15hu Nov 12 @ 8:39pm 
We're super excited to have Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition added to the collection! Download the game right now and help make this game a reality!
Jake from StateFarm Nov 10 @ 2:17pm 
Would you consider the gaem SuperHOT???
opopl Nov 9 @ 7:25am 
Hi, take a look at our classic point and click adventure game Question Mark
КаЧаН ДжАн Nov 9 @ 2:10am 
You cool EEE!!
Convenientbox Nov 4 @ 10:29am 
Twin stick shooter anyone? Geometry wars esque with tighter controls and more weapon options! Check it out!
Wei Oct 29 @ 8:52pm 
We are on IndieDB as well! Would be great to see Forward to the Sky : in the list! :D
vedran.klanac Oct 28 @ 2:56am 
Hi guys, please take a look at our game Zotrix:
Eggcode Games Oct 26 @ 12:18pm 
msilver Oct 23 @ 9:32pm 
Hey, would you consider Don't Shoot Yourself for the list? Its a SHMUP where you dodge your own bullets:
Atmos Games Oct 20 @ 8:40am 
Would you consider Pinstripe, an artsy platformer about heaven and hell?
Syl Oct 17 @ 8:06am 
Hi, could you add Aurora Dusk ? This is a RPG, Strategy and Defense tower game.
Steam Greenlight
Please give me your opinion.
WARyushkin Oct 11 @ 6:53am 
ха пукан бомбит
nodbrim Oct 9 @ 1:24pm We would be forever greatful if you would consider adding our Episodic Turn-based Tactical rpg called Acaratus to your list !
loudo Oct 8 @ 3:45am 
Hello there, please add Graal Seeker :
SevChenko Oct 4 @ 11:11am 
IndieDB please check out my game we are needing help!
SevChenko Oct 4 @ 11:09am 
Prophet Oct 3 @ 10:38pm 
Please add Alius Insectum
./Trooper Oct 2 @ 8:25pm 
I've submitted it to your website for review but here's my greenlight page if you are interested:

First person Town Survival Construction game using proper construction materials such as timbers and planks:
LOZEMO76 Oct 1 @ 8:54pm 
Hello Indie DB, I hope you wouldn't mind looking at my game I've recently uploaded to Greenlight, it's called greebroll.

Indie DB:

To sum it up in a phrase or few, it's an atmospheric simplistic challenging ball platformer.

Thanks for providing the Indie DB website to allow me to share my game easily.
Bob the P.R. Bot Sep 27 @ 10:44am 
Hi IndieDB Team, please can you consider adding Survivalist to your Greenlight Collection?

It's been on indiedb since it released for XBox 360 in February, has picked up a bunch of good reviews from users of the site. I released it on Desura[] a few weeks ago, where it has some more good reviews.

Short Description: a story-driven RPG/RTS about building a community one year after the collapse of civilization.
Kronbits Sep 27 @ 2:05am 
Hi! here is my game on Greenlight, can you check it?: Mighty Retro Zero .

And here the Official page[] .

Description: Mighty Retro Zero is a minimalistic game where you control a tiny player like megamanwith full references to old great games using only 8 colors, pixels like punchs and addictive gameplay.
Overhype Studios Sep 12 @ 12:07am 
Fellow IndieDB-Dev here - just started a greenlight for our turn based strategy RPG "Battle Brothers"

Would be smashing to see it on the list!

Thanks a bunch!
Convenientbox Sep 9 @ 8:00am 
Hey guys n gals, we just added our twin stick arcade shooter to indiedb. Check out the beta!
All in a Days Play Sep 9 @ 6:14am 
Can you take a look at Movie Dev Tycoon?
It's a tycoon game about managing a Movie Studio:
Cylne Sep 3 @ 2:42am 
Thanks for adding Cylne !
Insane Sep 2 @ 3:41pm 
IndieDB, i would love to see our game on this list!
It's a TD + Action Shooter game unlike anything ever seen before!
Name is Earth Under Siege, it already have an IndieDB page!

Here is it's greenlight page:

Brian Aug 30 @ 7:08pm 
Thanks for adding You Are Not A Banana: Chapter 1 - exciting news coming soon!
Psiontech Aug 30 @ 4:29pm 
Thanks for adding Soul Shards!
Zz SkirAS zZ Aug 26 @ 7:07pm 
Cylne Aug 22 @ 3:12am 
Can someone have a look at Cylne ?
It's a first person poetic and surreal exploration game :
Psiontech Aug 15 @ 12:11am 
Hi IndieDB,

Please check Soul Shards and add to the collection if possible!


Steaky Aug 6 @ 9:52pm 
Hi IndieDB

Words for Evil is now on Greenlight. It would be great if you could add it to the collection!
Avenger Aug 6 @ 11:26am 
Hello IndieDB Community!

Get 100 x Journey of the King (RPT) for FREE when it´s greenlit. Please vote for our project and help us to get Green Light.

We are on the last mile and need your vote.
All in a Days Play Aug 6 @ 7:30am 
Hey IndieDB community! We'd love if you could check out Movie Dev Tycoon



Look forward to your feedback
анашакур Aug 3 @ 10:34pm