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Curuda May 24 @ 1:45pm 
Defend Your Friend, a true co-op puzzle game
vexdestroyer123 May 22 @ 1:29pm 
i want open hexagon to be on steam do any of you kow how to download open hexagon?
Homiebear Studio May 20 @ 7:42am 
Hi friends. Help our game Right Trick - Totemland get greenlit)
w2moon May 18 @ 8:50pm 
Do you want to replace your head with a monster’s head?Check out this game
jtong2 May 11 @ 11:50pm 
Hello everyone! We have completed a new game that we are excited to share with you!
Fly Dream Dev May 10 @ 5:01pm 
Hello! We came to Steam Greenlight with their first project and Sky Copter, but the process of the set of votes is quite difficult. We desperately need your support. View the project here If you like, post our request for help on their forum and vote for us, please. Thank you!
burkashaman May 9 @ 11:44pm 
Well, it's NOT another Zombie Survival Hack'n Slash Open World Free-to-Pay Pixel Arcade. Something fresh here:
smuguildhall May 6 @ 9:29pm 
Checkout Gravitas, a first-person puzzle platforming game that transports you to the Gallery of Refined Gravity (otherwise known as the GORG). Manipulate gravity and the gallery itself to to reach the height of artistic appreciation. Vist our greenlight page to see more and play for free.

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Rave May 6 @ 8:23pm 
мне нравиться)))
Rotsan May 5 @ 11:38am 
Hey guys! Can u check my game? Is an oldschool action/platformer inspirated by classics like Castlevania and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
MEW May 5 @ 1:40am 
A thousand deaths, a funny, rage inducing 2D platformer.Check it out

Thanks alot!
-Mr.Bebu- May 3 @ 2:34pm 
Hello please take a look at our game of parkur, we would help a lot.
Bonny's Adventure May 2 @ 10:10pm 
Check out our indie game: Bonny's Adventure!
There is a lot of puzzle and challenges !!!
Harmansavuran May 2 @ 11:04am 
check my puzzle platformer game SHIFT
waiting your comments
Construct Dev May 2 @ 5:34am 
If you like the idea of a sci-fi first person platformer where you are trapped in a computer system then please check out Construct!

Thanks! ;)

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SmartHart Games Apr 29 @ 1:43pm 
Check out post-apocalypse walking simulator and puzzle game - Existentia.
Randomess_DJ_P Apr 28 @ 12:26pm 
I like the fact that you support indie games of all types. As both a Greenlight and Indie game developer, I can really appreciate that.
VampiR. Apr 26 @ 9:27am 
Gamungu Apr 23 @ 3:52pm 
And the game I made! I believe it is very fun to play and challenging. Check it out!
Traptics Apr 21 @ 2:22am 
Hey there, so here's our splatter party game. Hope you'll like it!
vs1toronto Apr 16 @ 8:32am 
Anyone who wants to laugh to tears check out BEERMAN as he and a city's band of good guys try to get through one more day and save the city of Boston from another dastardly attack
Unreal Apr 16 @ 4:09am 
Good day everyone! We are making a sci-fi action role-playing game 'Causality' with dynamic space battles in isometric projection, customizable space ships and loads of weapons and equipment, unique combat abilities and immersive story that you can play single-player or four-player co-op.
Help us get Greenlight on Steam
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Thank you!
davixeni Apr 15 @ 11:05am 
We just have released our greenlight page for our game HIVE, have a look!
IndieDB page:
LongestNightCome Apr 8 @ 3:11pm 
Hİ everyone look my project fps horror
Crazy Busters Apr 7 @ 5:35pm 
Hi, Steam players! Please have a look Crazy Busters on STEAMGREENLIGHT.
If you love FPS or TPS, it woud be great!
nunodonato Apr 6 @ 12:39pm 
I've added my game to greenlight, its a puzzle-ish game inspired by the ancient chinese oracle "I Ching". Check it out :)
Don Apr 6 @ 8:10am 
If you haven't come across Niten yet then please take a look! It's an exploration game similar in style to Dear Esther if that's the type of game you're into.
BLLG Apr 2 @ 2:33pm 
can you add a search bar please? Why does it not already have one?
GoodWIN Apr 1 @ 11:27am 
123 Apr 1 @ 12:47am 
Hello guys, please check our mystery ghost game:

Thank you
superthumbgames Mar 31 @ 8:16am 
We'd appreciate it if you would take a look at our puzzle arcade game BLACK HOLE HAZARD!

Our IndieDB page, if interested:
Canalside Studios Mar 31 @ 6:21am 
Hi would really appreciate it if you could take a look at our game Hover Havoc

Indie DB link is

Thank you
Alexios Mar 27 @ 11:50am

The main hero of this horror game is wheelchair guy who should stay alive till a dawn in a mortuary.

Please check geenlight page and support if you like!

Optikammer Mar 25 @ 1:34pm 

pliz consider Optikammer - optical artefacts made interestingly interactive.

Optikammer is about the disparate research & weird toys that came to be known as pioneers of Photography, Cinema, Animation, Video Games & Cat GIFs.


Steam Greenlight:

SkyReacher Mar 25 @ 11:28am 
Hi guys! Here's ONE TOWER for your consideration. I'm including our Steam Greenlight link and our Indie DB link for your convenience :) and
Dandylion Mar 25 @ 11:17am 
Hi eveyone.

It is a turn-based strategy like XCOM battle.
and it is focused on story like japanese SRPG, ex> fire emblem.
islet3d Mar 22 @ 6:38am 
A huge explosion in the universe scattered stars, antimatter led by insidious Boss create many obstacles to cosmic harmony. Help the stars restore the harmony and get to their homes in the constellation.
Kyy Games Mar 21 @ 12:10am 
Our classic collectible card game Cabals: Magic & Battle cards has reached the Top 100 within 2 days. Well worth a look!

And here's our IndieDB page
me | Developer Mar 17 @ 4:21am 
Hey, i would really aprreciate if you could take a brief look at my game, thank you!
Destinesia Studio Mar 16 @ 11:59pm 
Hey guys, if you like Prison Architect -isk games please check out our upcoming game "Imagine Academy"

The game lets you play as the principal of a highschool with dynamic simulated character behaviours and social circles as well as a neat construction system. If you are into 90s kid's cartoon, our art style is just for you. Please give us as much criticism as you can, as this is a working progress, we want it to be something you will enjoy
♚sheep [10000 Keys] Mar 13 @ 12:12pm 
Tabby Mar 9 @ 1:50am 
John needs your help to get greenlit, please Vote us & we will do the same.
your vote will be appreciated. Thank you.
Hellmagers Mar 8 @ 6:03am 
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| BeRd!e | Mar 5 @ 9:37am 
SharkByteStudio Feb 26 @ 5:12am 
Hey guys, please take a look at my game (Ant-gravity: Tiny's Adventure) and vote:
ty o/