社区已经对这款游戏表现出了兴趣。Valve 已联系此游戏开发者,并开始为其登陆 Steam 着手准备。

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FireKid112 8月7日下午3:38 
The game looks excitingly terrifying.
The theme playing in the trailer is amazing, and by assumption, so is the rest of the soundtrack.
The story looks deep and emotional.
The characters, in both design and dialogue, appear to be lovable and full of personality.

I know it seems hopeless. Their last update was almost two years ago. I've all but given up, but I can still hope.

Please, please make this happen.
cats.can.fly 8月5日上午4:29 
He's Dead, Jim!
jamie4u200 7月7日下午6:13 
so its safe to asume its NEVER COMEING OUT their last update was over a year ago :/ they are missing out on lots of potential buys. but seriously, does anyone have any idea when its going to be reased?? or even a newer update??
Sashka.サシュカ 7月1日下午5:19 
WHEN????? Dx
Adeon 6月23日下午11:21 
jmjovan59 6月19日上午9:40 
@Blaze Enfuego Any updates?
AkiraMysticMoon 6月12日下午7:58 
Honestly if the was bit of a demo link to this game or something would like to send to someone i know that enjoy this type of game might buzzing around alot more. I want to see this game to come out. An if the developer listening please respond a bit more .
Jesus Fetus 4月30日下午4:36 
Is this still in development? Even part-time?
Fluffy [Scared Kitty] 4月18日下午10:01 
hmm, one day... maybe...
mileswolfe 3月28日上午8:24 
as ive pointed out, they had verty little funding, no real donations were made.
Antoni 3月26日下午11:36 
This game looks like it was banged-up for the Game Boy Color, with a few static furry images to appeal to the fandom.
Even if only two people are making it, how the hell can a game like this take 2+ years to complete?
FireKid112 3月25日下午7:20 
This was on the IndieGoGo page, but not here.

"The core of our team is an "army of two" – one programmer and one artist. We're both from Poland and we have been into game development since high school. We always knew that the game industry is the only place we would ever want to work in and the only place where we can show our love for games by making them ourselves.
Even with professional experience we still need to spend a large amount of our time to create the game. Without fund-rising, we'll have to create the game in our spare time, essentially working two shifts at once. This negatively impacts the rate at which we make progress on our project and may cause us to put the project on hold or lower its quality. We wish to deliver a high quality product, looking exactly the way we want it to look. For that we need enough funds to allow us to work full-time on the game."

This might explain the large halt in announcements and development.
Ace Fawx 3月23日下午8:27 
Still watching it in hopes one day they will return and finish what they started.
Lord PichuPal 3月18日下午11:24 
I just thought of this game again, decided to check on it, found out it is greenlit, but no other info on it. That is disappointing since I'd still really like seeing this game released. Wonder if the devs have info about it somewhere else then?
vyeriosaki 3月17日上午4:31 
Oh dear. It saddens me seeing as this game hasn't been released yet. I was looking forward to this game. I just hope you guys aren't stuck in development limbo.
Techromantic 1月30日上午1:50 
Came on the page to see if any new information is out about this.. seeing the last announcement was on 2/3/14 makes me very sad.
BananaJane 1月24日下午3:50 
Really hope you guys aren't going to give up on finishing this
Lime Wizard 1月23日上午3:51 
Heh, once again, the problem isn't really the fact the game's dead, but the complete lack of communication. Simple "Sorry, we are not able to finish it" would be fine. Sure, some people would be upset, that's not avoidable, no matter what happens.
I just hope the dev will take a look here and, well, say something.
ResolutionBlaze 1月11日下午12:55 
This game I think has lots of potential and has interesting elements and characters.

Maybe if they can't fund the game they can create a story instead so that this world doesn't go completely dead. Or maybe a readable yet optional story for each character to help support the actual game, because I am sure that if people are interested in the back story of the world, they would gladly donate a few to the main game.
mileswolfe 1月6日下午12:53 
in fact, it seems that the project just came to a sudden dead, halt. If you look at their kickstarter, which is closed now, they hardly recieved any donations. they probably couldnt fund it anymore.
mileswolfe 1月4日下午2:39 
ok people so a little investigation has brought up some pretty sad news, Ive done some looking about, as im sure many of you have, and it seems that everything that had to do with this games is...well...dead...twitter pages, facebook, etc have shown no activity for a good deal of time...so sadly... there can be only two conclusions. either theyre wirking on it and not saying anything. or the game is very much dead... I loved the idea, wanted it to be completed, but it doesnt look like its gonna happen.
RiptideRaccoon.com 2014年12月30日上午9:16 
Looks so cool, I've been watching this project for quite some time but not much seems to be happening. I really do hope that this game isn't totally dead and does get finished eventually :3
Strockefeller 2014年12月20日下午12:32 
I think it's safe to say that this project is dead, sadly.
B.A.T.P.Y.LLI.K.A. 2014年12月20日上午9:39 
Вроде как проект закрыли из-за того, что не набрали нужную сумму(((8 из 40 тысяч зелены(
TheAwesomeEagle 2014年12月1日上午11:21 
i really cant wait for this game
=^_^=RIVik=^_^= 2014年11月22日上午11:23 
Игре дан зеленый свет, где же релиз?
vasf 2014年11月13日上午5:14 
Director Bright would appreciated... heh
Tiffy 2014年11月10日下午8:54 
Wolfen Shadow 2014年11月10日下午4:27 
Man, this looked amazing. I was so excited about this. An RPG horror game, with furries, and the soundtrack was made by Fox Amoore! But the last comment or anything from them was all the way back in march... I do believe that this project is dead. F***!
Greed the Feed 2014年11月7日下午6:16 
The simple fact that this may never come out makes me so damn sad. I was hoping that I'd be able to experience this seemingly brilliant piece of work, but at the rate they're at... The progress and updates are disheartening to say the least. They give updates so far apart that when they do say what they are doing, it feels like a bloody miracle. This was one game I was actually looking forward to. For the love of all of us, at least update us every month or so.
Kamil, The Pseudo Polish Corgi 2014年10月31日下午6:38 
goddamit i wanna play this game so much...
Fang Edon 2014年10月28日下午1:51 
I want to play it so bad
monster cock 2014年10月27日下午10:48 
i give it a 10/10
monster cock 2014年10月27日下午10:48 
what an absolutely WICKED loooking game!!
Ichiwaru! 2014年10月25日下午4:23 
@Litagano Motspooks. Starfox was done well, and during a time when fables (or antropomorphic personifications/animals/whatever) were commonplace in games, because developers reasoned most games were for kids, not adults. Besides, I am no fan of Starfox either. Because, furries. I wouldn't mind if they actually had the features of the animal, like werewolves for instance, instead of just having dog ears and a dog tail and covered in fur, but otherwise has the body build and facial features of a human. It just looks creepy, and not in the good, scary way. Just. Ew.
[Furfagging Intensifies] 2014年10月25日下午1:34 
>Furfag game
>rpg graphics
y u do dis
FireKid112 2014年10月23日下午6:02 
@CrackShot Maybe they all died.
Schmuddel 2014年10月10日下午12:44 
How the fuck did this garbage get greenlit in the first place?
CrackShot 2014年10月5日下午12:01 
I tried contacting two of the guys that are making this, and no reply. At all.

It may be that it simply never got recieved, or they are ignoring our pleas for some straight answers here.

Someone prove me wrong here.
★Lord dtlux1★ 2014年10月1日下午7:45 
12 more days and it is a year.
Lime Wizard 2014年9月23日上午9:46 
It'd be nice if devs could say a word about the state of the project. No videos, no huge announcements, just a few words. If they can't finish it or need to put it on hold for a while, it's fine. They didn't get much funds, so can't really blame them for that.
It's the complete silence that's the problem.
Vortex The Fox 2014年9月21日下午3:40 
*****fox888pl44 2014年9月17日上午9:38 
I love what I've seen so far: great story idea, interesting graphics, music of my favorite composer... I'm so gonna buy it once it will be released. Please keep working on it!
Kirusa 2014年9月7日下午4:14 
Would've been awesome.
milshare 2014年8月23日下午4:18 
Darn, I really wanted this to get out there too.
Fox Eternal 2014年8月14日下午10:05 
Looks dead alright
ThatRatGuy 2014年8月13日下午2:53 
Wild Sock Cat 2014年7月14日上午11:33 
So back in Feburary you siad you would be posting a update on how progress was going and such, its now five months later and we have yet to see anything. The community that made it possible for you to make the game by greenlighting it , is being let down by a developer that cant send update out in over 5 months...
Salveon 2014年7月13日下午7:28 
I think this game is dead.
x24sonic 2014年7月13日下午12:42 
This game looks unique and interesting, and I can't wait to see its release. Keep it up guys!